Anupama starlife update Monday 19 February 2024

Anupama 19 February 2024: Adhik instigates Romil to fight. Romil calls Adhik a wifebeater. Adhik calls Romil an orphan. Pakhi asks Romil and Adhik to stop fighting. She gets hurt while trying to interrupt. Anupama spots Adhik pushing Pakhi. She asks for first aid. Anuj stares at Adhik.

Kinjal and Kavya ask Leela to stop working. They ask Leela to take a rest. Leela asks Kinjal and Kavya to take some more rest. Kinjal and Kavya ask Leela to take a rest. Kinjal further thanks Dimple for taking care of Pari. Dimple says since Pari doesn’t judge, she loves her. Leela says Dimple has turned into a dragon again. She asks Kinjal to meet Rakhi before she complains. Kavya feels pain in the stomach.

Anupama takes care of Pakhi. Anuj scolds Adhik and Romil. Adhik and Romil blame each other. Romil says Adhik and Barkha is trying to instigate him. Anuj asks Romil and Adhik to go inside. Pakhi says Adhik didn’t push her intentionally. Anupama stands stunned.

Dimple cleans the house. Hasmuk asks Dimple the reason. Dimple tells about her friends who are going to meet her. She demands money from Samar to order snacks for her friends. Leela asks Dimple to cook at home. She decides to help Dimple. Dimple asks Leela to help her by keeping her mouth shut. Samar asks Dimple to take care of Kavya, Leela, and Hasmuk.

Romil gets angry at Anuj and Anupama for not sending Adhik to jail. Adhik thinks that until Pakhi is on his side, Anupama and Anuj can’t do anything. He gets happy. Anupama asks Pakhi to tell the truth. Pakhi side Adhik. Anupama asks Ankush to send Romil away, as because of him, fights are happening in the house. She blames Romil for everything. Pakhi tells Anupama that Romil is not guilty, but Adhik pushes her in anger. Anupama asks Ankush to take care of Romil. She warns Barkha against Adhik. Anupama decides to throw Adhik and Romil out of the house next time.

Adhik gets furious at Pakhi for complaining to Anupama. He hurts her. Adhik realizes that he has hurt Pakhi. He manipulates Pakhi again. Dimple spends time with her friends. She was enquired about why her in-laws were sitting far away. Dimple makes an excuse. Leela talks with Dimple’s friend. Adhik decides to keep Pakhi on her side before she turns rebellious. Anuj makes fun of Anuapam’s anger. Anupama and Anuj spend time with each other.


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