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Anupama 27 January 2023: Rakhi notices Hasmukh’s medical report but keeps it back thinking what else will she found in old people’s house. Anuj notices a file and is about to pick it when Devika informs that Anuj has messaged that he is going out with Vanraj to speak, he didn’t message Anupama as her phone is not with her. Vanraj tells Anuj that relationships break and reunite, but a father breaks down completely when his children are taken away. He says he isn’t affected with Anupama and Anuj’s relationship, but he can’t bear losing his children to him. He says he was feeling jealous seeing his children grinding mehandi for Anuj and when Pakhi suggested calling Anuj as a father Anuj can be Anupama’s husband and her children’s father figure, but can’t replace him in his children’s life.

He continues explaining his fear and asks Anuj if he will not try to act be his children’s father.Anupama prays to God to take care of Anuj as she doesn’t trust Vanraj. Anuj tells Vanraj that he can be a friend or guide to Vanraj’s children, but he can’t be their father. He says he knows the fear of losing a father and hence will not snatch his children from him. He continues his explanation and says he won’t be his children’s father, but Anupama will always be their mother. He then warns him to dare not try to separate Anupama from her children or else. Vanraj asks what if he does. Anuj warns that he will become Vanraj’s children’s father then, asks him to keep his promise or else he will forget his promise, etc.

Anuj and Vanraj return to Shah house. Anupama worried asks what is Vanraj up to now. Anuj says everything is fine and just think that her children’s father wanted to speak to her would-be husband. He assures everyone that everything is alright, so they can start sangeet ceremony. He asks Pakhi to serve water to her father. He assures Anupama again that Vanraj was expressing his right thoughts in the wrong way as usual. He thanks her for giving him many relationships while he was just having Malvika and Raj in his life. She says he gave her so much and would have given him even relationships too. He says there are broken relationships which he didn’t inform her about yet. She asks him to invite them to the wedding.

He informs that his chacha/uncle and his family helped him a lot when his family shifted to USA, but they got busy in their own lives soon. He then reminds her to start the sangeet ceremony now.Sangeet ceremony starts. Devika, Malvika, and samar describe Anupama and Anuj’s love story and announce sangeet theme of 90’s. Anuj dances on Jab Bhi Koi Ladki Dekhoon Mera Dil Deewana Bole.. song. Anupama then dances on Hawa Hawai.. song. Vanraj and Leela watch frowning. Hasmukh feels uneasy and takes pills. Anuj and Anupama then dance on Maine Pyar Tumhise Kiya Hai.. song followed Dekha Hai Pehli Baar Sajan Ki Ankhon Me Pyar…song. Everyone claps for them after their performance.

After Anupama and Anuj’s dance performance describes their love story, Kanta jokes with them that if they were going to college to study or romance. Malvika taunts Kanta is an enemy of love. Leela blabbers all are shameless. Kavya asks her to chill as it’s just a play. Anupama and Anuj play a skit. Anuj asks Anupama to convince her mother for their marriage. Anupama says maa will not agree as she wants her to find a boy of her choice. Kanta asks Anupama if she looks like that kind of a mother. Kavya enacts as Kanta and asks Anupama if she sent her to college to study or romance. Anuj pleads her not to separate them as they immensely love each other. Everyone laugh. Kavya says love is just a game for rich people, she is sure his family will not accept their marriage and even if they, she will not. Anupama resists.


Kavya says an alliance should be between equal people. Toshu reminds her that she is overacting. Kavya apologizes and says she already fixed Anupama’s wedding somewhere else. Kanta comments that Kavya made her a family mother.Anuj emotionally pleads Anupama to request her mother not to let her marry somewhere else and pleads Kavya not to separate him from Anupama. Everyone looks at him. Anuj says his heart stops beating whenever he remembers the day he saw her in a red dress marrying someone else. Anupama apologize to him for not understanding his love and making him wait. Anuj says its not her mistake as he never proposed her. Malvika and Devika ask them not to spoil their mood and turn their sad story into a happy ending.

Anuj and Anupama dance again on Dil Kya Cheez Hai Janam Apni Jaan Tere Nam Karta Hai.Everyone claps for their performance and enacts their wedding when Hasmukh suffers a heart attack again and collapses. Everyone rushes to him worried. Anuj notices GK ni shock and asks if he wants to tell him something. GK recalls Hasmukh giving his promise to keep his health issue a secret until Anupama’s wedding completes. Kavya finds Hasmukh’s medical report. Anuj recalls GK’s lies and asks if he knew about it. GK says he had promised that he will not speak. Anuj says the report is with everyone, so he should tell truth. Vanraj panics and asks why didn’t Hasmukh inform them about his medical tests.

Anuj says GK knows everything. GK says Hasmukh gave him a promise not to tell the truth and describing the whole event reveals that Hasmukh is suffering from a second heart attack.Vanraj shouts at GK for hiding the truth. Anuj warns him to stop blaming GK. Vanraj continues shouting. GK pleads to stop for god’s sake. Vanraj then accuses Anupama and Anuj for Hasmuk’s condition. Anupama says she was clueless about Hasmuk’s health. Vanraj accuses that she was busy in her wedding celebration that she coudln’t see Hasmukh’s condition. Leela warns if something happens to Hasmukh, she will not spare them.

Vanraj shouts at everyone to enjoy their celebration and don’t bother if Hasmukh dies. He announces that neither him nor Hasmuk will participate in Anupama and Anuj’s wedding and shouts at them to get out of his house. Leela accuses and curses Anupama and verdicts that Hasmukh wil not participate in Anupama’s wedding. Hasmukh opens eyes and says if he doesn’t attend Anupama’s wedding, he will die for sure and if this wedding is canceled, he will die. Doctor examines Hasmukh and his reports and suggests for immediate operation. Anuj says they wil get Hasmukh admitted today itself. Anupama says she will get Hasmukh treated first and then marry later. She expresses her concern for Hasmukh and cries. Vanraj goes to meet cardiologist. Anu runs away crying recalling all the recent events.

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