Meet in Love Zeeworld update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Meet in Love 26 December 2023: Sarkar announces Meet as their successor, causing Mahendra to get angry and shout at Sarkar. Sarkar says it doesn’t matter if the leader is a man or a woman, but Meet has brought positive changes to the village, especially for girls’ education and empowerment. The villagers cheer for Meet, making her shocked. Manmeet and Jashoda smile happily. Meet tells Sarkar she’s happy with her family and doesn’t want to be the leader. Jashoda tries to convince her, saying she can do a good job. Mahendra disagrees and angrily approaches Sarkar, but Manmeet stops him and warns him not to hurt Sarkar.

Meet in Love 25 December 2023

Jashoda takes Sarkar’s turban and puts it on Meet. Meet is still unsure about the decision. Manmeet and the villagers support Meet as the leader. Manmeet shows her the hopeful villagers and encourages her.Mahendra and Gunwanti are frustrated and plan revenge against Sarkar and Meet. Jashoda welcomes Meet, Manmeet, Raj, and Sumeet back to Sarkar Mahal. Jashoda praises Sarkar’s decision. Meet seeks blessings and asks about Mahendra. Manmeet teases her and they have romantic moments.

They enjoy teasing each other happily. Jashoda feeds Sarkar, but Mahendra arrives and throws away the food.Mahendra brings property papers and threatens Sarkar with a gun. Gunwanti holds back Jashoda and ties her to a chair. Meet tells Manmeet that Mahendra is hurt by Sarkar’s decision. Manmeet says it’s Mahendra’s fault for misbehaving. Jashoda drops a vase, alerting Meet and Manmeet. They make Mahendra drop the gun. Meet reconciles Jashoda and Manmeet scolds Mahendra for being greedy.

Mahendra and Manmeet fight. Meet threatens to call the police. Mahendra provokes Manmeet. Meet reminds Mahendra of the laws against mistreating parents. Mahendra keeps arguing, so Jashoda slaps him and tells him to leave. Mahendra refuses as he claims ownership of the house. Manmeet consoles Jashoda. Mahendra drinks alcohol and gets mocked by the people, making him angrier. Shagun arrives and stops people from humiliating him and both decide to join hands to seek revenge from Meet.

Shagun takes the drunk Mahendra with her and takes advantage of his intoxicated state. She manipulates him against Sarkar and Meet, telling him that she’s helping him regain his rights while Gunwanti takes control of the household and Meet faces punishment for her actions. Mahendra becomes hysterical upon hearing Meet’s name and asks Shagun to stop the car. Shagun convinces Mahendra that he can obtain the property and Meet’s factory. She explains that Meet’s weakness against her can be exploited for their benefit.

Shagun shares her plan against Meet with Mahendra and asks for his agreement. Mahendra readily agrees, fueled by his thirst for revenge. Shagun believes that having Mahendra in the house will provide her with information to seek revenge against Meet. Mahendra returns home and informs Gunwanti about the plan, instructing her to execute it the next day. Gunwanti smirks, looking forward to the upcoming events. Meet arrives but doesn’t overhear their conversation. Mahendra questions Meet’s presence and tells her to leave.

Meet tells Mahendra that despite his anger, they are still family. She suggests resolving their family issues internally and asks him to reconsider his decision. She advises him not to do something he might regret later. Mahendra and Gunwanti ask Meet to leave the room. Meet tells a story to Raj and Sumeet to help them fall asleep, but Manmeet enters with ice cream, causing them to wake up immediately. Raj and Sumeet happily feed each other different flavors of ice cream. Manmeet notices that Meet is upset and asks her about it.

Meet wonders how Manmeet always knows when something is bothering her. Manmeet says he can read her eyes. Meet proposes making Mahendra her business partner and suggests working together with him to handle the responsibilities entrusted to her by Sarkar. Manmeet praises Meet for her unique thinking and supports her decision. Jasodha questions Gunwanti about her missing bangles. Gunwanti puts on a dramatic act and gathers the villagers,

claiming that Jasodha is intentionally trying to frame her and get her thrown out of the house.Gunwanti instructs the villagers to search Jasodha’s room for the bangles. Gunwanti hides the bangles under the pillow in Jasodha’s room, making it seem like Jasodha is guilty. Gunwanti smirks as her plan succeeds. Meet arrives and is shocked to see all the villagers gathered at her house. Shagun is stopped by someone wearing a veil. Shagun starts shouting that Shagun stole her bangles. Meet uncovers the veil, leaving Shagun stunned. Meet accuses Shagun of theft and demands the return of her bangles.Meet pretends to cry, then hands Shagun tickets to America and tells her to leave their lives. Shagun raises her hand to hit Meet,but Meet catches it.

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