Lost in love update Friday 27 January 2023

Lost in love 27 January 2023: Virat tells Omkar that he still loves his wife like he used to before and would continue to love her always, but he will not support his wife’s wrongdoings. Sai tries to speak. Virat stops her and asks everyone if one family member should misbehave with another family member. Shivani says she doesn’t feel Sai is wrong and if he thinks Sai is wrong, its his opinion; they both are right in their way and its not necessary that every family member’s opinions match. Devi says Sai is always right. Ninad asks Virat to end this issue right now. Virat asks how can he easily end the issue when pregnant Pakhi is in mental agony. He tells Devi that Sai cannot always be right, she gets weird ideas always but cannot force them on everyone. Bhavani says the biggest supporter of Sai is opposing her as she is wrong.

Sai says whether anyone agree or not, she will get Pakhi’s signatures on the papers. Pakhi Virat orders her that she will not get Pakhi’s signatures and will end the issue right here. He says he doesn’t want issues daily at home and reminds Sai’s promise to maintain peace at home, says Pakhi is part of the family and Sai will not trouble her with her weird ideas as Pakhi is carrying their baby and shouldn’t leave this house. Sai says she didn’t ask Pakhi to leave, Pakhi herself is adamant. Virat asks Pakhi to go to her room. Pakhi stumbles feeling headache. Virat holds her and drops her to her room.

Sai feels upset with Virat’s behavior. Ashwini comforts her and says her demand for Pakhi’s signatures is not wrong, she didn’t now this issue would exaggerate so much. Sai says Pakhi created a drama out of simple issue, Bhavani considers her wrong always, even Virat did, doesn’t she worry for her baby. Pakhi tells Virat that she is just worried for her baby. Virat asks her to rest and not bother as he doesn’t doub her intention, she can call him if she needs anything. Ashwini asks Sai how did she get the idea of getting Pakhi’s signatures on an agreement. Sai says Pakhi threw away medicines and is doing everything which would harm her baby.

Pakhi holds Virat’s hand, apologizes him and asks him if he can stay back for sometime. Virat agrees and asks if she wants to say something. Pakhi says its good that he came at the right time and stopped Sai or else Sai would have done something to her, she is taking revenge from her for their earlier feuds. Virat says Sai doesn’t think so and is just worried for her baby after her abortion. Pakhi says even she is becoming a mother and has feelings, but Sai is treating her like a slave which is adversely affecting her baby. Ashwini tells Sai that her and Virat’s relationship is affecting because of the arguments. Sai asks if she should let her baby suffer. Ashwini asks her to trust god and think good and put efforts on making her and Virat’s relationship strong.

Virat tries to leave. Pakhi asks her to stay back again. Virat thinks Pakhi is deeply hurt with Sai’s act. Pakhi walks to kitchen, hears Ashwini and Sai’s conversation, and leaves silently. Ashwini takes food for Pakhi and doesn’t find her in her room. She sends Pakhi to check on her. Karishma checks and informs that Pakhi is not in the whole house. Sonali asks if Pakhi really left the house. Bhavani gets tensed hearing that.Back to the room, Virat recalls Pakhi’s allegations on Sai. Sai tries to talk to him, but he ignores her and tries to leave. Sai asks why is he not talking to her. Virat says he doesn’t want to talk to her after what she did today. Sai says he is acting without knowing the exact reason and listening to others.

Virat says Sai is troubling pregnant Pakhi and he felt bad hearing Pakhi’s thinking that Sai is taking revenge from her and crying vigorously; he feels Pakhi is right. Sai asks if he thinks so. Virat asks what is the reason then, he should know a pregnant woman’s emotional lability being a doctor.Sai asks if he can’t see Pakhi’s intentions and reminds that Geeta signed the documents without any argument. Virat says Geeta backed off after that, Sai can’t force Pakhi to sign on a plain paper and then mentally harrass her. Sai asks if he thinks its illegal. Virat says she is not taking signatures on a legal document. Sai says whatever it is, she will make Sai write down on a paper that she will handover the baby after delivery. Ashwini rushes to them and informs that Pakhi is missing and maybe she left home. They both stand shocked hearing that.

Bhavani prays god to take care of Pakhi as she is pregnant. Ninad tries to connect with Pakhi and tells Bhavani that she is not picking his call. Bhavani says she thought Pakhi calmed down after Virat dropped her to her room, but didn’t know she is still upset. Sonali says Pakhi is obviously upset after Sai troubled her so much. Bhavani curses Sai and asks someone to bring Virat. Virat with Sai and Ashwini walks down. Bhavani tongue lashes Sai that a pregnant woman left home because of her, she would be waking up each morning thinking how to trouble Pakhi today. Sai says she is worried for each family member, especially her baby.

Virat asks if Pakhi went to her mother’s house. Omkar says he spoke to Vaishali just now and Pakhi didn’t go there. He yells at Sai for forcing Pakhi to sign the document. Virat says let us focus on searching for Pakhi than criticizing Sai. Sonali says he would obviously protect his wife. Bhavani continues scolding Sai. Sai suggests Virat to find her mobile live location. Virat says as if he got this idea after she told him and orders inspector Shinde to track Pakhi’s mobile. Bhavani and Sonali continue to yell at Sai. Sai says they can’t see Pakhi’s irresponsible act. Karishma asks what if Pakhi eloped with the baby. Sai warns to dare not think of it and she will find out Pakhi even if she is hiding in paataal look with her baby. Drama continues.

Shinde calls back Virat and informs that Pakhi’s location is found in Pune. Virat thinks what Pakhi must be doing in Pune and tells Sai that they should catch Pune flight right now. Bhavani asks Sai to promise her not to trouble Pakhi again. Sai says they can talk about it after she returns and leaves with Virat. Sonali asks Bhavani why did Pakhi go to Pune instead of her mother’s house. In cab, Sai tries to speak to Virat, but Virat refuses to speak to her. Sai insists him to show Pakhi’s live location. Virat gives his mobile. Sai finds Pakhi’s location in Mahabaleshwar and says its around the place where they celebrated their anniversary. Virat says he knows and that is why didn’t inform her Pakhi’s location.

Sai says she must have gone to Bal Mandir orphanage. Virat thinks she is right. Sai asks why did Pakhi go there leaving them in tension. Virat says he will go alone if she wants to talk all this to Pakhi. Sai says they should find Pakhi first instead of arguing. They reach orphanage where the manager expresses her sorrows towards Samrat’s death and informs that Pakhi had come here long ago and left towards mountain taking Samrat’s photo. Sai and Virat reach mountain and see Pakhi walking towards cliff end holding Samrat’s pic. They both run and towards her, Virat asks what is she doing here. She tries her best to act as emotional and happy seeing him but then gets disappointed seeing Sai.

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