Aparajita zeeworld update Thursday 20 July 2023

Aparajita 20 July 2023: Aparajita comes to the laundry and a customer is shouting that they have lost my expensive jacket, your husband is back so you are not focusing on work anymore? Aparajita tells her that this laundry is our source of earning so we work hard. She asks Chhavi to bring her jacket from the cupboard, she brings it. Aparajita tells the customer that we clean clothes for you but sometime you bring your dirty house issues here and we never question you so don’t you dare talk about our personal issues. The customer leaves. Aparajita asks Chhavi if Akshay came back home? Chhavi says no. Aparajita says if he didn’t come home then where is he?

Mohini is sitting while Akshay is lying in the bed and unconscious. She says I have made me him doubt that Aparajita is hiding something and when he wakes up, he will see our photos together. She puts their photo frames all around the house. She sprinkles water at him and he wakes up. He says how come I am here? Mohini says the truth is in front of you, you just need to see it. Akshay is about to look at the photos but Aparajita comes there and asks how come he is here? Akshay looks on. The flashback shows how Bappi told Aparajita that Mohini took Akshay home. The flashback ends. Aparajita tells Akshay that lets go home. Mohini says why? isnt this house his? you didn’t tell him that the renovation is done but he is living there with you and I am living here alone? are you hiding something from him? is everything okay between you both? Aparajita stops her and says a relationship is broken when a third person enters it but no one is going to come between us and this relationship so don’t you dare meet my husband again without my permission. She tells Mohini that don’t say this house is yours, I am letting you live here as a guest otherwise I can throw you out, you know I can do this right? She holds Akshay’s hand and drags him from there while Mohini fumes in anger.

Akshay leaves Aparajita’s hand in the porch, he turns and looks at Mohini. He smiles at Aparajita and says I have never seen you like this, you look nice when you are angry and I am happy to see you so protective over me. Aparajita looks away. Akshay makes her look at him and says don’t look away, I want to see love for me in your eyes. He says you have a right on me, only you have this right on me because your name is in my heart, only your name. My breaths, my happiness, my everything belong to you. Always remember that Akshay is yours only so I want to repeat the truth, the truth that can never change. He sits on his knees in front of her while Mohini is hurt hearing all that. Akshay holds Aparajita’s hand and says I love you. Aparajita recalls her moments with Akshay when they were a happy couple but then how he left her for Mohini.

How he came back 15 years and threw her out of the house for Mohini. Aparajita thinks Akshay has left the truth and he is walking with shadows of truth only which will fade away when the weather changes. Akshays holds Aparajita and starts leaving from there. Mohini is angry and takes a knife. She is about to cut her hand but Niya and Manish come there. They try to stop her. Mohini says Akshay said I love you to Aparajita in front of me, she is about to cut her wrist but Niya stops her. Mohini says I won’t die before giving pain to Aparajita. Niya asks her to calm down. Mohini says Aparajita have to pay for this pain she is causing me. Niya says you said dad hated his first wife but why does it look like they loved each other a lot? am I wrong? Mohini looks away.

Dadi is worried about Aparajita as she brought Akshay back home from Mohini’s house. Disha says I am sure Mohini tried to make Akshay remember everything forcefully. Asha says but I don’t think papa has any doubt, I don’t think he remembers anything. Chhavi says what if papa remembers everything? Mohini must have tried.Aparajita is in the room, Akshay comes there and tries to get her attention. He comes closer while she is arranging his medicines. Akshay says its been 4 years since we are married but you are still shy. I know you love me way more than I love but you never say or show it. Aparajita asks how did he reach that home with Mohini? Akshay says someone is jealous? it means Mohini was right about you. Aparajita is shocked and asks what did she say about me? how did you go with her to her room and on her bed? Akshay says I fainted so I reached her room suddenly. Aparajita says why didn’t you tell me? what did she say? Akshay says I thought she was lying but now I think she was saying the truth.

Aparajita says the doctor said you can’t have stress so tell me what did she say? Akshay says you have to answer my ‘I love you’ first and then I will tell you. Aparajita is shocked.Aparajita tells Akshay that what are you saying? Akshay says I am your husband so I confessed my love and now its your turn, you have to confess your love and then I will tell you what Mohini said. Aparajita says why are you so stubborn.. Akshay says the choice is yours, he leaves. Aparajita sits down and silently cries recalling Akshay saying I love you to her. And how Dadi worried that Mohini might harm Akshay by trying to force him to remember everything.

Aparajita is looking around for Akshay in the house. He comes to her and smiles, he says you couldn’t stay away from me right? just say you love me. Aparajita says I have to know how you fainted. Akshay hugs her from behind and says its important for me to listen you say you love me first. Aparajita feels hurt and broken. Akshay says you can’t say it? fine, I will leave. Aparajita recalls how Akshay left her 15 years ago, how Mohini took away her mangalsutra and threw her out of the house while Akshay took her side. She turns to see Akshay leaving the house but she says Akshay I love you. Akshay smiles and looks at her. Aparajita looks away and silently cries. Akshay says finally.

Bappi is outside the house and hears it. Akshay says I wouldn’t have left either way but its good that you confessed, I love you too. He turns her around and sees her crying. He says why are you crying? I am not going anywhere, and not to that Manish’s sister. You know she said that we have issues in our marriage, why is she and Manish living in our house? that house has changed totally, is there something that I don’t remember? He starts getting dizzy so Aparajita gets worried. Akshay says you love me right? why did you hesitate in saying you love me? He hugs her tightly and says I trust you, I don’t care about anything else if you love me, if you are not hiding anything then I don’t want to know anything. Aparajita says lets go to the room. She takes him to the bed and gives him his meds. She asks him to rest but Akshay holds her hand. He says when you said you love me, it made me like I felt rain in the desert, like you made me promise that I would never leave you. I promise that your Akshay would never leave you. Aparajita asks him to rest and leaves.

Scene 2
Aparajita comes to the mandir and cries, she says I am helping Akshay because of humanity sake so why are you bringing up my past? why can’t you make him fine so he can leave to his world. It hurts me to know that I am living with a Akshay who I loved dearly, the person I couldn’t live without but then he left me, I didn’t complain to you, I had to overcome so much pain to become independent but then you took away his memory and made him that Akshay again from 20 years ago. I am doing all this for my kids so keep it in limit, please stop this and don’t take my test this way, I am not that strong. She sits silently and sobs.

Chhavi is in her room when Veer comes there. He hugs her tightly and says I was missing you so I came here. Chhavi says like this? its not okay. Veer says what aunty is doing is right? she doesn’t trust me still. Chhavi says its not like that. Veer says she still thinks that I am a bad man, I want to spend my life with you but she doesn’t agree. Aparajita is coming there so Veer hides. Aparajita asks Chhavi why does she look worried? where is Disha and Asha? Chhavi says they are in the laundry. Aparajita says I am going to the doctor to talk about Akshay’s health. Just keep an eye on him till then. Veer hides and hears all that. Aparajita leaves. Chhavi tells Veer to keep hiding here as Disha or Asha might see you. She leaves from there. Veer smirks and says I just want a chance to go to Akshay.

Akshay comes to Dadi and asks where is Chhavi? She says she is in the laundry. Akshay says what laundry? Dadi says I mean Chhavi’s teacher took her to the laundry. Akshay asks her to protect the red box that he gave her. Dadi thinks he is talking about a box he gave me 20 years ago for Aparajita.Dadi tells Disha, Asha and Chhavi about the red box. She asks them to bring the box from Mohini’s house without her knowing. Chhavi thinks Veer is in my room so I can’t leave. She says we all can’t go as we have to take care of Akshay. Dadi says I will take care of him.

Veer tells Chhavi that Akshay can’t take care of Akshay. When you are about to come back then give me a message, till then I will take care of Akshay. Chhavi hugs him and leaves. Veer thinks all are gone from the house except Dadi so no one can stop me from killing Akshay Singh.

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