Anupama starlife update Sunday 16 June 2024

Anupama is walking on the road and looks at the water bottles in the shop being thirsty. She looks at the lady leaving the water bottle on the public chair. She says no book can teach the importance of water, which thirst makes the person understand.

She thanks Kanha ji and says that woman left water bottle here, thank you….She is about to go and take bottle, when someone’s ball hits the bottle and the bottle falls down, all the water gets flowed out. Anupama throws the ball in the dustbin. Kavya tells Vanraj that she got call from Mahi’s boarding school, she is unwell so I am going to Ooty to meet her.

She says if Mahi is much unwell then..Vanraj says then you can stay there in any hotel and don’t worry about money. Kavya says my daughter wants her father’s love and tells that she is questioning me and asking about her father. She says I take her out when she has holidays, but don’t bring her here. She says until when I will skip her questions. She says she wants to meet her Papa. Vanraj asks her to go and tell her father. He says don’t cry as if I am torturing you. He says you came here with your wish and I have kept that condition that you can stay here, but not your daughter and I will bear all her expenses. He says I am your daughter’s guardian and not her father, so don’t force relation on me. He says just my parents and Ansh are important to me and nobody else. Kavya says I am sorry, Mahi.

Anupama finds her slipper broken. She takes the ribbon from the showpiece and ties her slipper. She recalls Devika’s words seeing Police and thinks that she has no passport or visa. The Police officer lady came to Anupama and asks her to show her ID: Anupama tells her that last night she was robbed and all her things got stolen. The Police officer lady asks her to come with her to the PS. Anupama says no. Just then she realizes it is her imagination and the Police officer going from other side.

Dimpy asks Ansh to sleep in her room when he comes to her room to get his toy. Ansh says I want to sleep with Moti Baa. Dimpy says you sleep there daily and asks him to sleep with her today. Ansh says you don’t love me, and scold me, but they love me and give me whatever I ask for. He goes. Dimpy cries and looks at Samar’s pic. She asks why Ansh is not like you, and tells that she has become very alone, and says she don’t know why I am alive, when my own son don’t need me. She asks for whom I am living. Just then she gets Tapish’s call. Kavya comes and asks her to pick the call and understand the destiny’s sign.

Dimpy asks her if she has done her packing and asks her to make her talk to Mahi. Kavya asks why you are ignoring Titu’s call. Dimpy says she don’t want to upset Papa. Kavya says Vanraj doesn’t care for you, and tells that he just cares for Ansh. She says she is lucky to get such a friend, and asks her not to blame destiny if she don’t want to talk. Anupama thinks I got saved this time and asks God to show the way. She sees a guy dancing while other guys are singing. She sees people putting money in the hat.

Anupama keeps her sweater on the floor and folds her hands, and thinks when hero is out of money, he used to do the same. She says all the world is stage, when the art is good. She starts dancing. People claps for her and gives her money. Anupama song plays…. She picks the money and says I never thought that I will earn money this way. She says she has to live again, and the good thing is that she has nothing to lose, and she has everything to earn. She comes to the dancer and the singers and offers them money from her share, and tells that they have inspired her to dance. The dancer says you are just fabulous and asks if the dance is from India. She says yes and goes on praising India. The guy says incredible India. Anupama says yes, and says thank you. She thinks she will use money to get water and food, and thinks that Anuj was right, that the art never gets out of our hands. She says thanks Kapadia ji.

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