Titli Starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli trying to convince her family. Maina says you have to do duty towards the family. Titli says I promise, I will do my duty. Alpa taunts her. Garv comes. Titli says my family has much esteem, I want to help them and pay Kaka’s loan.

Maina says you will work and give money to Maayka, does this happen anywhere, sorry, I can’t permit you to go for work, we didn’t accept you well, you remember it, right. Titli says I know it well, I promise I will try hard, I don’t want to go away from my own family. Manikant says don’t argue. Dada ji says I heard everything. Hiren says its not a problem if Titli works. Manikant says she is my bahu, I will decide it. He insults Hiren. Alpa goes. Manikant says no bahu will go out and work. Garv acts and says I have no problem with her job, she said she will manage her job and household duties. Titli says yes Garv, I promise.

He says she will give a test and prove that she can manage everything, she will take care of you all, Koel isn’t at home, there is no one to help her, I trust her, she will prove it, if she does the work well and you all have no complains, then she can go on job. He thinks I know Titli can’t do this. Maina asks Titli to prove it. Garv thinks I had to send Koel to temple to stop Titli. Titli cooks the food. Alpa comes and says you are not doing work well. Titli says I will manage everything. Manikant asks for breakfast.

Maina says you can’t do it, you won’t win the challenge. Titli says I will win, don’t worry. She gives tea to Manikant. She says I will get breakfast in 10 mins. Alpa says I m hungry, hurry up. Everyone sits to have breakfast.

Jignesh Uncle calls Titli. He asks her to come soon. She says I m coming. She prepares the breakfast. Dhara and Dhrishti come to have food. Dhara asks for burger. Alpa says no burger. Dhrishti orders many things. Dhara says Titli is alone, how will she manage. Titli says I will manage, don’t worry. Garv comes and asks Titli why is she taking stress. She says I have to prove myself. Manikant says I won’t miss my meeting. Maina says Garv listens to her. Titli says breakfast is ready. She gets it.

Garv says no, you can’t go on work. Everyone eats the food and likes it. Titli gives tiffin to Dhara. Dhara sees the burger and thanks her. Dada ji blesses Titli and says breakfast is good. Hiren also wishes her. Titli says thanks. Maina says Titli, don’t get much happy, there is much work. Titli says I know. She handles the other work. She says I did all the work, can I go now. Maina says yes, you have to do this work every day, can you handle it, if you fail then.. Titli says no, I promise, I will do all the work and then go to job, don’t worry. She hugs Maina and thanks her. She goes.

She comes to the shop. She calls Garv and says I did all the work, I reached the shop, can you hear me. He gets angry. He ends call and says no, how can you manage all the work, its not possible. Garv comes to Titli and gives her a gift. He insists and takes her to have icecream. He lights fire in the shop. They have icecream. She says I don’t like angry Garv. He says say bye to that Garv. He acts sweet. The flower shop burns. Titli is with Garv. She says we should go now.

He says I like to spend time with you. She says thanks for supporting me. He hugs her. He asks her to take care. She goes back to the shop.

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