Strings of love Starlife update Monday 6 May 2024

Strings of love 6 May 2024: Rumi tells Sahiba that she can’t speak rudely to him as he loves her. He says he knows about her tiff with her husband and Manveer searching for a lawyer to divorce them. Sahiba says it means he is a stalker who is stalking her.

Angad asks tech if she found out stalker’s location. Tech says stalker is using an advanced software used by professional hackers and is changing is IP address repeatedly, she needs time to find out his location. He asks if she found something in his phone. She says no, hacker connected to his mobile via his laptop and used his laptop to send messages, she shall say he is very intelligent.

Angad asks her to stop praising hacker and find his location soon. He asks since when Sahiba’s phone is hacked. She says 4-5 days.He asks what about his phone. She says his laptop is hacked 2 days ago. He thinks who must be this man who reached his office and home, gets worried for Sahiba.

Rumi describes Sahiba how much he loves her and how much he gets angry seeing Angad troubling her and how he will eliminate Angad from her life. Sahiba warns him to dare not speak ill about Angad and continues to search for him.

He continues to change location and continues to describe how he will keep her happy as she belongs to only him. Sahiba warns him to stop talking cheap. He plays music and burns crackers in sky with a message that she only belongs to him. She notices an obituary message for Angad with a letter that he will publish it in newspaper tomorrow. She knocks door and pleads for help.

Seerat waits for Angad to have dinner. Maid says Angad said he will come late. Seerat asks her to pack tiffin and send it to Angad’s office as she can’t keep Angad hungry.

Manveer walks to her and gets happy hearing that. She makes Seerat sit and feeds her food. Seerat asks if she was serious about Angad and Sahiba’s divorce. Manveer says yes and asks if she wants to marry Angad. Seerat happily agrees and says Sahiba will not leave Angad so easily. Manveer says Sahiba is behind Angad’s money. Seerat says Sahiba’s ego is more than money for her, she will sign divorce papers if Angad himself says he wants to remarry. Manveer says it’s an excellent idea.

Sahiba finds library landline dead and continues to shout for help. Rumi reaches Angad’s office and tells guard that he has an appointment with Angad. Guard says let him confirm with Angad. Rumi acts as calling Angad who asks guard to let him in. He thinks he used voice modulating software to fool guard and used same to send messages to Sahiba. He cuts lift wires and thinks Angad will die today for sure. He sends a video to Angad in which he expresses his love for Sahiba. Angad gets angry, notices it’s from Sahiba’s college, and rushes towards Sahiba’s college. Lift breaks down and he gets stuck. Rumi walks to him and asks if he identified him. Angad shouts at him.

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