A new life update Thursday 5 May 2022

A new life 5 May 2022: The Episode starts with Saroj asking Amrita not to act. Pritam says let her do, what’s the harm. Pammi says you don’t talk in between, its our family matter. Mansoor asks what’s the problem, just because Karan isn’t alive, you can’t stop Amrita, he is alive for her. Dada ji says yes, we either live with our life partner or with his memories, start it Amrita. Nimmo says yes, we want to see our Karan. Amrita goes and says no one will cry. She acts like Karan. Everyone cries watching Amrita. She cries seeing Karan’s pic. Pritam turns to see Karan’s pic.

Amrita says I know I did good acting, will anyone clap or not. Pritam claps for her. Everyone claps. Inspector gets Pritam’s warrant. He says now, Pritam and Sakhujas will see this shock, don’t show me the call record. The man says he is in touch with drug dealer Rathi. Inspector leaves. Saroj says we will start Amrita’s godh bharai now. Guneet asks Chadda to rest, he will send the food. Everyone does the rasam. Mansoor says its Amrita’s present, not your past, Pritam, enjoy. They hear the police sound. Jogi and goons hide. Kuljeet says forget the police, just complete the rasam. Pritam worries. The police comes to Sakhuja house. The inspector knocks and breaks inside the gate. Mansoor asks what’s this way to come this way, function is going on here. Inspector arrests Pritam. Guneet asks what are you going.

Inspector says I finally found Pritam. Mansoor holds Pritam. Kuljeet asks what’s the matter, he is our tenant. Dada ji says he is like our family member. Mansoor says I m a lawyer. Inspector asks do you want to see the warrant, there is a murder charge on him. Everyone gets shocked. Baljeet asks is he a murderer. Inspector says yes, he murdered a girl in a hotel. Nimmo says no, he can’t do this. He shows the wanted poster to them. Dada ji asks Mansoor is he a murderer. Mansoor says no, this can’t happen, they are mistaken. Kabir says his pic came in cctv. Baljeet asks do you want to say something now. Dadi says you cheated us. Pritam says no, I went to that hotel to meet someone else, I m not related to this girl. Inspector says tell anything but in the court. Mansoor says Pritam will go with you, I will come along, don’t put handcuffs. Inspector says don’t teach me law, who is Guneet. Guneet says its me, Inspector says we have arrest warrant for you also. Everyone gets shocked.

Guneet gets arrested. Mansoor says Guneet doesn’t know anything. Inspector scolds them and says Guneet is charged with sheltering a criminal. Kuljeet says Pritam is our tenant, we called him for formality. Kabir says yes, my dad doesn’t talk to Pritam. Baljeet says take Pritam, leave Guneet. Dadi asks Mansoor to do something, what will people say, they will lose their respect. Pritam says I m coming, leave him. Inspector argues. Mansoor asks if Pritam is charged for murder, take him, Guneet isn’t involved. Inspector asks him to come to the police station and talk. Amrita shouts and stops Inspector. She asks how will you take Guneet, if they gave the house on tent, then how can they become criminals. Inspector says madam, you take care. Amrita scolds Pritam and cries. Pritam and Guneet leave with the police. Everyone cries. Mansoor consoling Dada ji and Dadi. They ask him to get Guneet. Mansoor asks Angad to come along. Kuljeet and Kabir say we will also come. Mansoor says stay here, everyone needs you here. Mansoor and Angad leave.

Dadi says we respected Pritam, he did this. The neighbors say our locality will get defamed, why did you keep him. Baljeet says Guneet’s pic will be printed. Kabir asks him to stop it. Amrita worries hearing them. She cries seeing the decorations and gifts kept there. Zindagi….plays… Nimmo faints down. Everyone rushes to Nimmo and holds her. They ask Nimmo to open eyes. The family asks Nimmo to get up. They take her to the room. Amrita sprinkles water on Nimmo’s face. Kuljeet says I will get the doctor. Saroj says wait, Nimmo is getting conscious. Amrita feeds water to Nimmo. Dada ji asks Nimmo not to worry, nothing will happen to Guneet. Nimmo asks what happened, they arrested Guneet, Amrita’s godh bharai stayed incomplete. Amrita consoles her. She says Mansoor and Angad will get Guneet. Pammi says its happening because of Pritam, he should get hanged. Nimmo cries a lot. Jabir gets angry. He says Pritam snatched Amrita’s happiness, I will throw all his stuff today, come with me. Kuljeet asks Dada ji to calm down. Baljeet says I m trying to help them, they didn’t listen to me.

Pammi says get Guneet freed soon. Baljeet says minister isn’t answering. Inspector slaps Pritam and asks did you murder that girl, you are a wanted criminal, tell me, its court hearing tomorrow, I will take you in remand and break you down. Pritam says I didn’t kill her. Guneet gets angry and scolds Pritam.He says you ruined our happiness and Amrita’s godh bharai, I never reached the police station, I m here as a culprit, just because of you. Inspector says sit there, your turn is next. Inspector Suresh gets a call from his senior. Mansoor and Angad come there. Angad asks Guneet are you fine. Pritam signs Mansoor. Angad gets angry and slaps Pritam. Guneet says don’t beat him. Angad says you snatched our respect. Mansoor says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. Inspector finishes the call. Mansoor says you didn’t do good by getting Guneet here, you will get ashamed in the court. Inspector takes Guneet and Pritam with him. Mansoor says you are doing wrong. Amrita sees Karan’s pic. Kabir throws Pritam’s bags down.

Amrita asks Kabir to come down, police has taken Pritam. She says we have to first get Guneet home, Kabir call Angad and find out what happened. Kuljeet says yes, we have to get Guneet home. Amrita taunts Baljeet. Dada ji says we will go there and bring Guneet home. The police arrives. The family and neighbors get worried. Baljeet says I think they came to arrest the family. Dada ji says we will see. Kuljeet asks what’s happening now, will you arrest the entire family if the tenant does wrong, we are decent people. Dada ji says our family is innocent, you ruined my bahu’s rasam, happiness and hopes, she is a widow, a widow of covid warrior, her husband, my grandson lost his life while treating people, we are getting this reward today, I won’t let this happen, if you touch anyone from family, then see.

Inspector says we didn’t come to arrest anyone, don’t get angry. He frees Guneet. Everyone smiles seeing Guneet. Soni calls out Nimmo and says dad has come. Pritam also gets down the jeep. Baljeet asks why did you get the culprit back, he is a murderer.Mansoor and Angad come. Inspector says sorry, your tenant Pritam isn’t a murderer. Baljeet asks what do you mean, why did you get his warrant then. Inspector says sorry, we made a mistake, the real murderer is caught, he confessed his crime, we didn’t intend to spoil your function, Pritam is innocent, Sakhujas have nothing to do with this, don’t make any news. Baljeet says you insulted our family, you are giving an explanation now, Pritam is the murderer. Kuljeet says you ruined our function. Inspector says your anger is justified, so I came to drop them, I m sorry. Dadi says you didn’t listen to us. Dada ji says forget it now, they got Guneet back with respect. Guneet consoles Dadi and says I m fine. Inspector says complete your rasam, sorry again.

He apologizes to Pritam. Pritam sees Amrita. Police leaves. Nimmo and Angad hug Guneet. Guneet smiles. He says I m fine, don’t cry. Amrita asks did they misbehave with you. Guneet says no, they insulted and took me, then gave respect and dropped me back, we will go inside and complete your godh bharai rasam. Amrita thinks I won’t let Pritam’s shadow come over our happiness.

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