Anupama starlife update Saturday 28 January 2023

Anupama 28 January 2023: Anupama breaks down recalling Hasmukh’s condition and Vanraj blaming her and Anuj for Hasmukh’s condition. She recalls Hasmukh’s love for her and cires more vigorously thinks why he does so much for her. Anuj walks to her. She hugs him tightly and then curses herself for not seeing Hasmukh’s health condition. Anuj says that is because Hasmukh didn’t let them know of his health condition. Anupama says it would have been very difficult for Hasmukh, why did he do that. Anuj says he doesn’t have any children, but Anupama is a mother and knows the answer better; Hasmukh did it for his children. Anupama cries that her wedding can be postponed. She describes how Hasmukh never let her miss her father and always supported her over his own son.

Anuj asks her to stop crying as she needs to take care of Leela and children, they need to support Hasmukh instead of breaking down and focus on Hasmukh’s health and surgery.Samar calls them when Hasmukh regains consciousness. They both rush to Hasmukh’s room. Anupama apologizes him for ignoring his health and asks how can he do it to himself. GK says he tried to convince Hasmukh a lot, but he just wants Anupama’s marriage to finish before his surgery. Kanta says Hasmukh sacrificed his health for Anupama. Devika also praises Hasmukh’s sacrifice. Hasmukh tells Anupama that he should apologize her instead as he is unable to fulfill the promise he made to his daughter and ruined her sangeet ritual.

Anupama asks him not to say that. Hasmukh apologizes her for not informing her about his health condition and says he would have informed her after marriage. Anupama says his health is most important. Leela asks him to stop his adamancy, what would happen to her and Vanraj without him, etc.Vanraj says he spoke to the doctor and insists for his surgery as soon as possible. Anuj says Vanraj is right. Hasmukh says he just wants Anupama’s wedding to happen first. Leela asks if Anupama’s wedding is more important than his life. He says it is a daughter’s kanyadaan is the biggest virtue. He continues his adamancy. Anupama also insists and says they will take him to the hospital right now. Hasmukh says if he will go to hospital before her marriage, he will return death. Everyone get concerned hearing that.

Rakhi praises Hasmukh’s sacrifice and says parents never get stubborn, but they do for children’s sake; she as a mother can understand his feelings. Hasmukh says if they force him to visit the hospital, he will seek his death from the god. Anupama pleads him not to say that. Anuj and Vanraj plead him not to be so stubborn. Hasmukh says nothing will happen to him before his daughter’s marriage. Leela asks what about doctor’s advice. He says he is sure nothing will happen to him till Anupama’s wedding and if he dies during surgery, he will not get mukti. He insists Anupama again to agree to his request.

Anupama asks him to promise to take care of himself and rest until her wedding. Anuj asks not to hide if he feels uneasy even a bit. Hasmukh promises and says she let us restart wedding arrangements. Anupama reminds that he just promised her. He says he forgot in happiness and asks everyone to smile and enjoy his daughter’s wedding. He gives Anupama’s hand in Anuj’s hand. Vanraj and Leela frown seeing that. GK tells Anupama that whatever he did is for his friendship and apologizes for hiding the secret.. Anupama asks him not to apologize as he just followed his friendship. GK gives Hasmukh’s prescription slip and says hope is more than medicine in old age and Hasmukh would be fine if his wish of watching Anupama’s marriage is fulfilled.

He then goes to check on Hasmukh. Vanraj snatches prescription slip from Anupama and taunts even amrith will turn into poison if she touches it.Vanraj alleges Anupama that her happiness has brought his father at the door of death and he doesn’t want her to take care of his father. Anupama says Hasmukh is even her father. Vanraj says she would have seen Hasmukh’s problem then. She asks if he also couldn’t see it, why only she should be punished. He says because she will be married in 2 days and will leave Shah house, they will have to take care of Hasmukh after that, then why not from today itself. Anupama says it doesn’t mean she will completely disconnect herself from Shah house, she will often visit her children and Hashmukh.

Leela asks her to end their trouble at once and stay at her in-laws permanently as her children are grown up now and she is not related to Vanraj anymore. She adds that their relationship ended after she put Hasmukh’s life at risk, she will never let Anupama enter the house after her marriage, so Anupama and Anuj should stop bothering them and let them get Hasmukh treated. Vanraj says he is silent because of Bapuji and if something happens to Bapuji… Anupama says nothing will happen to Bapuji. Vanraj and Leela walk away.Anupama prays Kanhaji that nothing should happen to Hasmukh. Anuj joins her and asks if Vanraj and Leela said something to her again.

Anupama says she and Hasmukh are stubborn, she will take pheras with smile and needs both her father and her husband, etc. She chats with the doctor and informs that they need not worry much as operation can be performed after 2 days. Anuj thanks god and says they will take good care of Hasmukh. Anupama says tomorrow is haldi ritual and day after tomorrow marriage, they will give immense happiness and cure his half illness before surgery, they will fulfill Hasmukh’s dream tomorrow, etc.

Next day, doctor tests Hasmukh and says he is perfect, but shouldn’t exert himself even a big. Samar says then Bapuji cannot dance. Doctor says not even move. Samar asks if they can give him a cream roll then. Doctor says only 1. Hasmukh says someone/Anupama ordered against it. Anupama says only for today. Hasmukh feels happy. Doctor says its a miracle that Hasmukh’s health improved so soon. Hasmukh says happiness is the biggest medicine. Doctor agrees. Anuj, who is watching the consultation over vide call, says that means they need to give 3 doses of medicine and 6 doses of happiness daily. Doctor says exactly. Hasmukh says they all were unnecessarily worried. Doctor tells Vanraj that he will speak to him later and leaves. Hasmukh asks everyone to smile now and be happy. Anupama says he will absolutely not work and just raise his hands for blessings.

Hasmukh agrees and says there shouldn’t be an adulateration of someone’s anger and hatred in this marriage or else medicine will not work, looking at Vanraj and Leela. He asks youngsters to take care of Anupama’s haldi and tells Anuj that even his haldi will be here as he wants to watch all the rituals. Toshu says let us go out and start haldi ritual. Baa asks why go out for haldi. Toshu jokes because she always says going out is haldi/healthy. Hasmukh sings Aaj Mere MaAn Ki Shadi Hai.. followed by others.

Anupama and Anuj feel excited about their haldi and wedding ritual and think they struggled a lot to reach this phase of their life and congratulate themselves for the new beginning of their lives. They decide to get ready well to stun each other during their haldi ritual. Samar, Pakhi, Toshu, and Kinjal notice Kanta grinding haldi and insist to let them grind it. Kanta says its a mother’s honor to grind daughter’s haldi. They all help her. Hasmukh smiles seeing that and thinks no elder will get ill if they get a continuous dose of happiness.

Vanraj gets sad seeing their happiness. Leela discusses that they followed all the society rules and tried to stop Anu’s marriage, even then they are not happy but Anu looks happy in every situation. Vanraj asks how can they all be happy in every situation, looking at kids and Kanta’s happiness Leela says she just wants to end this wedding soon. Vanraj sas he never accepted defeat in his life and fought the situation bravely, but today for the first time he feels lost to Anupama. Leela says she never felt humiliated this much before and feels as if Anupama’s mother is slapping them with a wet shoe. Dolly walks to them. Leela says even she can yell at them. Dolly says she came there to request them to attend the wedding by forgetting their grudge for the sake family and Hasmukh’s happiness.

She reminds Vanraj that Anupama had always stood by him at any situation and will always in the future, etc. She requests to attend the rituals for the sake of children and Hasmukh at least. Kids also walk to them and request to get ready and accompany them for the haldi ritual.Everyone gather at the haldi venue in their best yellow attire. Anuj and Anupama stand together for the ritual. Devika says bride and groom need to follow the rules and not see each other till the pheras after the haldi ritual. Malvika says her brother will follow this rule. Anuj gets tensed. GK says when they are having haldi ritual together, they can even see each other. Kinjal performs Anu and Anuj’s nazar. Mamaji jokes and mocks Leela. Toshu says he will apply haldi on Anuj first. Devika says Anu will apply haldi on Anuj first. Anu shies.

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