Anupama starlife update Wednesday 8 May 2024

All the Kapadia are burning the crackers. Anupama sees Dimpy sad and signs her to come. Choti says she wants to burn another cracker. The cracker bursts, and Dimpy falls on Anupama, while Choti falls and Malti Devi holds her. Anuj rushes to Choti. Anupama then rushes to Choti.

Malti Devi blames Anupama for not worrying for Choti and just caring for Dimpy. Anupama says my concentration was on Choti also. Pakhi says Mummy just cares for Dimpy. Anupama says Dimpy is pregnant. Pakhi says then she should have sit at home but she wants to enjoy. Malti Devi blames Anupama. Anupama says everyone is same for her, and she don’t differentiate between her children. Malti Devi tells that if anything happens to Choti. You cared for Dimpy as she is carrying your son’s child, but Choti is your daughter.

Anuj says I didn’t know what has happened, but everything is ok, Dimpy and Choti are both fine. Malti shouts and says it is not ok for me. Anupama tries to take Choti, but she hides behind Malti Devi and runs to Anuj. Anuj says Papa is with you. Anupama gets sad.

Toshu tells Kinjal that he has kept his, hers and Pari’s clothes. He sees Kinjal seated on the bed and asks you want to say something. Kinjal asks if we can cancel our trip and starts crying.

Anuj tells Choti that your Mummy was saving Dimpy as she was pregnant. Anupama signs him not to say. He asks if you will play the game with Papa. She nods no. He says we will have chocolate, double scoop. Romil and Ankush tell that even they will have it. Anuj says we will have extra scoop and will not give to Mummy. Malti Devi says you would have cared for Choti. Anupama says she is her daughter and goes. Pakhi tells that everything is ruined due to Dimpy and goes. Barkha tells Malti Devi that she has played big on Choti Diwali. Malti Devi says she really cares for Choti and tells that she will do big blast on Diwali and plays with the crackers.

Toshu tells Kinjal that they can’t back off, and tells that they have bought house, cars and invested lots of money there. Kinjal says she is worried for everyone. Toshu says even he cares for them. He says they will send money to Babu ji every month and will hire the cook also. He says we will visit them every year and asks her not to worry. He says if we get stuck here now, then we can never go. He asks her to understand and says the problems here are never ending. Baa knocks on the door and comes inside. She says she brought the thread to tie on their luggage and got its puja done, and asks them to take it off after reaching there. They nod their head. Baa asks if Pari slept and then she goes out of room and cries. Kinjal sits on the bed and cries. Toshu asks her not to become like Anupama and tells that she has sacrificed her dreams and it has taken the backseat due to responsibilities. He says we will be flying.

In the morning, Anupama tells Anuj that Choti is very sad and tells that she has seen her sad when she went to her room in night. Anuj says its ok. Anupama says Choti got complex due to me. Anuj asks if you are done and says if I ruin your rangoli then how you will rectify it, if you will fill the design with new color, or just rectify the design. Anupama fills the rangoli with the same color. Anuj says you have to do this with Choti as you are a mother and my Anupama. He says you have to remove complex from Choti’s heart and shall fill love in her heart for you. He asks her not to cry on Diwali day and asks her to go. Anupama song plays…

Kavya takes out clothes for Vanraj and asks him to take bath and wear it. Vanraj says I felt good when I answered the neighbors and I felt good that I have self respect even now and I am Vanraj Shah even now. He says this is the first diwali when I will not be giving any gift to my family, but I have a good news. Kavya says I know what is that gift and says I can see in your eyes, and everyone will like it.

Baa tells Babu ji that she wants to get the family photo clicked so that they keep the memories also. Babu ji tries to take selfie and asks if she wants to take. Baa says whoever takes selfies, his face looks fat like watermelon. She says she want to pout. They pose and click the selfies.

Anupama comes to Choti’s room and asks shall I tie your hair. Choti ignores her. Anupama sings song and apologizes to Choti, holding her ears. Choti looks at Anupama. Anupama says I am very much sorry, please forgive your Mummy. Choti gives comb to Anupama. Anuj gets peaceful and goes. Anupama says my princess. Choti says Mummy….I love you. Anupama says I love you so much. Choti asks why did Dadi say that you love Pakhi di and Dimpy Bhabhi more? Anupama asks if Dadi say this? Choti nods yes.

Anupama says if I had not loved you, then would have come back once I left for America. She says she had stopped the plane and got down, to return to her. She drops two clips and Choti catches one. Anupama says just like you didn’t get time to hold both, I didn’t get time to hold you, as you was far, and Dimpy was near me when she was pushed by you mistakenly and that’s why I held her. She says even if I could then wouldn’t have hold you, as you was far. She explains to her and tells that the younger child is always special, and closer to a mother. She says you are close to me now. Choti says Maya Mom left me, but you please don’t leave me. Anupama hugs her.

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