Guddan update Wednesday 11 May 2022

Guddan 11 May 2022: Antra comes to the doctor and says I want the reports. She says AJ asked me not to give the reports to anyone but him. Antra shows her money and says think about your family. AJ comes there. He says I understand you want to see the reports. Because your life is associated to it. If Guddan is right you know what would I do to you. So we would all wait.AJ comes home with Antra. Saru says Antra why are there handcuff’s in your hands? AJ says so we can all see the real reports. AJ has the reports in his hand. He looks at Guddan. Dadi says what do the reports say? Guddan is innocent right? Antra says in heart I am gone. AJ the truth is that we both don’t deserve each other.

We separated four years ago and that doesn’t need to change. Dadi says what are you saying? Show me the reports. AJ burns the report. Guddan is shocked. Everyone is dazed. Guddan says you don’t tell anything or ask. You decide yourself. You got my test done first and now not showing me the reports. Antra says you have no right. Go from here. AJ says shut up. NO one will talk about this report in this house again. He goes to his room. Dadi says this can’t happen. My Guddan can’t be wrong.Antra hugs Saru and says I am so happy. Thank you. Saur is shocked why is Antra saying that. ANtra says you finally became useful for me. If AJ found out he would have killed me. Saru says in heart she is considering hospital’s mistake my feat. Saru says yes I did it. I had to teach that Guddan a lesson.

Guddan says in the temple you gave me everything I wanted. You made me a star. But I lost respect in AJ’s eyes. I coped up when I lost my love. But I can’t take this hatred anymore. You shattered my trust. Same thing repeated. Dadi says be patient. God is with us. Laxmi says Dadi is right. Durga says yes we will not let our hopes down. Guddan says your trust keeps me going. But God has chosen another way for me. I have to go. Dadi says this house is yours. You can’t go. AJ says no Guddan is right. Her shooting and mission both are done. Everything is over for her in this house. Durga and Laxmi stand her.

Durga says nothing is over. Dadi stands with them. Laxmi says we won’t let her go anywhere. Dadi says she won’t suffer anymore. Laxmi says we respect you but Guddan had no mistake. Durga says papers are written by humans but hearts are made by God. We should trust the heart. Dadi says Guddan will stay here. AJ says then I will leave the house. He is leaving. Guddan says stop. They got emotional. Not every emotion has to convert into action. I am happy in my fake life. I am leaving.Guddan says to Revati let’s go. She says to dadi I never thought I would be this strong. She says to Durga and Laxmi I have never been given this kind of love and respect. I pray every woman gets a DIL like you. Durga says everyone gets an MIL like you. Laxmi says we will always feel your absence in this house.

Guddan says take care of yourself and maa ji. Guddan walks past AJ. Everyone is crying. Guddan looks at him. He looks away. AJ says everyone will see why this decision was important for everyone. I have not taken a decision more accurate than this one in four years.Guddan gets a call. She says they are asking me to come back to the set. Revati says but the shoot was done. Guddan says yeah there is some scene that needs to be reshot.Saru says to Antra we won finally. Antra says I want to give her a gift. I want to harm her forever.

Guddan comes back to Jindal house. She gets ready. The crew guy says you have to rehearse for the hanging scene. Guddan comes there but no one is there. Antra has replaced the harness so Guddan falls. Guddan screams. Antra hears and says I think she died. Guddan comes and throttles her with the same harness. She says you thought you could fool me at my own set? You can’t do that. Guddan makes her fall. She says you lied to AJ. You filled his heart with hate. Antra says see AJ’s text. He has called me tonight for a date. I will be in his arms.Antra comes to her room. It’s all decorated. AJ comes very close to her. Antra says I know you’re very excited. He says yes but not for you for the truth. I got to know the truth.

Now say it yourself. I did all this decoration for you. These flowers, candles and petrol. Antra says petrol? He says yes if any of these candles fall you will burn and die. Say Guddan wasn’t pregannt. I ruined my and her life because of you. Guddan was never pregnant. She kept telling me and I didn’t believe it. It all happened because of you. I have found your permanent solution. Police and I have found all the proofs. Say the truth. He picks a candle and throws it on the floor. Antra screams.AJ says so you would die but won’t say the truth? He says inspector come in please. Throw her in the jail. Antra says what proof? What sin have I done? Inspector says for killing Vikrant, Alisha and forging medical reports. AJ says get out of here. Your story is over. Antra says then why did you do this drama? Why did you ask Guddan to leave? AJ says Guddan had to go but that truth will only remain with me why.

AJ comes to the temple and hits the bells madly. He recalls everything. His hands bleed. He says I don’t deserve her. I am very selfish.Please take me away from Guddan. I don’t deserve to be with her. I can’t even apologize. I will die every moment and kill myself. I will punish myself by staying away from her. Guddan comes there and caresses her face. She says apologize once. I will forgive you in a moment. Say it once. AJ says you are very nice. I really love you but I don’t deserve you. Guddan says you first hid the truth and now deciding it yourself again? AJ says I am deciding it for your happiness.Please go away from me. Guddan hugs him and cries. AJ cries too. AJ asks Guddan to leave. Guddan walks away from him. He was imagining it.

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