Lost in Love update Wednesday 11 May 2022

Lost in Love 11 May 2022: Virat walks into Bhavani’s room and apologizes her, Ninad, and Omi for the trouble they faced because of him. He says he is not repenting for his act as they taught him to support always truth and right, he didn’t do wrong by marrying Sayi to fulfill his responsibility. Bhavani says masta masta.. Virat requests to understand his situation. Ninad says he should go and follow his new relationship and responsibility. Virat says they don’t know he went through the toughest conditions. Bhavani says she doesn’t know why she has to bear pain with her family’s boys’ weddings. On the other side, Ashwini while feeding Sayi says jodis are made with fate and she is sure with her entry, Virat and family’s fate will change for good.

She says everyone has to fight with their situation, she shouldn’t not get afraid seeing family’s misbehavior; she has suffered a lot in this house and couldn’t inform her parents and make them sad, but she will not let her bahu suffer like her and will get her right at any cost. Sayi says she is very good. Ashwini says Godu/Virat says same, her son is a diamond who thinks of everyone except himself, he doesn’t share his ordeal with not even her, so she wants him to be his true life partner and support him. Sayi says she wouldn’t have tought that she will get a bad bahu like her. Ashwini says she is really good and is proud if Virat’s choice, she knows Sayi will be Virat’s perfect life partner. Sayi asks her not to have much hopes on her as her Aaba’s dream is to see her becoming doctor and once she becomes doctor, she will leave this house and doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone. Ashwini warns do dare not tell that as she is part of this family and has right on this house, she shouldn’t let anyone overpower her wishes and self-resect and ruin them. Sayi thinks how to explain her that she is a guest of a few days.

Karishma tells Mohit that she is very excited to see Bhavani, Ninad, and Omi opposing Virat and not accept Sayi as bahu, she wants them to kick out Sayi. Mohit feeling asleep keeps his earphone on and doesn’t listen to her. She removes earphones and pushes him down the bed. He asks to let him sleep. She asks why didn’t he hear her conversation, now Bhavani will stop taunting her and will taunt Sayi, she is excited to see how Pakhi will react and what action she will take.Virat walks to terrace and seeing Pakhi asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Pakhi asks what is he doing here instead of being in room as its his suhagraat with Sayi, why is he not accept Sayi as his wife and not giving her respect she deserves. He says he told her already that this marriage is just a mutual understanding and nothing else.

Sayi dreams about her Aaba’s love for her and him being shot and wakes up worried. Aaba’s photo falls down and frame’s glass breaks. She cries more continuing to remember his words. Pakhi tells Virat that she doesn’t want to interfere between him and Sayi. Virat says there is no understanding between him and Sayi and Sayi knows that their marriage is just a deal, he will take care of her and nothing else. Pakhi asks what about his family, after what happened today, why don’t he inform everything to his family. He says he cannot, how would his mother feel if she finds out that his marriage is just an understanding/deal. Sayi enters terrace and hears their conversation. He asks where his brother Jiva/Samrat must be, he wasn’t present here to support Pakhi when he went missing in action and hopes he returns home safely. She says even she wants Samrat to return home safely, but doesn’t have any feeling for Samrat. She asks to tell what is her place in his life. He says its late night and she should go and sleep. She repeats that is her place in his life. He says her place is of a best friend and he will support her best friend in any situation.

She asks what is all, he must be thinking why she asks questions which he doesn’t have answer of and why don’t she understand that everything has changed. He wipes his tears and says he wants to tell her something important. Sayi listens to them carefully. Virat says he doesn’t know how to tell this, request if she will do his work. She says whatever he says. He says we all need a person in life who can be their mentor and guide who can show them a right path in ordeal like Kamal sir was his guru, will she be Sayi’s guru and mentor. She asks if this was her request, Sayi doesn’t need her guidance as she is intelligent and topped 12th exam in whole district. He says seeing family’s misbehavior with Sayi, Sayi needs her support; Bhavani, Ninad, and Omi are very angry on her. She says he is over worried for Sayi. He says if she could teach Sayi how and what to speak with family, Sayi’s problems will be less. She walks away saying its too late, good night, without noticing Sayi. Virat walks towards door and notices Sayi.

Virat sees Sayi on terrace and asks what is she doing here. Sayi says she was feeling suffocated, so she came here and saw him badmouthing about her with Pakhi. He asks what did she hear and says his family misbehaved with her and she shouldn’t bother about them and give a befitting reply if someone misbehaves her again but without shouting or misbehaving with elders. She says she doesn’t care who behaves with her in what way. Virat sits silently. Next morning, during breakfast, Pakhi serves poha to family and says her father likes poha a lot. Saloni comments that she is this poha is in her father’s remembrance then. Karishma clicks poha pics and uploads it on social media. Omkar scolds her. Bhavani says poha is very tasty. Ashwini eats sandwich. Bhavani yells at her not to show her anger on Patralekha as she is well cultured shahanukudi Maratha girl and not ulcultured girl like Sayi who must be sleeping now, there is a huge difference between Patralekha and Sai, Patralekha doesn’t speak in front of elders while Sayi mishebaves with elders, Patralekha knows her values while orphan Sayi forcefully got married to Virat.

Ashwini says when she is not insulting her bahu, vahini shouldn’t insult her bahu. Bhavani says she didn’t accept Sayi as her bahu yet. Ashwini says she has accepted Sayi as her bahu and doesn’t like anyone misbehaving with her. Ninad yells to dare not cross her limits. Ashwini says they discuss only about it since their marriage and says she wants to perform Virat and Sayi’s postwedding rituals. Bhavani asks since when Ashwini started taking decisions of this house, she will not approve it. Ashwini says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Shanti says they will together perform Virat and Sayi’s post wedding rituals. Ashwini says she wants to see Virat and Sayi’s happy married life and for that postwedding rituals are necessary, she repeats that Sayi is a well educated and cultured girl will change Virat’s mind and get into his heart soon.

Patralekha says she is juding Sayi so soon. Ashwini says she has seen world more and better than Patralekha and can judge people by one gaze like she judged Patralekha. She says she already told her to stay away from Virat as he is already married, she saw her with Virat at 2 a.m. on terrace and though they are friends, she should be in her limits. Bhavani yells at her not to blame Patralekha as she is already tensed regarding Samrat. Saloni says maybe Sayi was speaking to Virat about Sayi. Ninad yells that she must be warning against Sayi, so Ashwini should think well before speaking. Ashwini says she speaks only after thinking well and doesn’t want her bahu’s life to be like hers, so she wants Pakhi to stay away from Virat. Pakhi says she will if she thinks so. Ninad continues yelling. Ashwini says she just wants to see her son and bahu happy and for that postwedding rituals are necessary. Saloni says she should seek Virat’s opinion first and goes to call him. Ashwini asks Karishma to call Sayi.

Karishma walks into Sayi’s room and sees her sleeping on chair wakes her up. Sayi gets tensed seeing its already 9 a.m. Karishma taunts that she is late and asks if Virat spent night in room or not; she also had to face family’s wrath when she married Mohit, Mohit supported her against his family, but Sayi doesn’t have Virat’s support, so who is support her. Sayi asks her not to worry about her or else her BP will go high, she knows how to take care of herself. Karishma informs that Ashwini kaki is calling her downstairs.Virat walks to Ashwini and asks if she called him. Ashwini says she wants to perform his postwedding rituals. He says he doesn’t want any rituals as he already hurt his family and doesn’t want to hurt them more. Sayi walks in and touches Bhavani’s feet.

Bhavani stops her followed by Ninad. Ashwini calls Sayi and reminds Virat that he promised Sayi’s Aaba to fulfill her responsibility, so he should agree for postwedding rituals, else Sayi will feel bad. Sayi says she will not feel bad as she herself doesn’t need any rituals. Usha scolds her to behave with her MIL and agree to her order. Bhavani arrogantly warns her that servants are not allowed to speak in this family. Usha nervously says she is just convincing Sayi as she won’t get god’s blessings until rituals are completed. Ashwini says she wants to perform rituals for family’s sake. Virat agrees and says he is not worried about abshagun on him, but doesn’t want his family in trouble because of him. Sayi thinks she knows he agreed for wedding under pressure and even for rituals under pressure, why he agrees when his heart doesn’t.

Ashwini gets busy in post wedding ritual arrangements. Shanti walks to her and praises her for taking decision for the first time opposing Bhavani. She asks about ritual she is preparing for. Ashwini says Sunmukh Bhagna and says she already accepted Sayi as her bahu, though she is a bit short tempered. Shanti says Sayi is a good girl. Ashwini prays for Sayi and Virat’s happy married life. Karishma gets jealous hearing that. In Sayi’s room, Usha scolds Sayi not to misbehave with Ashwini and accept her as mother when she has accepted her as daughter.shwini walks in saying Sayi is her daughter and says let us start Sunmukh ritual. She says before ritual itself, they accepted each other as mother and daughter. Sayi emotionally hugs her and asks why everyone are not kind like her. Ashwini consoles her, performs rituals by looking at Sayi’s face via mirror and says she is very pretty. She then performs her nazar and asks her to keep her hair open as they are very soft. Sayi says she used to keep her hair open before, but she doesn’t feel so. Ashwini says everything will be normal over time and she shouldn’t leave it on time. Usha smiles seeing their bonding.

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