Anupama starlife update Thursday 6 July 2023

Anupama 6 July 2023: Anuj panics seeing Anupama unconscious on floor and asks Dheeraj and Devika to call a doctor. Anupama opens eyes and starts dancing and around him on Tumse Dil Lagane Ki Saza Hai.. song. She behaves like a teenager. Devika and Dheeraj support her. Anuj tries to leave. Anupama then dances on Tumse Agar Pyar Se Dekha Nahi Mujhko to chodke Shehar Main Chali jawungi.. song. Anuj walks out.

Anupama 5 July 2023

Dheeraj says Anuj left, she shouldn’t give up. Anupama blocks Anuj’s car and dances on Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara.. song. Anuj finally gets angry and says enough, he is really getting late, and drives away. Dheeraj and Devika say let him go, he will return back to her for sure. Anupama starts crying again that Anuj is still angry on her and didn’t forgive her.

Anuj returns in a young look, shouts I love you, and dances wit Devika and Dheeraj on Bardasht Nahi Karsakta Ab Dur Nahi Rasakta Ek Din Tere Bin.. song. Anupama gets happy. Dheeraj and Devika give hi-fi. Anuj recites a shayari for Anupama. Anupama tightly hugs him. Devika asks them to continue their getting upset and convincing drama while she and Dheeraj go out and have some coffee. Anupama tells Anuj surri surri surri. Anuj says he is sorry. Anupama says D se dost/friend. Anuj says dilse dost/friend by heart.

They then roamnce on Kaisa Lagta Hai, Acha Lagta Hai.. song. Dheeraj and Devika return joking and suggest them to never fight or else they will be alone and repent like them. Dheeraj then changes topic and says lets dance on his favorite song. Anuj says not that song and says its cheaper than cheap. Dheeraj plays Gulai Gulai go song. Devika says its also her favorite. They all 4 dance energetically on that song.Vanraj notices Toshu telling his friend that once today’s deal is cracked, he will buy a car by the evening and walks in talking to another client over phone ignoring Vanraj. Vanraj tells Hasmukh that Toshu may get into trouble if he gets into an illegal route to earn money. Leela hopes Toshu becomes rich without any problem. Toshu’s client Jayanti bhai comes to meet him. Vanraj asks him to come in. Jayanti bhai asks him to send Toshu out.

Anuj/Anupama and Dheeraj/Devika go on a long drive on scooters. Dheeraj’s jokes continue. Anuj gets romantic. Dheeraj says they will go in separate routes now and will meet at a common point.Vanraj informs Toshu that his client Jayanti bhai has come. Toshu excitedly tells his friend that his commission has come. He walks out. Jayanti bhai’s men beat him up. Vanraj rushes out hearing Toshu shouting. Jayanti bhai says Toshu tried to sell him a litigation property with fake documents. Toshu says Jayanti bhai wanted a roadside property, he didn’t force him to buy it.

Jayanti bhai demands his advance back and threatens to call police. Toshu refuses to return his advance. Vanraj promises to return Jayanti bhai’s money and sends him aside. He thanks neighbors for their help.Neighbors warn Vanraj to control his son or else they won’t be able to help him next time. Anuj and Anupama’s romantic ride continues..

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