Anupama starlife update Friday 8 December 2023

Anupama 8 December 2023: Samar asks family if whatever he heard just now is true? Dimpy says yes. Kinjal says they got a good news with Dimpy’s entry in this house. Dimpy criticizes that as soon as she entered the house, she is getting a news that she will be getting a devar/BIL or nanad/SIL. Samar says people will come to congratulate him for wedding and also for becoming an elder brother. Dimpy says thewre is a right age for everything.

Anupama asks if Kavya doesn’t have an age to become a mother. Samar says they are talking about Vanraj. Anupama asks why can’t Kavya become a mother if Vanraj has 3 grown up children; when Kavya is healthy and can take up a child’s responsibility, nobody in this world should have any problem. Toshu says when Anupama adopted Little Anu, Samary was happy, then why he is having problem during Vanraj’s time. Samar says that was adoption case, society will laugh on them if Vanraj becomes a father in this age. Leela backs Samar.

Toshu says if Kavya doesn’t stay in this house, people will learn about her pregnancy later and will not laugh on them.Vanraj says Kavya will stay in his house, he is not a first FIL who is becoming a father, he will think only about his wife and child. Kavya says she understands his concern, but just like it took time for her to accept it, even Samar, Dimpy, and Pakhi need time to accept it. Vanraj says he wants to take care of her and his child. Anupama says Kavya is right. Vanraj goes to drop Kavya.

Leela says they got a shocking news and a shocking Dimpy and tells Anupama that she won’t adjust with Dimpy. Anupama says she has to adjust. Leela says Anupama is duming Dimpy on them and leaving for America to become gurumaa’s successor. Anupama recalls gurumaa’s words and says she will go now. Leela yells she attended wedding like a guest and is going back like a guest. Anupama asks Dolly and Kinjal to handle the situation and leaves.

Anuj feels happy looking at Anupama and his dance. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Yaara Main Kya Karoon… song plays in the background. He says he loves and misses her a lot. Maaya walks to in front of screen and says she wants to ask him something. Anuj asks her to go ahead. Maaya asks why was he and Anupama looking at each other during whole wedding. Anuj says he already told her what Anupama means to him. Maaya shouts she knows. Anuj warns her don’t. Maaya says she knows he loves Anupama and she is everything to him, what is special in Anupama that she doesn’t have,

why is Anupama not jealous seeing her husband with another woman and why don’t she question him. Anuj says because his Anupama trusts him immensely and knows his problems. Maaya asks what if Anupama doesn’t return and someone else enters his life. Anuj says no one came in between them when his love was one-sided, Anupama has decided to move on with him and if she doesn’t return, he will still continue to love her till his last breath. Maaya stands fuming.

Kanta asks Anupama if she can stay without Anuj. Anupama says whatever situation may arise, she has to take up her gurumaa’s given responsibility and follow it like a true student. Kanta says gurumaa’s trust and her mother’s blessings are always with her. Anuj calls her. Kanta leaves. Anupama picks call. Anuj asks if she reached home. Anupama says she is at her mother’s house. Anuj asks if they can meet tomorrow as she will shift to America in a few days and he doesn’t know when they will meet again,

so can they please meet tomorrow. Anupama says hmm. Anuj says he can’t understand hmmm language. Anupama asks when to meet. Anuj says morning 10 p.m. at Cafe Maazi. He says Maazi’s meaning is past time. Anupama says Anuj and Anupama can be together only in past time. Anuj says yes. They both recall their dance during wedding. Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai.. song continues to play. Anupama gets gurumaa’s call.

She wishes goodnight to Anuj, disconnect his call, and picks Gurumaa’s call. Anuj feels excited to meet her tomorrow. Anupama asks Gurumaa if everything is alright. Gurumaa says she is impressed that she rejected Anuj’s call and picked her call. Anupama asks how does she know. Gurumaa says she understands her now and informs that she has to attend a press conference at 10 a.m. tomorrow where she will announce her as a successor.

Anupama feels happy seeing Anuj sending their dance photos. Gurumaa says Anupama shouldn’t break her guru’s trust as there is a saying that one can lose their breath, but not trust; she should reach gurukul by 10 a.m. tomorrow. Anupama thinks she needs to meet Anuj even even at 10 a.m., she can’t disappoint both of them. Leela calls her next and informs her that tomorrow is her son and DIL’s post-wedding rituals and she needs to reach Shah house by 9:30 a.m.

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