Anupama starlife update Saturday 9 December 2023

Anupama 9 December 2023: Anupama tells Leela that she can’t attend Samar and Dimpy’s post-wedding rituals. Leela yells that she mistakenly called Malti devi’s successor instead of Samar’s mother. She asks her to visit them till she goes to America and mould Dimpy according to their family’s nature like she moulded Kinjal. She says she fears Dimpy will get trouble to them;, she doesn’t know what Samar and Anupama saw in Dimpy; she saw Anupama in Kinjal when she came home after marriage,

but Dimpy will destroy their family, etc. Anupama says she has to reach gurukul at 10 a.m. tomorrow at any cost and can’t delay fulfilling her dreams. She says nobody is perfect and they need time to adjust, even Dimpy will adjust with Leela adjusts. Leela says pooja will happen anyways tomorrow, she is in fear and feels confident when Anupama is around, etc. Dimpy hears their conversation.

Anupama then calls Anuj and informs that she can’t come tomorrow. She says just like he was standing on a 2-way paath, even she is standing on a 2-way path, and just like he chose responsibility between love and responsibility, even she will choose responsibility. He says it’s okay, they will meet some other day. She feels sad. Samar feels nervous thinking making their first night special for Dimpy and decorates his room with rose petals thinking he will shower rose petals on Dimpy when she enters room.

He hears footsteps and switches on fan. Leela walks in instead and scolds Samar for being too romantic. Kinjal and Toshu walks in with Dimpy and seeing the situation, they try to take Leela out. Leela asks Samar and them to go out instead as she wants to talk to Dimpy. Samar walks away with them fuming.Leela then gifts a necklace to Dimpy taunting her. Dimpy rudely taunts her back. Leela says she has kept 3 necklaces for her like she had kept for Kinjal. Dimpy says she should give it to her before she dies. Leela says everyone will leave the world some day for sure, but she wants to go late as there is nobody to keep her family united. She asks Dimpy to sleep separately from Samar tonight due to some custom.

Samar returns and fumes hearing that. Leela orders Samar to sleep in his room and Dimpy to sleep with her tonight. Dimpy walks out of her room fuming trying to correct her finger rings. Kinjal tries to help her. Dimpy yells at Leela that she ordered her and Samar to sleep separately on their wedding night. Kinjal asks her to calm down as Leela is old fashioned. Dimpy asks her to explain Leela or else it would be tough for her to stay in this house. She yells that Kinjal tried to become like Anupama and didn’t gain anything out of it, she doesn’t want to become Anupama and would like to be herself.

She further shouts that she is given a smallest room in the house and apart from that have to sleep separately on her first night with a person who hates her.Kanta tells Anupama that she took a right decision of attending conference and shouldn’t destroy her happiness for greedy Shahs. Maaya feels upset recalling Anuj’s stern reply to her. Gurumaa also looks anxious. Anuj recalls Anupama denying to meet him tomorrow. Next morning, Anupama performs pooja and prays god to keep Anuj happy and give him peace of mind and whatever he wants; keep her mother, Leela, and Hasmukh healthy; keep her children happy, etc.

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