Anupama starlife update Friday 29 December 2023

Anupama 29 December 2023: Shahs decorate house for Anupama’s grand farewell party. Leela missed Hasmukh. Kinjal says they will videocall Hasmukh. Leela says live presence is better. Dolly jokes that Leela wants to dance with Hasmukh. Leela says Hasmukh would have blessed Anupama before leaving for America as Anupmaa considers him as more than her father; though she couldn’t become Anupama’s mother, Hasmukh always followed his duty as a father. Samar jokes that Leela knows only to taunt and not love her DIL. Adhik and Pakhi head towards Shah house. .

Anupama 28 December 2023

Pakhi noticing his frowning face asks him not to frown during the party. He asks if she should dance. She says he should and not let Anupama about the tension between them.Kavya visits Shahs. Leela asks her to rest. Kavya insists to let her work and says at least she can gift wrap. Family agrees. Leela asks if she wants juice or milk. Kavya says she will take it herself. Leela says she shouldn’t exert herself and should shift back to Shah house so that she can take care of her.

Whole family insists Kavya. Kavya says they shall discuss about it later. Anuj learns that Anupama already left for Shah house and restlessly waits for the evening. He seeks suggestion from Ankush how to make 5 p.m. as 6 p.m. as he can’t wait to meet Anupama. Ankush asks him to do whatever he is best at, waiting. Anuj says he is right. Ankush suggests him to visit Shah house. Anuj says he can go anywhere but not there. Ankush asks if he wants Anupama to stay back.

Anuj says he wants her to fly away and fulfill her wishes. Barkha hears their conversation and thinks its good Anuj doesn’t want to hold Anupama and let her go, her problems wil be solved if Anupama leaves.Anupama walks towards Shah house feeling excite and reaches Shah house. She thinks Bhavesh and Kanta came before her to join Shahs and give her a surprise farewell. Shahs welcome Anupama in a grand way. Kanta tells Bhavesh that they should have done this years ago, Leela always troubled Anupama.

Bhavesh says Leela changed at least now. Anupama emotionally talks about the bonding and love she shares with Shah family and how much she respects them. Leela says she always disrespected Anupama and repents for her act. Kanta says she has changed now though. Anupama continues her speech. Kanta thinks Leela will never change. Anuj is seen eagerly waiting for the time to pass. Maaya feels anxious seeing his excitement. Anupama’s speech continues. She then performs god’s aarti.

Leela offers her decorated swing to Anupama and asks her to sit on it. Anupama then dances with family on Jhumere Gori.. song.. Family then serves her a feast. She feels more happy seeing that.

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