Destined by fate starlife update Monday 19 February 2024

Destined by fate 19 February 2024: Chaman rejoices thinking of spending time with Kanha. Sayuri walks to her with Kanha. Chaman thanks Sayuri for bringing Kanha. She says doctor advised her not to walk or else she will have a twisted ankle forever.

She asks Kanha to lift her and carry her down. Kanha looks at Sayuri. Sayuri thinks she knows its more difficult for Kanha and signals him to go ahead for family’s sake. Chaman disturbs them and asks Kanha to lift her soon.

Nakul enjoys pani puri with Ammu. Ammu says she is feeling good that she is having pani puri with a friend for the first time and she enjoys small things. Nakul says he didn’t know that they live in a same city but in different worlds. He feels guilty for not getting her out of pr*stitute racket soon. Ammu asks him to forget it and lets have pani puri competition. They enjoy each other’s company. Nakul clicks her pics. Elders feel worried for Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship seeing Chaman eyeing in Kanha.

Kanha hesitantly lifts Chaman. Chaman asks Sayuri to find her medicine and bring it down and tells Kanha lets go now. Sayuri thinks she knows what Chaman is doing, but she trusts her Kanha. She searches for mecidinie and doesn’t find it. Chaman drops oil on stairs to make Sayuri fall down. Elders are shocked to see Kanha lifting Chaman. Chaman asks Saroj to serve her food and hopes Sayuri slips and falls down. Sayuri is about to slip and fall when Tingu holds her. Kanha rushes towards Sayuri. Tingu stops him and shows oil on stairs. They both thank Tingu. Chaman gets angry on Tingu. Drama continues..

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