Anupama starlife update Saturday 8 July 2023

Anupama 8 July 2023: Anuj and Anupama walk holding each other’s hand. Anuj draws a long line while walking. Anupama says its a long line. Anuj says he used to do same in his childhood and says he shouldn’t have stretched the issue too long and apologizes her, says he felt guilty when she cried in front of Dheeraj. Anupama makes him sit and says even she is sorry, they couldn’t speak their heart out at all yet.

Anupama 7 July 2023

Kavya feels guilty after refusing to help Vanraj and thinks she should stop feeling guilty as women feel guilty unnecessarily, Hasmukh advised Anupama not to carry a burden of guilty, so she’ has to kill her guilt. Staff asks if she is ready for shoot. Kavya says yes and thinks she is not guilty anymore.Samar prepares tea for Hasmukh. Dimple notices him upset and asks if he is fine. Samar says not really, he feels alone after Anupama left home; he knows he has whole family with him, but he and mummy were like a team. He continues talking emotionally. Dimple says she is thinking about his proposal and Leela’s opposition regarding that.

Kavya apologizes Mohit for Vanraj’s misbehavior. Mohit says its okay, but she has to leave family dramas behind if she wants to grow in her profession. He asks her to explain her husband that he and his team are friendly and not cheap or else her husband will barge in and create trouble. Kavya says Vanraj is not like that. Mohit says he has already seen her, she should do whatever she has to.Hasmukh walks to Toshu. Toshu says even he shouldn’t start now, ups and owns happen in business, but Vanraj and Jayanti bhai took it too seriously.

Hasmukh says he had come to explain him, but seeing he is arrogant and superegoistic behavior, its waste to explain him. Vanraj searches for money in his wallet and cupboard and feels helpless. Dheeraj and Devika prepare noodles in jungle. Anupama tells Anuj surri. Anuj says even he is sorry. Anupama says this is today’s last sorry and rests on his chest. Vanraj seeks money from neighbor. Neighbor refusing saying Vanrfaj and Toshu don’t have job and their house is only running on Samar’s earnings, so he can’t waste his hard-earned money.

Vanraj says its okay and leaves thinking he had to borrow money from neighbor because of Toshu and had to face disappointment. Leela notices that and thinks of selling her jewelry and repay Jayanti bhai’s loan.Anuj tells Anupama that he shouldn’t have got angry on her and its his mistake that he tried to change her, he is sorry for that. She says she already told no surri. Anuj says they will not try to change themselves and accept the way they are, they will do it originally and not forcefully. Flowers from the tree fall on them. Serial’s title track plays in the background. They enjoy playing with flowers. Anuj says he loves her since years and with little Anu’s inclusion, he can’t live without them.

Anupama says even she can’t live without them. Devika and Dheeraj feel hungry, wait for Anuj and Anupama to return, and enjoy noodles unable to bear hungry. Anupama feels hungry. Anuj says Devika and Dheeraj would have finished noodles by now. Anuj gets Jayanti Bhai’s call who introduces himself as his company’s raw material supplier. Anuj asks him call his office regarding any business issue. Jayanti Bhai says he called him as he knows Paritosh Shah.

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