Anupama starlife update Saturday 30 December 2024

Anupama 30 December 2023: Barkha taunts Pakhi. She says people get excited seeing season’s first mangoes, but when same mangoes lie idle in a fridge for 2 months, nobody looks at them; Pakhi’s sorry also doesn’t have any value like such mangoes; earlier Adhik used to value her sorry but not now; her mother says there is no value in relationship without love; she doesn’t respect Adhik and Adhik doesn’t love her anymore. Pakhi says she is right, there is no value for loads of mangoes just like her provoking words; earlier she used to pay attention to Barkha’s words, but now she doesn’t.

Anupama 29 December 2023

She says anyways let’s concentrate on Anupama’s farewell arrangements. Barkha says she will not do anything. Pakhi says she will inform Anuj same then. Barkha gets tensed. Pakhi says let’s make mummy’s special day super special.Anuj and Anupama get emotional parting ways with each other. Anuj says he doesn’t want to, but he has to return home. Anupama says she doesn’t want to let him go, but has to. Anuj says he is excited with her farewell party, but also sad. Anupama says same here. Anuj asks what about her foot injury.

Anupama says it will heal with herbal paste. Anuj stands up looking at her. Anupama asks him to be careful. Anuj says he will watch her and fill a piggbank of his memory and leaves looking at her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Anuj returns home. Maaya asks if he had gone for office work. Anuj says yes. She asks if she shall serve him lunch. He says no, gets office staff’s call, and asks to fix meeting post-lunch. Maaya thinks she was unnecessarily worried.

She notices bindi on Anuj’s shirt and gets a panic attack. She imagines Anuj laughing on her, Anupama joining him, and they both discussing that Anupama will shift to America with Anuj and Little Anu and will shift Maaya to mental health. She shouts no, drinks water, and thinks she shouldn’t lose her control whatever may happen; thinks what if Anupama doesn’t go to America, she has to thinking something else.

Leela gets busy preparing feast for Anupama. Kinjal joins her. Leela gets sad and says she never respected Anupama till she was her DIL and never let her prepare food of her choice, she took care of Anupama only when she was pregnant; they are like neem and honey, she always disrespected Anupama and Anupama never stopped respecting her, soon Anupama will leave her.

Kinjal also gets emotional and says they should concentrate on making Anupama’s farewell special. Dimpy walks in and asks what shall she prepare. Kinjal says make something special for Anupama. Dimpy says she will prepare Anupama’s favorite cake. She apologizes Leela and says let’s make Anupama’s farewell special. Leela smiles and permits her. Dimpy grins.

Anuj looks at his and Anupama’s wedding photos lying on bed. Tanhayiii.. song plays in the background. He walks out of room to check on arrangements. Maaya walks in and angrily tears photos, thinks how to control herself seeing Anuj and Anupama together. Anupama asks Kanta how her sari looks. Kanta says good. Anupama gets Leela’s message. Kanta asks if its Leela’s message as she messaged her many times to attend party with Bhavesh. Anupama says Leela is good. Leela says she very well knows what Leela is,

Leela never let Anupama stay at her maternal house for a day for 26 years, was angry when Anupama adopted Little Anu but is jumping in happiness with Kavya’s pregnancy, etc. Anupama says let it go as Leela is also sad with her departure and is trying her best to make her farewell party special. She says everyone shower their love on her. Kanta says she is right. She with concern asks when there is a party at Leela’s house, what is a need for another party at Anuj’s house. Anupama says Pakhi had called and requested to attend that party, its her and Anuj’s house anyways.

Kanta says Maaya will create a drama. Anupama says not to bother about it and says only 4 days are left for her departure now and she wants to live each second with happiness, etc. Kanta gets emotional. Anupama asks her not to worry as everything will be alright.

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