Anupama starlife update Monday 17 June 2024

Anuj is organizing the event and checking the last minute arrangements. He sees the models ready and asks them to hurry up and pull up their socks. He asks his assistant about costumes, hair and make up. He says it is all checked. Anuj asks DJ to play the background which I asked for.

DJ plays the song tum hi hamari manzil I love. Anuj asks him to stop it right now and asks if I approved this song. His employee comes there and tells that our show stopper haven’t come till now, and says I checked with the airline and his flight is 3 hours delayed. Anuj says I told that idiot to take last night flight and says he don’t like last min changes and says fire him right now. I am going to sue that idiot in court. His assistant asks who will be the show stopper.

Anupama comes to the same restaurant where she had come before and asks the lady guard if the money in her hand is enough to get water. The lady guard/waitress asks her to come inside. She makes Anupama sit and gives her water. Anupama offers her money. The lady takes the money. Anupama drinks the water and says we don’t value water and make it flow, when we are thirsty, we understand its real value. She thanks Kanha ji. Waitress comes to her and asks you need something.

Anupama asks if any food comes in this and shows the money. The waitress brings the croissant. Anupama thanks her and starts eating. She starts coughing and finds the water over in the bottle. Waitress gives her more water. The Boss of the restaurant comes there and looks at Anupama. He asks why the outside light is still on, when you people will learn to save energy. He fires the employee who comes late.

Anupama calls him and says I am Anupama Joshi, and says yesterday I came, and someone stolen my passport, visa and luggage. She tells that she has just one bag left now, and says she doesn’t have money to call someone. She slept outside your restaurant in the night, and says I have danced to earn money to buy water and bread. She says I had read Indian cuisine outside, so I thought you are Indian so will help me. He says this is restaurant and help is not given here. He says if you wanted to beg, then would have done it in India. Anupama says Indians don’t come to foreign to beg, but to earn money, like you had come here with 12 dollars in your pocket. He asks how did you know?

Anupama tells that she had read in the magazine when she slept outside. She says she understood that he came with much hopes and less dreams like me. She says I am asking you to help me, and tells that she has to apply in embassy for her passport and until then she can’t go back to India. He says you talk big and asks if you have done something in India. Anupama says she was housewife, businesswoman etc and not beggar. She asks for work. He says just now I have fired cleaner and gives him cleaner’s work. Anupama says I have a request and asks him if she can use bathroom. He asks the waitress to take her. Anupama thanks him. He says you have just 5 mins to come back and do the work.

Anuj’s models are walking on the ramp. Anuj comes there as the show stopper and walks on the ramp. Choti Anu shouts my AK is the best. Anuj says so you…my love.

Anupama is about to start the work and looks at the kitchen. She says if house is her life then kitchen is her heart beat. She says she is entering kitchen without bathing for the first time, and apologizes to Goddess Annapurna. She enters the kitchen and greets the chefs there. She keeps the flower on the stove and thinks she is working in the restaurant.

Anuj welcomes the designer on the stage and thanks her. He thanks his supporters and financers, and says I could organize the event in such a less time. He thanks his lovely back stage team who bears his anger, moodswings etc. The reporter says you have set this event management company 5 years back and asks whom you want to give credit. He says he wants to give the credit to Aadhya…his daughter. Choti Anu goes to stage and says I love you pops. Anuj says Aadhya is his world.

Anupama is washing the utensils. Chef Vikram tells that they have dishwasher and asks if you don’t know to use it. Anupama says I know, and tells that she had dishwasher at home and they used to use it, but times changed. He tells that even he had 5 restaurants here, but everything destroyed in pandemic. He says his mother died and his wife took the children to her mayka and says career, bank balance and everything left me, but my stomach and weight didn’t leave me. Anupama says so much happened, but you smile. He says I smile, else I will get cry. Anupama tells that if we wash the utensils properly, then even our face wrinkles is seen in it. He says you will not get extra money for it. Anupama tells that she works harder to make herself better. She gives him kadai and says I will give you pain. Fashion show is being played on the TV. She is about to see, and turns to do the work. Anuj is seen walking on the ramp. She doesn’t see.

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