A love to die for update Wednesday 11 May 2022

A love to die for 11 May 2022: Kiya throws things towards Arohi. She says go from here. Papa says I am here calm down. Arohi says I cant harm her. What is all this. Arohi comes downstairs. Ranbir shows her a video of her hurting people. Arohi says I can’t do all this. Ranbir says you have to come with us. ranbir says Aorhi would never know when she did all this.Arohi hits the wall. Tarank says calm down. Try to think and recall. arohi says I didn’t do anything. ranbir says we will figure our what all this is. Ranbir comes with Arohi’s papers. He says Arohi will come with me.

A love to die for 10 May 2022

Dee says to Arohi you look worried. Arohi says I know you did all this. He says yeah you deserve to know. He tells her how he gave her that injection.Aohi faints again. She sees Tara and Netra. Arohi says that. She saw many deeps. Kiya came in. Arohi said you are Tara. Arohi hit her with a pot. Arohi is shocked. She slaps deep. Deep shoves her and says don’t dare touching me again. I can be much worse.Ranbir says to Arohi I want to help you. Arohi says he made me hit my sister. Ranbir says you have to think cleverly against him. He gives arohi a picture and says find this person.

Arohi gives Deep coffee. she says I lost you won. I will do what you ask. Deep says I can’t be fooled that easily.. Arohi hugs him. Deep faints.Deep wakes up in dark room. On walls its written prepare for the worst. DEep coughs and faints. He tries to break the ropes. He comes downstairs and says how dare you. He says why are lights off. wasu says who is there. Its tht man in deep’s locket. Deep is dazed.Arohi says your papa is in front of you after years. Wont you hug him? He hugs Deep. He says now we are dad and son meeting up. Deep recalls hs dad beating him. Arohi says come let me show you your room.

Ranbir told Arohi about Deep’s death. Arohi went to jail and met Deep’s father there. He said who are you? Arohi says Deep’s wife. I am your DIL. He said what. Arohi said she has ruined my life. She has ruined life of my dad and sister too. It is important to stop him He said deep can do anything for his mission. Only I can stop him from this mission. Arohi said I want you with me sir.Deep’s dad says to Arohi thank you for trusting me and bringing me here. I know how to stop deep. Arohi sees someone listening in. Its Kiya. Arohi stops Kiya. Arohi says Kiya you nee to stop working for deep. SHe says I hate you Arohi.

Arohi comes to deep and shoves water on his face. He picks her shoves her face in aquarium. Deep’s dad comes and shoves him. He says don’t you know how to behave with your wife. He goes to deep’s room. He hits deep with a belt. This stops it and says don’t dare hittin me again. Dad says now you will forget your worth in front of yuor dad? Deep leaves.Deep walks in the corridor. Arohi looks at him with is torn shirt. Arohi says to Deep’s deat you hit him? You can’t use this. He says this is the only way to stop him. He had to be punished. Wasu packs her bag. She sees a file and recalls herself trying to save deep from his dad. Deep gets up nd says you thought I was dying? You made huge mistake by bringing my dad. Arohi says what about you misusing my family? Deep says I thought I would leave your family once my mission is accomplished but now you will pay a price. Arohi comes to Deep’s room and sees him drowning in bath tub. Arohi says deep.

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