Destined by fate starlife 31 January 2024

Rashmi pleads Sayuri to get her out of jail and promises to never make a mistake again. Sayuri says already gave her many chances for her baby’s sake. Rashmi says she didn’t do anything and it’s someone else who hired Ravi and tried to harm her, she should be careful as her life is in danger.

Sayuri warns her to stop her drama as it will not affect her and walks out of her jail cell. Rashmi warns her that if she doesn’t get her out of jail, she will.. Sayuri asks what will she do, if she tries to harm her family again, she will not keep quiet. Rashmi thinks its enough of good behavior, now Sayuri will see her villainous side.

Sayuri returns home. Kanha asks where had she been to. Sayuri says Rashmi was calling Nakul often, so she had gone to meet Rashmi.

Kanha says she need not explain as some relationships can’t be forgotten. He gets a call from office and asks Sayuri to go to kids. Chaman notices Kuku playing with a teddy and demands it. Kuku refuses to give her toy. Chaman angrily snatches it and tears it in pieces, leaving Kuku shivering in fear. Sayuri walks in.

Chaman acts as dancing and entertaining Kuku. Sayuri asks what is she doing. Chaman says she is trying to cheer up Kuku with her fly dance. Sayuri asks Kuku if she likes Chaman. Chaman threatens Kuku to say yes. Kuku runs away from there.

Sayyuri gets confused. She notices toys thrown on floor and thinks Kuku never does that. She bends to pick toys. Chaman gets tensed and says she will do it. Sayuri bend to pick a toy near bed and finds torn teddy. She thinks Kuku wouldn’t do that, who must have done it. Chaman tries to provoke Sayuri against family that her family hates her children. Sayuri warns her to not speak more than required and not speak ill about her family.

Daadi mausi insists Saroj to find out if Mithu is really Kanha’s daughter. Saroj says she will not or else Kanha will leave her house, she will live with this pain forever. Sayuri enters and says she doesn’t have to do that. She gives Mithu’s DNA report and insists to read it. She recalls meeting a doctor and getting a DNA report from him. She tells Saroj that she wants Mithu’s grandma shower a love she deserves and leaves from there. Daadi mausi insists Saroj to read the report, herself reads it, and congratulates her that Mithu is Kanha’s daughter. Saroj fears whatever wrong she did to Rashmi will be exposed.

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