Unfortunate love update Sunday 13 August 2023

Unfortunate love 12 August 2023: The Episode starts with Shalu bringing favorite icecream for Rano and others. Neha asks from where did you get it? Shalu says no problem, Chachi will eat. Rano takes it. Neha asks Shalu, why you are not eating it. Shalu says she don’t want to have it. Neha tells Rano that Shalu roams with Ayush day. Rano says even I have noticed. Rano thinks if Shalo or Neha marries him, she will get entry in the house. Neha tells Rano that Shalu has taken lift from Ayush. She asks her to promise that she will not go with him. Shalu says she will not go and goes. Rano thinks she will get entry there. Neelam comes to Rishi and asks if he has done the presentation. Rishi says yes. Neelam asks about Lakshmi. Rishi says he don’t know where is she and goes to kitchen. Neelam thinks where did she go early morning.

Kiran comes to the breakfast table and asks Shankar to call Malishka. He goes there and shouts for Kiran. Kiran goes there and finds blood stains and messed up room. She thinks if Malishka has done this. She searches for her. Shankar goes to the garden to see. Kiran calls Abhay. Abhay says I am in a meeting and will talk to you later. Kiran tells him that malishka is kidnapped. Abhay and Kiran come to the PS and complain that their daughter is kidnapped. Inspector asks if she run way with her boyfriend. He says we can’t file report until 24 hours are passed. Kiran says Lakshmi has kidnapped Malishka. Abhay is shocked.

Mukesh says good morning to Dadi and asks what to make in food. Dadi asks him to ask Lakshmi. Mukesh says she is not at home. Neelam comes there and tells that she didn’t tell anyone and left. Karishma says what? Neelam says she shall be responsible and shall tell us. Karishma says she is not part of our family and will soon leave. Dadi says Lakshmi is the part of our family, don’t talk such things. Karishma and Dadi ask each other not to spoil their mood. Neelam tells that something wrong is going to happen due to Lakshmi. Dadi says whenever there is a trouble on house, Lakshmi has handled it. Neelam thinks she is inauspicious.

Abhay tells Kiran that he don’t think so that Lakshmi has done this, she don’t have courage to do wrong. Kiran says Lakshmi gets courage for Rishi, and don’t leave her enemy. She says Lakshmi can go to any length to take revenge from Malishka. Abhay says if Lakshmi has done something with my daughter then I will kill her.

Lakshmi returns home and says sorry. Karishma asks from where you are coming? Lakshmi says I had some important work. Karishma asks if she was outside all night. Lakshmi says I went in the morning. Neelam asks why Rishi doesn’t know? Lakshmi says Rishi was in washroom, so I went in a hurry. Lakshmi comes to the room. Rishi asks where did you go? He asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi says there is no problem, everything is fine. Rishi asks her to learn to lie, or don’t make him caught her lie. He says you are sweating. Lakshmi says what shall I tell you? She asks him to go for presentation. Rishi says you don’t want to tell me truth. Lakshmi says there was nothing so I handled it and came. Rishi asks her to look at him and say. Lakshmi says everything is fine. Rishi says I will always stand by you, this support and hand, your husband will never leave. He senses there is something big. Karishma tells that the matter is big, and tells that she is avoiding us. She says Lakshmi will go to Rishi. Lakshmi hugs Rishi. Karishma asks if Lakshmi will tell Rishi or not. Lakshmi says all the best to Rishi for the presentation. He says you are worried and wishing me. Rishi thinks to wait for her to say. Lakshmi thinks I can’t tell you, where I had gone. Sonia hears them. Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi wouldn’t have told Rishi. Rishi asks Karishma and then Mukesh about Ayush. Mukesh says he had gone for party last night. Rishi asks Karishma to make him understand, he is not serious about work. Abhay calls Virender and asks him to be at home, and says they will come and meet them. Neelam and Karishma think that the matter is related to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi calling Shalu. Shalu asks if you are fine and asks her to calm down. Lakshmi says I try but. Shalu says we shall be calm amidst the big trouble. Lakshmi says I need to apologize to bau ji, as I did a mistake. Shalu says you can’t do anything wrong. Lakshmi says something happened with me and I can’t do it right. She says I don’t know how to make it fine. Shalu asks her to tell what happened? Just then Kiran comes there and shouts for Lakshmi. Lakshmi drops her phone and goes. Kiran calls Lakshmi again. Virender asks why you both have come. Abhay says I asked you not to go to office, so that we can talk infront of you. Lakshmi comes downstairs. Kiran pulls her hand and asks what did you do? Sonia smiles. Abhay asks Kiran to tell everything to everyone.

Neelam asks did she do something? She asks Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Kiran says you are bad, betrayal, and does conspiracies, but we never thought that you will do this. She says we never thought that you will cross the limits, we didn’t think about cheap woman. Virender asks what you are saying about my daughter. why you are insulting her. we love our daughter a lot and I can do anything with Lakshmi.
Virender asks what is the matter? Kiran says Malishka is missing, her room has blood marks and tells that she is kidnapped and we know who has done this. Karishma asks her to go and catch that person and bring Malishka home. Kiran says I came for that, as Lakshmi kidnapped her. Sonia smiles. Lakshmi says I…Virender asks what is this, Abhay? He says Lakshmi can’t do anything wrong. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Kiran says all guilty persons say this. Neelam asks for the proofs. Sonia tells that she heard Lakshmi telling Rishi Bhai that she will vanish Malishka.

She tells Lakshmi that Malishka is Rishi’s only love and he will not leave her. Kiran asks didnt you tell this to Rishi. Lakshmi says I said that, it was between husband and wife, it was like a joke, that doesn’t mean that she will get her kidnapped. Kiran says didn’t you tell us that you will do bad with Malishka and that she has to repent. Neelam asks from where you have come. Virender asks Lakshmi, where did she go? Kiran says she got Malishka kidnapped and came home. Virender says I trust her fully. Karishma says lets be clear if she does something or not. Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything, and tells that she knows that Malishka wanted to separate Rishi and her, but she didn’t do anything. Neelam asks where did you go, and then we will see what to do. Karishma asks her to open her mouth. Virender asks where did you go? He asks her to tell the truth.

Lakshmi says she had gone out for some work. Neelam and Karishma ask her to say. Sonia says now her truth is out. Kiran asks Lakshmi to tell where is Malishka. Lakshmi says I really don’t know. Kiran says I will slap you, tell me. Dadi comes there and holds her hand. She says she is Lakshmi, our bahu and you are in our house. Abhay says we came here, as we think about your family and respect. else would have reach Police first. Kiran says if she doesn’t tell where is Malishka, then I will not be quiet. She says nobody shall interfere. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t do kidnapping, she can’t think of hurting anyone in her dreams. Sonia says she is lying and have done kidnapping. Karishma says i know, that’s why she is silent. Kiran says if I don’t get my daughter then I will go to any extent to get her. Lakshmi goes to room and recalls, Ayush calling her. A fb is shown.

Ayush asks Lakshmi to come there and cries. Lakshmi says she will come there with Rishi. Ayush asks her not to tell Rishi or anyone else in the house. He tells that he did bike accident and the guy is bleeding. Lakshmi leaves from home and comes to Ayush. She checks the guy. Ayush asks her to tell that he is alive and cries. Lakshmi says he is fine and we will take him to the hospital. Ayush says he will be fine and says Police case shall not happen, else the family reputation will be ruined. He says he couldn’t make presentation and now ruining their name. Lakshmi tells that she will handle everything and asks Ayush to have courage. Lakshmi drives the car and is taking the injured guy to the hospital. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to tell the truth to anyone. Lakshmi thinks she can’t tell anything to anyone, and thinks what to do. She thinks until Ayush tells them, she can’t. She says I didn’t kidnap Malishka.

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