Anupama starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

Anupama and Choti pack the gifts for the Ashram kids while the latter has made cards for them. Anuj comes there. Choti asks if the Ashram kids will like these cards. Anuj says they will like surely. Anupama asks her to remember always that happiness increases by sharing.

She tells that God has given them much and they shall share their happiness with others. She says we shall tell always that whoever has less, they have us. Choti says the same. Anuj says it is gift and not donation, and asks her to give the gift with respect. Choti asks if the gift is small. Anupama says the intention behind the gift is seen and not the gift price. Malti Devi thinks Anupama is making Choti as herself.

Choti says the gifts are many. Anuj asks her to count the numbers and columns. Choti counts. Anupama asks her to multiply 5*9. Choti couldn’t multiply. Anuj asks if she has difficulty in maths. Choti says yes. Anupama tells that today’s kids studies have been vast and difficult. Malti Devi asks if you can understand. Anupama says if I don’t then takes help. Malti Devi says we shall hire tutor. Anupama says I will focus on her studies now. Malti Devi says you have 1000’s of work and tells that you both are giving good values to her, but studies are equally important and asks Anuj to say. Anuj looks on.

Later Anupama makes rangoli and sings bhajan. Anuj comes there and tries to have romance with her. They pray that their love shall be always. Everyone wishes baa and babu ji for Choti Diwali. Baa says don’t know when our family be together again. Babu ji gives money as gift to Pari. Vanraj comes and wishes happy Diwali. Babu ji blesses him. He plays the music system and they dance on the song main aisa geet gawun. The neighbor watches them standing outside, and asks if they had bhang to celebrate, and says today is choti Diwali and not holi. Other guy says your son died and you are celebrating. The lady says Vanraj pretends as if he is in trauma, but he is happily dancing.

Babu ji says they asked us to handle ourselves when we have pain and when we come out of that pain, they say that they are moving on so soon. He says they can’t bear it as Vanraj is moving on. Baa says they are jealous of us. Kavya gets worried for Vanraj. Kinjal says Papa might go to his shell. Toshu says that’s why western countries are better. Baa says you have not gone there yet and asks him to stop it. The guy says they have sold their shame. The lady says Samar was their son, but we are more sad than them. Vanraj goes to the neighbors, and tells that he don’t need to take certificate from them that if he likes his son or not. He says we danced as Samar liked it. He says we are celebrating, as my elder son and his wife are going abroad and this will be their last Diwali here. He says we are celebrating for my parents, for my pregnant wife. He says we couldn’t come out of Samar’s loss until now, but we will celebrate Choti Diwali and will celebrate Diwali too grandly. He tells that he can’t make his family die, and tells that he didn’t like his son’s dance, but now he will sing and dance in his son’s remembrance. He asks them to celebrate with them else leave.

Barkha tells that the food is oily. Ankush asks her not to eat. Romil tells Choti that today is her festival, as it is Choti Diwali. Malti Devi asks Anupama if she is going for delivery today also. She tells about Anupama delivering sweets and snacks to the people. She says if she gets ill then. Romil asks if she was doing social work. Barkha says now Mummy will start her lecture on work. Adhik says and you will not understand that work is important. Anuj asks Anupama why she didn’t tell him, and tells that what was the need for them to take a big order. He says we could have given order to someone else. He says we would have helped them like always and says if your health got bad then? Malti Devi says Anupama would have convinced them like she convinced them to take bangles. She says she is more worried for Hasmukh and Leela. Anuj says Baa and Babu ji are working in this age, and delivery….

Anupama tells that the body gets old, but not their intentions. Malti Devi says body gets tired. Anupama says we shall not keep idle and shall work. She tells that she tried to help them, and says if they want to work, then we shall not stop them. He says they are opening old orphanage for old people. She says even in old age home, we will let them decide if they want to work or not. Ankush says it is good idea. Anupama thanks him. She tells Malti Devi that Baa was returning the bangle, but Anuj and I insist her to keep it. Malti Devi asks her to inform Anuj before doing anything. Anupama says she will seek his permission, and if she couldn’t take it, then Anuj shall understand. Anuj says ofcourse. Romil says Baa and Babu ji are inspiring and tells that even he will work now. He says even the ladies shall work and taunts Malti Devi.

Later they all do aarti one by one in their respective homes. Romil and Choti do aarti with dimpy after others. Malti Devi does aarti and gives aarti to Anupama and Anuj. Anupama asks her to bless them and then they will be happy. Anuj brings the papers and tells that it is old age home papers. He asks Anupama to sign and he signs. Malti Devi asks him to read it before signing. He says no need, as Anupama had read it. He says if there is any problem then Anupama will have it. Romil says Anuj gets more worried than Anupama. Barkha provokes Malti Devi to take a step. Malti Devi says she don’t want Anuj to sign like she had trusted Nakul and signed. She fears that Anupama get all the property transferred on Shah’s name. Barkha says you can’t do anything. Malti Devi says she will do the blast. Baa and Babu ji offer a part of the profit to Kavya, but she refuses. Baa insists her to have it and says one share they will give to Anuj and Anupama. Babu says they do so much for us, what we can do for them. Vanraj says they have spent money on Kavya’s godh bharayi, we can’t return their efforts, but will return the money. Malti Devi says Shah’s sight is on Anuj’s property and they can’t succeed.

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