Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 27 May 2024

The Episode starts with Dayan killing the men and takes out their hearts.She recalls and a fb is shown, Malik gives key to a demon and asks him to go and free his sister, and orders her to come to Bhurangarh. The demon comes to the tree.

Dayan says she will kill him. The demon tells that he came to free her. He frees her opening the chain. fb ends. Dayan eats the hearts and aims to kill Nikki to quench her thirst. Nikki comes to Aarohi and says today is Mummy’s birthday, so she was planning to give a surprise birthday party. Aarohi says this is Bhurangarh so there is no surprise here, and this time is not right.

Nikki says we will live a normal life, forgetting the Dayan’s fear. She says we will make a cake and get hot food cooked. Aarohi says we don’t have oven. Nikki says she knows to make food in oven. Malik asks the demon Galeez, why Dayan didn’t come since she was freed. Dayan comes there and asks if he is feeling ashamed to call her as his sister.

Aarohi brings Sumitra downstairs. Everyone wishes them happy birthday. Sumitra asks Vikram why did he throw the party. Vikram says Aarohi told him about the party. Aarohi says it is planned by Nikki. Nikki says I got a chance for the first time to celebrate my Mummy’s birthday, so why I will not celebrate. She wishes her happy birthday. Sumitra thanks her.

Malik says the sister dont betray. Dayan says sister is not kept captive. She says you have kept me captive for so many years on the hot land. She asks where did your flattery Kapalika go? Malik thinks of Kapalika. Nikki tells that all the couples will dance and asks Sumitra and Vikram to dance. Suguna, Rachna and Bhavani smiles. Nikki asks Sumitra to come, and then asks Vikram to come. She gives Sumitra’s hand in Vikram’s hand. Prateik is stressed out. Nikki signs Aarohi to go to him. Aarohi goes to him, but Prateik distances from her. Nikki signs Piyush to dance with Aarohi. Piyush asks Aarohi to dance with him. Aarohi dances with him. She then calls Nikki and makes her dance with Piyush. She comes to Prateik. Nikki and Piyush have a dance.

Dayan laughs and says Malik is in love. She says that’s what I thought, why she didnt fell prey to me. Malik says not love, but hunger. He says just as Nikki keeps 13 rasmein, he will get back his body, unite with her and then he will suck all her body to become superior. She says she made him Malik and says this would have happened, if you had trusted me. She reminds him that she has done shaitani abhishek and made him Malik. She asks him to see what had happened to him. She recalls and a fb is shown.

She trains him to make Malik. She says world was on your feet, but you couldn’t control it. He reminds her that he is Malik even now and had captive her. He says he can see hatred in her eyes even now, and says your ego didnt go even after so many eras. She says it is ancestral and asks why you called me. Malik says to control someone. She says Nikki, whom Kapalika couldn’t control. She tells that she will see Nikki. Malik asks her not to kill Nikki and make her fulfill Shaitani rasmein.

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