Anupama starlife update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Anupama 26 December 2023: Gurumaa scolds her students when she accidentally slips a light stand by mistake. Nakul asks Anupama why didn’t she get on him, its easy to live with hatred but not favor of an enemy. Anupama says they are not enemies, he knows that well; whatever he did is out of fear. She says he is with gurumaa since childhood and is like her son, she came in between them, and he feared that she will snatch his mother from her.

Anupama 25 December 2023

Nakul says he thought amma loves only him and nobody can snatch her from him, but she interfered and within a month became amma’s successor; he felt insecure. Anupama asks what if she had suffered some serious injury and says he should trusted his guru’s knowledge instead; says he insulted dance and hence lord Natraj will punish him. She reminds how he helped her when she visited gurukul for the first time.

He says sorry again. She says she needs his help in running the gurukul and asks him to be her chariot. Nakul agrees. Anupama thanks him. Nakul says now he realized why amma chose her over him, she is away far hatred. He touches her feet and says gurumaa is his teacher in dance and Anupama in lessons of life from hereon. He helps her sit on sofa. Gurumaa brings first-aid box and fears if Anupama’s feet doesn’t heal before the event.

Pakhi walks to Barkha, Maaya, and Dimpy while they are busy chatting and laughing and says sorry. Dimpy taunts her that she learnt a new word. Pakhi says even she should learn it. She apologizes Barkha and says mummy told that one can start afresh anytime, she will try to change herself and be a good DIL and hopes people/Dimpy also learn from their mistake and be good with their in-laws. Anuj hears her and says its good that she wants to change.

Pakhi says she will try to be like mummy as Anuj wished and needs something from him. Anuj asks what she needs. Pakhi says she wants mummy back in his house as she should be having some house of hers whenever she visits India from America. Anuj says as she says, he will go right now and bring her. Maaya shivers and realizes it was her imagination. Anupama requests a farewell party for Anupama.

Maaya says Anupama deserves a farewell and thinks she has to tolerate Anupama for some more time. Barkha thinks Anuj and Anupama’s sorry and poetry drama will start now, anyways she is happy that Anupama is going. Ankush asks if she is fine. Barkha says yes. She silently warns Maaya to stop acting foolish as everyone knows she hates Anupama.

Pakhi says she will call Anupama and inform her. Anupama doesn’t pick call at first and then calls back. Anuj gets nervous seeing her on video call. Anupama asks if she needs something. Pakhi says they all want to give her a farewell party at Kapadia house, will she come. Anuj in his mind requests her to come. Anupama in her mind says she wants to but what about Maaya. Anuj asks her to think about him. Anupama recalls Maaya’s drama.

Anuj recites a poetry requesting her to visit her house once before going. Anupama agrees. A romantic song plays in the background. Pakhi messages that there would be a party at Kapadia house in the morning and at Shah house in the evening on a same day. Anupama tries to stand up and feels pain. She thinks she shouldn’t think about it and should get well soon with Kanta’s herbal paste.

Gurumaa walks to her and says its a deep wound and will not heal soon, she should take rest tomorrow and let others work.Anupama says she will visit tomorrow for sure and walks writhing in pain and murmuring that she didn’t accept defeat till now and will not now, she will fulfil her dream at any cost.

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