Anupama starlife update Sunday 26 February 2023

Anupama 26 February 2023: Kavya tells Vanraj that Anupama and Anuj must have taken a decision after thinking well and assures that everything will be managed well. She assures to help Anupama whenever she needs it. Anuj thanks Kavya and asks Anupama to bring Little Anu. Kavya says she will bring Little Anu. Anupama accompanies her. Kavya admires Little Anu and praises Anupama for her decision. She says she gets inspiration from Anupama and shouldn’t bother what Leela says and do whatever she feels right. Anupama thanks her and asks her not to feel bad about Leela’s taunt regarding a baby.

Kavya says they can’t change Leela and asks her to spend time with her children while she bring hot chocolate milk for Little Anu. Anupama thanks her again. Vanraj tells Leela that Anuj is a very smart businessman. Leela asks what does he mean. Vanraj says Anupama loves her children and would come here often to meet them, but now Anuj has bonded her with a shackle named Little Anu; Anuj transferred all his properties in Anupama’s name and her children would have got all the wealth, hence Anuj brought Little Anu so that Vanraj’s children don’t get any money.

Pakhi hears their conversation. Vanraj says he and his children are not beggars and don’t need Anuj’s wealth. Leela backs him and says Little Anu harmed Kinjal. Vanraj says they will keep the girl away from Kinjal. Leela hopes the evil girl stays at her house and not come here to harm Kinjal again.

Anupama holds her children’s hands emotionally. Toshu tries to free his hand. Toshu says when she holds so many children’s hands, one or two hands will be left behind. He says he is becoming a father and would have his child’s hand in his one hand and little sister’s hand in another hand; he knows people’s opinion doesn’t matter to her, but it does to him; he wants at least a year without any weird drama at their house; he is tired of all the drama and just needs a normal life, but people think he shouts.

Anupama says he is right today and even she would have felt bad if she was in their place. Toshu says she brought a child and not a mixer grinder home, he felt jealous when the girl called her mummy. Samar says even he felt weird. Pakhi asks him to be specific that he felt jealous. Kavya offers hot chocolate milk to Little Anu. Little Anu thanks her and asks what is it. Kavya asks if she didn’t have it, she need not worry as her mamma prepares better hot choc milk. She notices Kinjal in thoughts and asks her not to worry as Anupama will not abandon her child for little Anu. She asks if she is in a shock that Anupama hid such a big secret from her.

Kinjal says Anupama had promised to take care of her child, she is also human and cannot take out time for me and my baby even if she wants to. Anupama apologizes her children. Toshu says nothing can happen now even if she wants to as she chose Anuj and his child over them. Samar says even he felt jealous, they are thinking from mummy’s perspective and not Anuj’s perspective, Anuj also feels he needs a child. Toshu says obviously Samar would support Anuj. Pakhi backs Samar and says even she felt jealous, but even Anuj has right on Anupama. She assures Anupama that she will not pinch little Anu like she used to pinch Meenu and other kids.

Anupama thanks her children for understanding her and requests them to give little Anu some space int heir lives. Samar and Pakhi assure her. Toshu says he can’t. Anupama hatred instantly develops between relationships, but love takes time; he can take his own time. Kinjal tells Kavya that she knows Little Anu needs mother’s attention, but she and her baby need mummy a lot and fears there would be problems in Anu’s life. Kavya says she need not worry as Anupama can visit her with Little Anu, Leela and she are there anyways to take care of her and baby. Anupama walks in.

Toshu raises question why Anuj took this decision and says his child needs mummy’s attention more, earlier mummy couldn’t say no to papa and now Anuj. Samar says mummy is not like other women, she is more strong. Toshu hopes mumy was more sensible as she cannot take care of his baby. Samar says his baby is his responsibility, he should stop his double standards, why should mummy pause her life and think about his baby instead of herself and Anuj; its mummy’s greatness that she visits them even after marrying Anuj and bears Mr Shah and Leela’s taunts for them, mummy will always support them.

Kinjal enters and says Samar is right, she knows that mummy will be there for her and her baby whenever they need her. Toshu hopes her hope comes true or else she will be in the pain most. Anupama wipes Little Anu’s lips after she finishes her drink and asks her if she liked her naanu papa’s house. Little Anu says a lot. Kavya says she can visit here whenever she wants to. Anupama then hugs and assures her that she will always be present for her and her baby. Kinjal says she is a bit nervous. Anupama says its normal for a mother. Little Anu wishes good night to Kinjal’s baby.

Anuj apologizes Hasmukh for not letting Anupama inform anyone about Little Anu. Hasmukh says its okay as hiding something doesn’t have wrong intentions always. Anuj recalls Barkha’s reaction and says it can have even wrong intention and apologizes him again. Little Anu greets bye to each family member. They all greet her back except Leela. Anuj and Anupama leave with Little Anu. Leela says they brought a trouble in a child for them and their life will be a hell because of the girl.

While returning home from Shah House, Anuj tells Anupama that there was not much drama at Shah House than he thought. Anupama says Samar, Pakhi, and Kinjal understood, but Toshu needs time. Anuj says Tohu’s fear that his baby will not get much attention is valid. Anupama says even Kinjal was feeling same pain, its common as a first-time mother, even she wanted her moti baa always stay near her. Anuj praises Little Anu’s nature. Anupama asks him to find out about Little Anu’s school admission and gives him duty of reciting her some bed time stories and shayaris/poems and making Little Anu sleep each day.

Anuj says their daughter is a start like Anupama and wants to keep both families united like her. After reaching home, Anupama asks Anuj to lift sleeping Little Anu and take her inside home. Anuj fears. Anupama lifts Little Anu and takes her in.
Adhik over video call brainwashes Pakhi that Anupama will not pay attention to her own children after Little Anu’s arrival. Pakhi expresses her concern that people will tease and embarrass her. Adhik says they both can meet often though as Anuj and Anupama’s attention will be completely on Little Anu from hereon, he says he informed Barkha that he likes her and she is okay with that.

She feels excited to meet him and ended the call. Vanraj walks in and warns him not to meet Adhik again or else he will be forced to act his old self. Pakhi thinks why should she bother when his parents are not bothered. Vanraj returns to his room and sees Kavya laughing looking at Little Anu’s video. Kavya says Little Anu is very adorable and after a long chat requests to adopt a baby girl. Vanraj looks shocked hearing that. Anuj and Anupama pamper sleeping Little Anu and express their love for each other via shayari. Anuj then describes how he used to fear in childhood that he would lose what he got.

Kinjal in sleep murmurs that Anupama should take care of her baby. Anupama wakes up in the morning and gets tensed not seeing little Anu on bed. She searches her in whole house and panics. Anuj joins her. They both notice Little Anu watering plants and feel happy. Itti Si Hasi Itti Khushi.. song plays in the background. Little Anu greets them Jai Sri Krishna. Anupama says she got afraid not finding her on bed. Little Anu apologizes her. Anupama says its okay and asks if she took bathe herself. Little Anu says everyone bathe themselves in ashram. Anupama asks what about little ones. Little Anu says she used to bathe them.

Anuj asks who will bathe them then. Little Anu says someone else will do it. She asks if they would like to have tea as she can prepare it if someone switches on gas. Anupama says she will cook for her and asks what would she like to have. Little Anu says she needs hot chocolate milk. They all will have hot choc milk then. Next morning, Vanraj informs family that he got an job interview call from a big multinational company. Family rejoices hearing that. Toshu also informs that even he got an interview call. Family rejoices more.

Kavya says little Anu’s steps are auspicious for them. Leela and Vanraj frown hearing that. Toshu says he needs to take Kinjal for sonography today, but he has an interview also. Kinjal says she will go with Anupama. Vanraj asks if Anupama can spare time for his daughter instead of her own daughter. Anupama serves hot chocolate milk to Little Anu, Anuj, GK, and Sara. Anuj offers marshmallows to Little Anu. Little Anu shares it with Sara and GK. Sara says she can keep it all. Little Anu says she just needs a little as she likes sharing. Sara gets emotional and says they have so much, even then they want more, but little Anu thought how to be happy with very little. They all talk about the issues orphan kids face. Little Anu drops milk and wipes it herself, making them more emotional. Adhik watching this with Barkha asks her to please be nice to the kid as she can be in Anupama’s good books if she behaves nicely with Little Anu, he will handle the rest.

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