A new life update Friday 6 May 2022

A new life 6 May 2022: The Episode starts with Kuljeet asking everyone to start the rasam. Pritam sees his bags fallen there. Kabir says sorry, I got angry, I will keep your bags back in the room after Amrita’s godh bharai. Nimmo asks Soni to go. Dada ji stops Pritam and says the rasam didn’t end. Mansoor says yes, let the rasam get over. Amrita says no, make this man out of my sight. Saroj asks why are you getting angry, he is innocent, police said so. Angad says yes, the real murderer is caught. Amrita says he killed my happiness, after eight months, after Karan passed away, I was living with this hope that my godh bharai will bring happiness, but we lost our smiles because of him. Nimmo asks him to calm down. Amrita says my unborn child lost his smile, this man is an eclipse on our happiness.

Dada ji says its not right to call someone a culprit, if he didn’t do any mistake, police will mistaken. Amrita says he is a goon, he beats up people and takes them to the hospital, bullet was shot at him outside the hospital. Mansoor says you are mistaken. She says if he wasn’t here, then police would have not come here to stop my godh bharai, it was Karan and my day, this man has stained the beautiful day of my life, I will remember his face when I recall this day, I don’t want him here. She asks Pritam to leave. Pritam gets dizzy. He stumbles. Everyone holds him. Mansoor worries.He asks Amrita to calm down, it will happen as she wants. She signs Pritam to go. Pritam nods. He picks his bags and goes. He takes Rathi’s bag as well. He goes to his room. Kabir and Angad ask Amrita to calm down now. They play dhol. Everyone dances to make Amrita smile. Amrita smiles hearing Baljeet. They all laugh.

Everyone does the rasam. Pritam sits sad and cries in his room. Everyone gifts and blesses Amrita. Pritam recalls Amrita’s words. He shuts ears. Amrita dances with everyone.At night, Amrita asks Karan did he see all the rasams. She says I know you were sitting near me, I have seen you. She asks how did I look. She sees the dress and recalls Pritam. Pritam sees a drawing and cries. Amrita talks to Karan. Tujhse naraaz….plays… Soni gets icecream for Amrita. She says Angad got it. Amrita says I still want to dance, I m so happy. Soni says forget Pritam, don’t get angry. Amrita says send food for him, I don’t want him to sleep hungry. Soni smiles. Dada ji gets the food for Pritam. He says that anger wasn’t of Amrita, it was of a bahu who has seen Guneet handcuffed, it was of a mother whose godh bharai stopped by the police, if Amrita was just Amrita, then she would have not done this, have food, we will be glad. Pritam takes the food. Dada ji goes. Pritam cries. Nimmo giving a gift to Saroj. Guneet asks Kuljeet to stay for few days.

Kuljeet says I would have stayed for months, but I have to see the shop. Angad comes and says Pritam isn’t in his room, his room is locked. Amrita asks why. Kuljeet says I wanted to meet him and go. Amrita asks what’s the need. Guneet says police had beaten him up and I also scolded him, Angad also slapped him. Dada ji says Pritam didn’t say anything to us. Amrita says maybe he bribed the police. Guneet says no, I was there, Inspector got a call and then he changed, he asked us to sit in the car, he got news of the real culprit, he was ashamed. Dada ji says Mansoor told me that Pritam is a nice man. Amrita says but police had proof against him. Angad says yes, but police claims so. Saroj asks Amrita not to take stress. Dada ji jokes.

Rathi checks the bag. Pritam says I got the bag, I will forget everything that happened yesterday. Rathi says we heard that police caught you for murder case. Pritam says I told you, I had done a murder. He jokes. Rathi asks how did police leave you in an hour. Pritam says you should be impressed, you are mad. Rathi asks him to say. Nitin says Pritam has contacts, he made a call and got free. Pritam says police dropped me home. Rathi says you are playing a game with me, you are a policeman, so they left you. Pritam says if I was a policeman, then would I bring this bag back, use your logic. Rathi laughs and says fine, I will let you start the business, my commission should reach on time. Pritam says now it will be fun. Pritam and Nitin leave. Rathi says I can’t trust him, I feel he is a policeman, I want to know his next move, keep an eye, but don’t go yourself.

Meera hears Kabir talking to Dolly. She asks where is Shetty. Kabir says I don’t know. He asks Dolly not to come to office, he has much work. They argue. She defends her dad. She says my dad doesn’t hate you all, he got Angad’s job. He asks what are you saying, maybe he is lying. She says you all hate him, go and ask Sinha uncle, I won’t give any proof now. She cries. He consoles her. She says my dad had done shopping to come in function, he was practicing dance, we thought to meet you all and unite back, but…. He says sorry Meera, I told a lot in anger, thanks for Angad’s job, don’t cry.He says I will tell everyone at home. She says no, Angad will leave the job. Kabir jokes and makes her laugh. Shetty comes and asks why is she crying, did you misbehave with her. Kabir says no. Shetty asks Meera to tell him, he will fire Kabir. Meera says no, its not his mistake. Kabir says we got the presentation. Shetty says I will see that later, I have to go for urgent meeting, bye. Kabir thanks Meera. They laugh.

Amrita talks to her parents. They say we want to stay around, but we can’t stay here, you can come with us. Amrita says I m happy here, I have Karan with me, everyone cares for me. Saroj asks her to keep debit card. Amrita refuses. Saroj and Kuljeet cry. Saroj says we chose Karan for you, we didn’t know this will happen. Amrita says the family won’t let anything get less for me, I got a lot in this house, so many relations and happiness, they didn’t give me this sorrow, Karan’s leaving isn’t my sorrow, but my pride. She smiles. She gives him the debit card. Angad comes and says cab has come, you all are crying, this won’t go on. Kuljeet and Saroj meet everyone. Kuljeet says think again. Amrita’s delivery will happen in my place well. Guneet asks don’t you trust me, we will handle everything well. Angad says yes, Kabir and Angad have jobs now. Kuljeet says tell Pritam that I asked about him. He asks Amrita to take care. Nimmo asks Saroj to come for Amrita’s delivery. Saroj says sure. Kuljeet and Saroj leave. Amrita hugs Nimmo.

Mansoor asks why did you return bomb bag to Rathi, he can kill many innocent people. Pritam says don’t worry, the bag is real but Rdx is fake. Mansoor asks what if Rathi knows, he is dangerous, he knows where you live, Sakhujas are innocent. Pritam says I won’t let him them fall in any problem, until he knows this, we will do our work and leave. He sees Naveen buying some drugs.

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