Anupama starlife update Monday 10 July 2023

Anupama 10 July 2023: Anuj, Anupama, and Little Anu leave after waving bye to Devika and Dheeraj. At Shah house, Vanraj gets tensed when he fails to arrange money to repay Jayesh Bhai. Leela insists him to sell her jewelry. Vanraj hesitates. Hasmukh says its difficult to for a son to sell hs mother’s jewelry, but jewelry is bought to use during difficult times. Vanraj says there is money in locker. Leela yells Kavya kept keys with her. Kavya enters and says she is tired of daily dramas. Vanraj says she is coming now, he asked her locker key and she switched off her phone.

Anupama 9 July 2023

Kavya asks if she should have left her job. Vanraj says getting photos in skimpy clothes is not called professional work. Kavya warns him not to demean her work. Vanraj says she is talking as if she is doing a respectable job. Kavya asks if he has a scale to measure work grade, any job done with hard work and sincerity is a proud job, models and actors work hard on their skills and arts and are admired by the whole world.

Vanraj accuses her of flirting with Mohit in lieu of shooting and letting him touch her. Kavya says he insulted Mohit instead and she felt embarrassed because of him. Vanraj says she is worried about herself while a lot happened here. Kavya asks if its her mistake. Samar asks Vanraj to focus on main issue now. Vanraj asks Kavya to give locker key as he needs money to bail out Toshu. Kavya refuses. Vanraj says his son will go to jail else. Kavya asks if his son murders someone, will he go to jail in place of his son;

she will not waste her money for Toshu’s mistakes and warns Vanraj not to disturb her when she is at work or else she will block him.Anuj and Anupama take Little Anu to Parag Milk Foods Factory to show her milk and its product’s manufacturing process. Factory personnel welcome them and showcase their Govardhan Go brand products. Anupama and Anuj promote their brand. Vanraj seeks help from Kinjal next. Kinjal refuses to help Toshu. Toshu arrogantly says who is begging her to help. Kinjal says she really doesn’t want to help Toshu, but can’t see Leela’s jewelry being sold and Hasmush tensed,

so she will give money which she saved for Pari’s future.Toshu recalls already stealing that money. Kinjal says Kavya is right that she doesn’t want to waste her hard earned money on Toshu. She says she will go and get money. Toshu resists and says he doesn’t want her to use money keyp for Pari.Leela and Vanraj scold him. He stands tensed and continues to act giving weird excuses. Kinjal returns and informs that the money is missing. She notices Toshu anxious and asks if he took money.

Anuj, Anupama, and Kinjal watch cheese making process in the factory and then visit cow farm and watch automatic milking process. Vanraj tongue lashes Toshu for stooping so low.Toshu says he would have returned Kinjal’s money with interest once his deal was cracked. Kinjal demands her money right now. Vanraj asks Toshu if he is not ashamed to steal his wife’s hard earned money. Kavya says Vanraj just a few minutes ago wanted his wife’s money. Vanraj asks her to stop and continues to tongue lash Toshu. Toshu arrogantly asks him why did he commit to repay Jayanti Bhai and says its parent’s duty to fulfill children’s demands,

there is nothing wrong if Hasmukh and leela give their jewelry and savings to him. Vanraj gets angrily and slaps him repeatedly. Family tries to stop him. Hasmukh falls down. Family rushes to him and make him sit. Pakhi and Adhik rush in and ask what is happening as neighbors told there is a fight over here. Toshu arrogantly shouts at them to get out. Vanraj says he is deeply embarrassed because of Toshu. Toshu continues his arrogance and unbearable behavior.

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