Anupama starlife update Sunday 9 July 2023

Anupama 9 July 2023: Vanraj asks Jayesh Bhai why he is calling Anuj Kapadia. Jayesh Bhai says because Toshu cracked this deal taking Anuj’s name. Toshu arrogantly says Anuj is his relative. Anupama asks Anuj to switch on a phone speaker. Jayesh Bhai says Toshu tried to swindle him by taking Anuj’s name in a fraud property deal and when the deal is canceled, Toshu is refusing to return his advance money; he will not file police complaint if Anuj takes guarantee. Anupama introduces herself as Anupama Anuj Kapadia and Toshu as her son.

Anupama 8 July 2023

Toshu boasts that Anupama is his mother and Anuj is his stepfather. Anupama says Jayanti Bhai can take legal action if Toshu has done anything wrong, Anuj will not interfere between them. Toshu asks if she has gone mad. Leela asks her to just say that they take Toshus’

guarantee. Anupama says even god can’t take Toshu’s guarantee and disconnects call asking Jayanti Bhai to do whatever he wants to. Jayanti Bhai says he will take legal action then. Toshu continues to shout from behind. Anuj tells Anupama that he can help Toshu if she wants to. Anupama says Toshu never changes and gets more evil with each help, he was ashamed of Anuj and today he is calling him as step-dad, let him face consequences of his mistakes. Jayanti Bhai says Toshu’s mother doesn’t want to take his guarantee,

he needs his money right now. Toshu says mother is always wrong, he is Dave coaching classes’ owner’s SIL and will get money from his MIL. Vanraj gives him one tight slap and requests Jayanti Bhai to give him some time to repay his loan. Jayanti Bhai says he will wait till the evening on Vanraj’s assurance and walks away. Vanraj asks Toshu still how much will he humiliate him in front of Kapadias and others. Toshu arrogantly says if Vanraj has so much problem, he will handle it himself.

Vanraj says he will slap him again, he would have been in jail if he hadn’t stopped Jayanti Bhai. Leela asks him to give her jewelry to Jayanti Bhai. Vanraj says no. Leela blames Anupama for not supporting Toshu. Hashmukh says she should be ashamed and should scold her grandson instead. Toshu says he didn’t murder anyone that Anupama cannot take his guarantee. Hasmukh says Anupama is a mother,

she gave him birth and didn’t take a contract of covering up his mistakes for whole life. Leela says as a mother, Anupama should.Anupama tells Anuj that Toshu will not get into senses until he gets punishment for his mistake. Anuj says as she says. Anupama asks where were they. He hugs her and says here. Anupama picks a tile piece and jumps with happiness. Anuj jokes. She says she wants to play stapu game with it with little Anu. Little Anu walks to them. They are surprised to see her there and happily hug her. Anupama asks how did she reach here.

Dheeraj walks in with Devika and says he called little Anu here to let Anuj celebrate a festival with his whole family. Anuj thanks Dheeraj asks how did he find out Little Anu’s location. Dheeraj says he trespassed into Anuj’s mobile. Anuj hugs and thanks him again. Dheeraj walks away with Devika saying let them enjoy family time.While traveling in a cab with Barkha, Ankush gets his girlfriend’s call. Barkha feels jealous. Ankush says she shouldn’t bother as he had asked her to leave him, but she stayed back as she wanted financial security and Kapadia surname.

Barkha says she had to for Adhik’s sake. Ankush asks what is a problem then. Barkha says he would be in problem if Anuj finds out about it. Ankush says Anuj will understand and even if Anuj doesn’t, he will do whatever he has decided. Leela asks Vanraj to help toshu somehow and says world looks at rich and poor and they are nothing in front of Anuj. Anuj and Anupama spend quality time with Little Anu. Little Anu informs them that she got a fever and some Maya aunty took care of her and she is her BFF now.

Anuj asks who is Maay aunty and clicks a family selfie. Maya gets Little Anu’s foster file and looks at it.Devika and Dheeraj’s nok jhok starts. Anuj and Anupama rushes to them and stops their fight. Dheeraj jokes. Little Anu says he is so cute. Dheeraj says not cuter than her and says Anuj and Anupama are lucky to get little Anu. Anuj says its because they grabbed the opportunity and many couple can get lucky if the adopt children. Little Anu says lets go home soon as she wants to celebrate makar sankrantri with her special guest Maya who is visiting her with a special kite. Maya thinks its time to meet Anu, Anuj, and Little Anu. Dheeraj’s jokes continue.

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