Anupama starlife update Monday 25 December 2023

Anupama 25 December 2023: Anuj and Anupama take gurumaa Malti Devi’s blessings before starting their dance face-off. Gurumaa thinks anyone would have felt bad if they were inn Nakul’s place, let him compete and find out that Anupama is the right choice for her successor, competitions sometimes are needed to improve their skills. Leela asks Kinjal not to tell that even she wants to leave Shah house. Vanraj says let Kinjal speak. Kinjal says only 5 days are left for Anupama’s deparature to America, and when their lives revolve around her and she is so important to them, they should give her a grand farewell

Anupama 24 December 2023

Vanraj says they will try to perform Anupama’s grand farewell wholeheartedly. Leela says she will prepare Anupama’s favorite laddus and make her feel so special that she will drop her idea of going to America. Vanraj says they should let Anupama go and not let hinder her growth.Anupama and Nakul’s competition starts. Gurumaa thinks Anupama is dancing for herself and Nakul for the world and to defeat Anupama. She praises Anupama.

Nakul gets jealous hearing that. Lights flicker. Nakul pushes a fellow dancer who drops flower vase.Anupama steps on hidden glass pieces and falls down writhing in pain. Gurumaa gets worried. Vanraj tells Toshu that he is like his hair which don’t straighten at any cost; says he found a job at his company; he should work to take care of Pari and put an effort to win back Kinjal’s heart;

he is an elder son, but Samar is fulfillng elder son’s responsibilities; Toshu should stop making repeated mistakes and then apologizing. He says Anupama is going in 5 days and they should give her a grand farewell. Toshu agrees.Gurumaa rushes to Anupama. Nakul acts and asks someone to call a doctor. Anupama hesitates to let Gurumaa touch her feet. Gurumaa says a guru can’t see his/her student’s pain, removes glass strands from Anupama’s foot, and bandages it.

Anupama apologizes her and asks her not to worry as she will manage and not let her injury hinder her promise made to her, she will use a herbal paste and heal her injuries, etc. Gurumaa says she knows Anupama will dance even with injured feet, she wants to know how the accident happened, who kept a vase near dancing area and how did glass pieces come in it. She asks Nakul to get the CCTV footage to check who made this mistake. Nakul gets tensed. Anupama notices his face and says she kept the vase there.

Gurumaa thinks it’s not Anupama’s mistake, but her wounds shouldn’t be deep.Kavya visits hospital for her sonography and finds Vanraj there. Vanraj says he heard her informing Kinjal about her doctor’s visit today and hence came. Kavya says there was no need for him to come. Vanraj says he came for himself, he wants to be with her and baby and experience the happiness which he missed during his other 3 children’s times while creating a future for them, etc.,

and requests her to return to her house. Kavya agrees. He walks with her smiling. Nakul holds Anupama’s feet and apologizes her for his jealous act. Anupama asks him not to touch her feet. Nakul says she knew he did it and took his blame on herself. Anupama says lets forget it and keep it among themselves. Nakul starts praising her. Gurumaa thinks Anupama can’t do such a mistake and notices them chatting.

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