A love to die for update Tuesday 10 May 2022

A love to die for 10 May 2022: deep says aroh you are partner in my crime. Arohi says he is lying. Deep says okay then ask your officers to come here and investigate. Rambir calls forensic experts to cehck finger prints. They say we see blood on the gold. Arohi says what. Deep says to Arohi I prepared everything before. Ranbir says yo can’t get away wit this Deep. Deep says I can. Ranbir says we will see.Arohi comes to her room. deep comes there. Deep says I am very happy today. He come close to her. Aorhi says leave me. Deep pulls her. Deep says you look beautiful. Arohi shove him and leaves.

ARohi says Kiya what are you doing here? Deep says I called Kiya here. Deep says sign these papers. Kiya says okay. Arohi says no read them first. Kiya says I will sign them if deep asks. She signs the papers. Deep says see how she trusts me.Arohi says to papa we have to save Kiya from deep.Arohi comes sits in car with Ranbir. Ranbir says we have to catch Ranbir in this game. Arohi says I can’t help you. My family’s life s at stake.Arohi comes to kiya and papa. she gives her food. Arohi says we want you to continue studides. Se says I don’t want to. Arohi says for ma.. For us you have to do this. Kiya says promise me you wont leave me. Arohi hugs her. Papa hugs them both.

Arohi says I will take my family away from here. Deep calls Arohi and says reach the mansion. Arohi comes there. Deep says welcome. I have arranged a press conference for the gold mine found in my house. Deep says I want to spend all this gold on goodwill. I will donate it to charity.Arohi and her family gave this idea. Right Arohi? Everyone claps.Kiya comes there. Arohi says what are you doing here? Kiya says don’t come near me.Deep says to Arohi none of us can leave this game until one of us dies. He says to media my wife will give you an interview. Aroi says we thought we should do some good for poor people. Deep says my wife keeps supporting me. Media leaves. Arohi goes after Kiya. She drinks in her room. Arohi says what are you doing. Kiya says I am an adult. I can do what I want. Arohi says what are you hiding from me? Aroi says why do you listen to everything? Has he threatened you. Kiya looks at Deep in the window. She leaves.

Arohi says to deep what are you doing. You have ruined my family. Deep shoves her and says you will clean all this. do what I ask you. He says serve me Chinese. Arohi cooks it. He says now I want to eat desi. Arohi brings it. He says make me eat from your hands. He says you still cook such good food. Arohi makes him eat. Deep coughs. Arohi doesn’t give him water. Deep says don’t act smart with me. Deep gets a call and says I am coming. Deep says clean my room till then. My cameras are keeping an eye on you till then. Deep says to Wasu keep an eye on Arohi.Arohi find a locket. Wasu sees her. She calls deep and says Arohi found that locket. Please stop her. Deep comes. Aroi sees photo of a man in the locket. Deep comes and takes the photo from her. He says stay away from my stuff. Why do you have to involve in everything.

Arohi tells Ranbir about the locket. She says we have to find out who that person was in the locket. Tarank shows him report frm media. Reporter says thousands of people have booked houses for themselves through deep. Kiya and papa are taking registrations. Arohi says ranbir stop him. He is fooling people. Arohi comes out. She collides with an old man. Arohi faints. It was deep. He gave her an injection. Arohi wakes up in her bed. Aroi says whow am I here? she looks at time. Arohi says I slept for 24 hours. Papa slaps her and says what you have done in last 24 hours it unacceptable. He takes her to Kuya and says you hit and harmed your sister. Arohi says I can never do that. Deep says how can you stoop so low Arohi. Arohi says I don’t remember anything.

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