Anupama starlife update Saturday 27 January 2024

Barkha orders Romil to get out of the house. Romil arrogantly asks if she normally shouts like this, no wonder her husband cheated on her. Barkha says Ankush’s illegitimate son is so arrogant, she will not let him stay here. Ankush says he will stay here itself. Romil comments he will die with noise pollution.

Barkha shouts again. Ankush shouts enough. Anuj asks them to stop fighting in front of a child. Ankush tells Barkha that she knew about it from before. Barkha says she didn’t know that he would dump his illegitimate son over her head. Ankush says he can’t let his son stay away from him. Barkha asks what if she has an affair and brings her boyfriend here. Anuj asks her to stop talking rubbish in anger. Argument ensues. Adhik says he can’t keep his illegitimate son over his head. Ankush says if he had said same 15 years ago and asked Barkha to keep her brother in hostel, he accepted Adhik like his own son.

Anupama asks them to stop fighting in front of a kid. Adhik says he is so arrogant with full of attitude. Anupama says all kids are soft hearted, Romil is hiding his pain with attitude. Ankush says he will leave the house with Romil then. Anuj says they will discuss about it in the morning. Ankush takes Romil away. Anuj asks Pakhi to take care of Romil’s food. Anupama feels weak due to the shocking events happened today.

Shahs return home. Leela says Ankush ruined their mood today. Kinjal says Ankush’s son will always remind Barkha of Ankush’s betrayal. Leela argues that it’s difficult to accept Ankush’s betrayal and Barkha should never accept illegitimate child. She asks if Kavya has an affair and has a child, they will never accept her illegitimate child. Vanraj recalls how he betrayed Anupama. Barkha breaks down and tells Adhik that she can never accept Romil, though she feels bad for him.

She says Anupama didn’t tolerate Vanraj’s affair and had a divorce, but she is not supporting her in this. Vanraj says he will go to his room and rest. Leela says she will perform his, Kavya, and baby’s aarti. Vanraj says he is really tired and walks to his room. Toshu says Vanraj’s calf pain is bothering him. Vanraj walks to his room and breaks down.

Leela says they all should go and rest now. Dimpy tells Samar that they need to visit MD tomorrow. Leela says Dimpy and Samar are eager to shine MD’s shoes. Dimpy argues. Toshu interferes. Dimpy insults him saying they are not like a few people here who are jobless. Toshu gets angry. Samar says Dimpy is not always wrong. Leela says Samar just acts as his wife’s loyal puppet and approves all her actions. Hasmukh dismisses them.

Pakhi watches her and her siblings’ pics while cooking. Sauce falls on her phone. Toshu feels chest pain. Kavya recalls Anupama’s suggestion to reveal truth to Vanraj to clear her guilt. She walks to Vanraj and says she didn’t want to hide it from him, she knows its painful and hurts, but he should kindly listen to her once. Vanraj angrily walks out of the room.

Adhik pins Romil to a wall and threatens to get out of Kapadia Mansion/KM or else he will smash him. Romil says whoever he is, he should talk to his father. Adhik continues to threaten. Romil says he is not interested to stay in this house and doesn’t bother until he gets his monthly pocket money. Adhik shouts to ask money from his father and get out right now. Ankush interferes and pulls Adhik away. Anuj and whole family joins. Ankush warns Adhik to break his mouth if he touches his son again. Barkha shouts at him. Argument ensues. Anuj says why are they fighting when they decided to talk in the morning.

They all demand to talk right now. Ankush says he will send Romil abroad for further studies when he turns 18, but till then Romil will stay with him and he will leave this house if Barkha creates a problem. Anuj says this house equally belongs to Ankush and he can stay there. Anupama says they will not interfere in Barkha and Ankush’s issues and Romil stay at KM. Anupama feels weak and dizzy again. Their drama continues..

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