Anupama Starlife update Friday 13 January 2023


Anupama 13 January 2023: Paritosh recall his friends taunting him that he has 2 fathers. Anupama walks to him and asks if he is fine, is he hurt much, she knows he is angry on her and doesn’t even want to see her face. He asks if he knows, then why did she come here. She says because she is a mother. He says he knows she hates him. She says a mother can never hate her child; she can understand how it feels when one loses a job, but he shouldn’t worry as he is talented and hard working; everyone is with him including her. She continues that he is stuck between Mr Shah and Mukku’s fight, he should move on with his hard work and talent. She offers him milk to heal his wounds. He asks what about the internal wounds and says if she really cared for him, this situation wouldn’t have arisen; she should apply milk’s haldi/turmeric on her hands instead. He asks her to let him be silent or else he may say something and then fight with Kinjal. She leaves keeping milk on the table.Malvika jokes with Anuj that he found a good trick to bring his sister back, he knew that his sister would come back dancing if he is marrying. Anuj also jokes. Malvika then apologizes him. He says its alright. She says she had made a mistake and have corrected it by kicking Vanraj and his team out of her company. Anuj says Toshu’s drama is going on there. She says she knows, but she was very angry and even wanted to meet Anu and apologize her.

He says he understands and hugs her, fears Baa and Vanraj’s reaction after this and hopes they don’t create any new problem in his wedding.Kavya panic recalling Malvika firing her, Toshu, and Vanraj and her future is bleak in this house. She recalls Rakhi talking about offering her financial support. Rakhi video calls her. Kavya cries that Malvika fired her from job, now she is alone and in a big financial mess, she doesn’t know what to do now. Kinjal returns home. Toshu asks if she is coming now leaving him hurt and vents out his frustration on her; he says she was partying with Malvika who fired him from job. Kinjal says if she has any problem, she wouldn’t have stayed here. He blames her baby and argues with her mindlessly and pushes her unintentionally. Kinjal is shocked to with is behavior. He apologizes her. She says they hurt their dear ones unknowingly and realize it later; she walks away suggesting him to mend his ways before its too late.Anupama in her room thinks her and Anuj’s marriage a ray of hope in her life, it might anger many, but whoever try to stop this ray of hope, it will glow for sure. Next morning, she performs pooja. Baa snatches pooja thali from her and ignores her. Vanraj, Pakhi, and Toshu also ignore her. . Anuj messages her good morning and asks if she can take out some time for him out of her busy schedule. Anu replies they will meet in the morning.

Malvika informs Anuj that she has arranged a party in the evening and requests him to join back Kapadia Empire. Anuj denies and says he has promised Anupama to prove himself again and start all over again, he will first fulfill his promise and prove himsself and then will join back Kapadia Empire. Malvika says he and Anuj are same who are strong and tolerate so much in life. GK describes the strength of love.Kinjal notices Toshu begging Rakhi for a job and feels disgusted. She worries that Rakh knows about Toshu, Vanraj, and Kavya’s job loss and will try to benefit from the situation. Anupama before leaving for work offers medicine to Bapuji and informs that she has done all the household work. Bapuji informs that Mukku invited them home to plan the wedding. He ties a protective thread on Anupama’s wrist. Leela and Vanraj frown. Anu leaves home smiling.Anupama receives a parcel and gets happy seeing Anuj’s sent flower gajra in it. She wears gajra and thinks after meeting him, she realized what happiness is. Anuj gets ready for the business meeting. Anupama sent him tea with a message that he likes her prepared tea, so she is sending it to make his day. Kavya continues lying on the bed. Leela walks to her and yells at her for not doing household chores. Kavya requests her to leave her alone. Baa walks out yelling. Kavya receives a text message from Rakhi to meet her. Anupama notices Vanraj in the cafeteria shattered and hopes Vanraj realizes that a person has to pay for his deeds and corrects himself, prays Kanhaji to give him some conscience.


Kavya meets Rakhi. Rakhi says she is poisonous but is true, Kavya’s husband has only his father’s big house and a big ego. Kavya says she knows, its waste to expect anything from him. Rakhi asks if she will on her husband’s mercy or will herself do something, Kinjal is her only child and she can take care of Kinjal, her baby, and Toshu, but Vanraj’s middle-class values don’t let her do that. She says can offer her a job but with one condition.Anuj returns home to meet Shahs to discuss wedding plan, but finds no one at home. He walks into kitchen and finds Anu cooking there. He tells Anu they should spend some time together before the pre-wedding rituals start. Anu taunts him and sends him out. Rakhi asks Kavya if her in-laws care about her like the way she cares for them, Kinjal and Toshu’s lives are secure as she is with them, Anuj and Anupama have Kavya, but Kavya has only super-egoistic Vanraj and hence should think about herself. She reminds her big expenses of Shah Family and asks her to divorce Vanraj and walk out of that house; she should now decide if she has to become old Kavya or old Anupama.Anu offers tea and snacks to Anuj. Jaisi Ho Waisi Aajao Sringar To Rehne Do.. song plays in the background. They both enjoy same tea and spend quality time together. Vanraj on the other side tears contract papers and throws them in air. Anuj gets a call, but disconnects it and keeps phone away. She does same. He asks her how was her day. She talks about burger day, potato, and Shah house’s mixer grinder excitedly. He silently listens to her. She asks what is he looking at her. He says at a time of mobile and internet, he feels happy chatting with face to face.

She says mobile have replaced relationships in a person’s life. He asks how is the situation at family, was there any drama after Malvika Vanraj, Kavya and Toshu. Anu says Malvika did right, but she feels bad for them. She says she wants to disconnect from Shahs, but her heart longes for them.Anuj says it hurts that his heart completely belongs to her, but her heart doens’t completely belongs to him. He says he loved only her for 26 years, but she had Shah family in her life for 26 years and they are part of her life now, so he will never ask her to break her ties with Shah family ever. Anupama gets emotional seeing his selfless behavior and asks if she should build a temple for him.

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