Destined by fate update Sunday 13 August 2023

Destined by fate 13 August 2023: Saroj provokes Rashmi against Sayuri and says Sayuri told she doesn’t want too take favors from Saroj, she doesn’t know what problem Sayuri has with her own sister. Sayuri tells Nakul that she and Kanha will take care of his engagement and wedding arrangements. Nakul says he trusts them. Saroj continues brainwashing Rashmi against Sayuri. Rashmi apologizes Saroj on Sayuri’s behalf. Saroj says Sayuri is jealous of Rashmi as her marriage didn’t happen in a lavish way. Rashmi stands thinking. Saroj walks away giving an evil smile.

Dhanraj discusses with Tej that he wouldn’t have mind with lavish spending if their business was going well. Saroj walks to them and starts her emotional drama and says she went overboard unable to control her emotions as a mother and apologizes them. Dhanraj says he doesn’t know what to say. Tej says Saroj’s concern is right and they cannot stop her. Dhanraj says he doesn’t know how to safeguard Indu and Bhanu’s self-respect. Tej says they will have to find a mid way. Saroj grins and thinks she is on her path of taking revenge from Sayuri. Rashmi recalls Saroj’s words and thinks why Sayuri is jealous of her happiness.

Sayuri is engrasped in thoughts while cooking in a kitchen when Kanha walks to her and says he has found a way that will make Saroj accept Sayuri. Sayuri excitedly asks his plan. Kanha says they should give a grandchild to Saroj. Sayuri asks if he has gone mad. Kanha gets romantic. She walks away feeling shy. Indu and Bhanu notice Rashmi upset and asks if someone told her anything or if she is upset with their decision. She says it will take them some time to trust Saroj as much happened for years. Rashmi stands silently . Bhanu asks what is the exact issue. Rashmi says she has been using Sayuri’s leftover since childhood and has compromised a lot, but when she is getting happiness now, ego is interfering in her happiness. Sayuri enters and asks whose ego.

Kanha walks to Saroj. Saroj asks if he came with request for his wife. Kanha says no. She starts spilling venom towards Sayuri indirectly. Kusum walks to them. Kanha asks her to prepare tea for him. Kusum taunts him. Kanha leaves feeling shy. Kusum then expresses her excitement in welcoming Rashmi. Saroj indirectly expresses her plan of making Rashmi and Sayuri fight. Kusum gets concerned hearing her and gets suspicious of her intentions.

Rashmi says Sayuri’s ego is interfering between her happiness. sayuri is shocked to hear that. Rashmi continues to speak Saroj’s words and accuses of jealous of her. Sayuri stands speechless in shock. Indu warns Rashmi to shut her mouth. Rashmi says she will not and continues.

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