Timeless Love starlife update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Timeless Love 27 December 2023: The Episode starts with Amba declaring that Raichand family has just 9 percent shares of this company and she has majority of the shares and has become the owner of the company. She says from now, the company will be known as Mehta group of Industries. Someone asks if it is sold. Amba says it is taken over. She asks Lawyer to read the papers. The lawyer tells that Amba Mehta has majority shares and the company name will be Mehta group of Industries,

Timeless Love 26 December 2023

Dev and Abhi have to leave their positions and shall work like an ordinary employee. Amba thanks him and asks him to go. Dev asks how dare you to betray me? Amba says for the first time you will feel how it feels. She tells all the employees that they will be given official document and tells that this news will be public. She asks them to do the work. She asks Abhi, Dev and Vidhi to come with her, and asks Divya to stay out of her business.

Vijay tells Hariprasad that the accidents can happen at any time, and says guys are ready to kill someone for 25000 Rs. He spits the tea and asks her to buy masala tea.The guards bring Dev, Abhi and Vidhi there. Amba asks the guards to go out and stand, and come inside if there is any noise. She throws Dev’s diary and tells that she knows that he is feeling betrayed like she was betrayed by him. She makes yogesh sit on MD’s place and tells that he will run the company now. Yogesh asks where you will sit. Amba says she will sit on Shantanu raichand’s chair. She sits.

Dev gets angry on Amba, but controls his anger. Amba laughs and congrats Abhi, asks him to see where his foolishness took him. Amba and Yogesh laughs. Abhi gets teary eyes and angry. Dev says we will not do any illegal thing. Amba asks what do you think that you will stay your life peacefully after betraying me, but no. She says I had warned you and completed my revenge today. She laughs and says Dev Raichand couldn’t do anything legally or illegally. Dev says he will reply to her and his reply will be overheard by everyone. Amba asks Abhi, Vidhi and Yogesh to go.

They go out. Amba asks Dev to close the door. Dev closes it. Amba says she will take out Shantanu Raichand’s photo frame as there is no value of his royalty. Dev reminds her that whatever she is today, is because of his father’s financial help. Amba says you have made me like this, you have insulted and humiliated me, but I can return everything to you, I will sign on the blank papers and will return your shares. She says I have just one condition. She says you have to leave Vidhi for forever.

Dev feels pity on her and says do you think that I will leave my wife for a business deal and tells, just as you snatched it, I will take it back from you. Dev, Abhi and Vidhi are leaving. CA tells that he is resigning from his job. Dev asks how did this happen? CA says this happened due to Abhi Sir. Abhi blames himself and says we have to see this day because of me. He says today Amba is sitting on Papa and your chair. Dev asks him to handle himself and says they will fight back. He hugs Abhi.

Yogesh opens the champagne bottle. Amba says you should have taken the video. Yogesh calls her superwoman to execute her plan. Amba appreciates him for his help.

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