A love to die for update Tuesday 8 march 2022

A love to die for 8 march 2022: The speaker says Arohi what are you doing? What are you upto? Arohi shuts the tile. She says you can’t do anything. A man comes in and faints arohi. Tara comes to deep and says I had been waiting for you. Where were you? She says I have waited for our moments for so long. She comes close to deep. Deep stops her. He says we shouldn’t come close to each other. Tara says when you love someone you can doubt them. Deep says you trust them. Deep shows her a ring and says I went to bring it. Tara hugs him and says thank you so much I love it.

Neeta shows her appointment letter to everyone. She feels weird about all that happened. She says Deep is a weird man. Papa says the leave the job. Ma says no say yes to it. He is a poor blind guy. Neeta says yea you are right. Neeta joins the job. wasu tells her about job. Neeta says these little tasks must be so difficult for deep right. Wasu says don’t ever say that again. Nothing is difficult for Deep.Netra comes to deep’s room. He says you came to my room without knocking? She says yes I thought.. He says go out and keep knocking. Tara is angry. Netra keeps knocking. Virat says is that girl new Arohi>? Tara says never say that again or I will kill you before her. Tara imagines killing her.Deep lets netra in. She goes in. Dee says always follow my rules. He says give me your hand. Netra feels weird. e says your hand is injured. He dresses her hand. Deep says there is a bag on the side table. Take that bag with you. Netra leaves. Tara and Virat are keeping an eye on her. Netra says he is a weird man. A van is following her.

They hit her she falls and a thug comes down to kidnap her. The thug steals the bag from Netra. She screams seeing the knife. Virat is in the car. They take the bag and run. She runs after the car but they run.Doctor checks Netra. He says we have to give you injection. Wasu says you are injured. She says I am scared. wasu says how do I tell this to deep. Netra comes to deep’s room and says I tried to save the bag but he took it. Deep says are you okay? She says yes. He says give me your hand. Deep says how I know you are saying is true? He comes close to her. He says you look angy. He leaves her hand. She says I don’t know how can you say that. I can never lie or steal. Why would I hurt myself? He says hurting yourself isn’t difficult. He hits his hand on telephone. He says you have fooled me.

Tara says to Virat very well done. he says I didn’t do it. Tara says I know you did. This girl will be kicked out of this house now. I dont know what is deep upto. This girl would go to jail now. Deep says if you want me to trust you do as I ask. Or I can send police to your home. The condition is that you have to work here as long as I want. Tara hears. She says why is he so interested? She says don’t bug my family. I will do as you ask. Deep says all the best.Arohi wakes up. She says get me out of here. Speaker says calm down. Nothing would happen. She says who has kidnapped me. Deep? She breaks things in anger. Speaker says deep raj singh. It could be tara or virat too. or none of them. Arohi screams and cries. Tara comes close to deep. She tries asking about deep. SHe says do I have to be careful of her? DEep says no one can come between us. She says you know what happens to me when you bring someone between us. I will kill her. deep throttles her and says don’t even imagine.

Netra is worried. Her mom says be careful. Don’t lose the job because of your irresponsibility. Tara says deep can take my life for that girl. He could kill me for her but deep killed her. Tara says what should I do. There is some connection between deep and her. How can he do all this. tara says we have to find out. Virat says it is easy.Netra’s father tries to cheer her. He says should I cook for you to make you smile. She smiles. Tara and virat come outside her house.

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