Anupama starlife update Thursday 4 April 2024

Anupama 4 April 20: Anuj looks at Anupama while she is making food in kitchen. Song plays. Jiye toh jiye kaise…..He comes to her and asks if Dimpy is fine. Anupama says she is not fine, but she has to be fine and learn to walk without Samar. She calls Choti and asks her to get ready to go to her school and says she will tie her hair. Anuj tells that he wants to tell her that he is not responsible for Samar’s death. He says I know the pain of losing the child and says I understood it when I had lost Choti Anu.

He asks her not to say that he can’t understand this pain and says he can’t share this pain with her, though he wants it. He says I am sorry that I couldn’t save Samar. He asks her not to leave him. Anupama tells Anuj that she will give tiffin to Choti Anu. Anuj asks where is she going? Anupama says to PS.

Anuj says I was there that day and can help you. Anupama says I will do it and tells that she has sworn to get her son’s murderer punished. Anuj says I will come and don’t want you to be alone. Anupama says Samar’s father is with me in this fight.

She says she don’t want to snatch right from him, to fight for justice as he has also lost his son. She says she has to walk with a guy with whom she don’t want to walk. Anuj is upset.

Vanraj tells Baa that he is going to PS, as that guy left on bail and I don’t want him to roam free. Pakhi says he shall be hanged for the murder. Kinjal says he doesn’t have any right to live. Anupama comes there and asks Vanraj to come. Babu ji asks did you talk to Anuj? Anupama is silent. Vanraj says we will be back. They come out of the house, when they see a guy getting down the car. Suresh tells that he wants to meet Anupama and Vanraj Shah. They say we are the one.

Suresh introduces himself as Sonu’s father. Sonu gets down from the car. Sonu’s father tells that he is upset with his son and tells that just as he came to know, he slapped him hard that he fell on the floor. He says his mother had come else I would have slapped him more. He asks Sonu to fall on their feet and apologize to them. He makes Sonu bends down to touch their feet, but Anupama and Vanraj move back.

Suresh says my son has done a mistake. Anupama says it is not a mistake. Vanraj tells that it is a crime. Anupama tells that it can’t be forgiven. Vanraj says sit is a sin and we will get him punished so that he don’t do any crime. Suresh says Sonu is his only son which he got after doing prayers, yagya etc. He says he is not a bad guy and regrets for their son’s loss. He says God is the one who has planned all this and says we can’t punish God. He says I will punish my son, and will snatch his car and credit card, and get AC closed and will snatch his mobile too.

He asks them not to worry and says his father will punish him, and asks them to take back the complaint as court proceedings are troublesome. He says you have a big family, everyone will be troubled. He calls his guard who gives credit vard wallet. Suresh asks him to keep his credit cards for all life and asks to whom, he shall send the password. He says he is a builder and will give top floor to them on the builder. Anupama asks if you will give your son in exchange of our son. Vanraj asks shall we think the deal fixed? Suresh shouts. Vanraj and Anupama also shout. Vanraj says you don’t need to snatch things from his son. He asks Sonu to have party, as govt will keep his phone, car closed.

He says shame on such a father who is backing her son and gave gun to him to kill someone. Anupama tells Suresh that fathers like him, who gives liberty to their sons for doing wrong with others, as he has so much money. She tells him that he can’t give their pain and sorrows, and that’s why no deal. He throws wallet on the floor.

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