A lockdown love story update Monday 7 March 2022

A lockdown love story 7 March 2022: Sonam hiding from the kidnappers. Some time back, Sonam prays to mata Rani. She says give me strength to prove my truth. Sheetal comes and says you are not a bahu now, you are a burden. Nutan says we had planned it to throw her out of the house. Nutan calls Milky to come and make tea. Milky is sleeping. Dhruv sees her sleeping. He asks her to wake up. She smiles and thinks I will get up when you touch me with love. He gets some stick to touch her. She thinks you had to touch me now. She sees the stick.

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He asks are you my wife, that I will wake you up with love. Milky says I m your wife, I had suppressed the storm in me and slept. She breaks her bangles. He asks why are you doing this. She spoils his hair and runs out. Sheetal and Nutan see Milky coming. Sheetal asks what’s this, you got the costly bangles broke. Milky says ask Dhruv, he has broken it. Nutan and Sheetal smile. Dhruv comes. Sonam looks on. Sheetal asks what dangal were you playing, what happened to your hair. Dhruv sees Sonam and starts acting.Nutan asks Milky to take a bath before going to kitchen. Dhruv says I m getting bored, I will tell some story. Dhruv tells a love story to taunt Sonam. Shashi says Dhruv, don’t irritate me in the morning. Dhurv says just listen to me, the girl used to keep self respect, when she is getting humiliated, she is still here, she doesn’t want to go. Sonam asks Dhruv to come and get a bowl.

He asks why. She says just get the bowl and also sanitizer in it. Dhruv gets it. Sonam says I always wanted to give my best to you, you couldn’t handle it, I can’t give you anything bad, I wish my enemy also doesn’t get corona, you made me and my family leave, I didn’t come to stay here, I m still the same girl of the story, it doesn’t end when you make me out of the house, I need time to make you out of my heart, you spoke big things and promised me when you made me wear this ring. She removes the ring. She says I return this ring to you with your promise and dreams. She puts the ring in the bowl. She says its sanitized now, it will not have corona virus or my feelings, I promised myself, I will show truth of people because of whom I m here, I will do it, so that you don’t tell any story to anyone to show me and my love wrong, just wait and watch, take your ring.

Dhruv says she removed the engagement ring, its good. Milky gets tea. She says Dhruv, make me wear the ring. Shashi scolds her. Dhruv says she is right, she deserves the ring. Nutan says Dhruv, Sonam is seeing here, just do it. He makes Milky wear the ring. Sonam gets sad. Nutan and Sheetal bless Milky. Milky asks Sonam to take tea. She scolds Sonam and shows off the ring.Sonam telling a story to Milky to taunt her. She says your true colours will come out one day, you will be exposed, then you won’t be spared. Milky asks her to speak to her well. Sonam warns her. She sees Dhruv going. Dhruv meets Hulchul and Bablu. He says Sonam returned the ring, as if the love doesn’t matter to him. Bablu asks did you call us to say this. Dhruv says get a big box for me, I want to shut Sonam in it and parcel her. Bablu asks is she any vegetable to parcel. He says I just have this idea, I did everything, she isn’t understanding, I spoke to Bhavani, get the box. Hulchul says when Sonam knows this, she will be hurt. Dhruv says she broke the relation and returned the ring to me, get a box for me, just this truth is left, we will create problems and hurt each other if we are together.

They leave. Dhruv recalls Sonam’s words and sits crying.Nutan asks Milky to deck up well, once Dhruv gets trapped by her beauty, he will not get away. Milky says Dhruv decided to sleep on the sofa. Sheetal says he will get trapped, if we drug him with such a medicine. Nutan asks what is it. Sheetal says its a sureshot way, its called bhaang. Nutan says Dhruv doesn’t drink alcohol. Milky says he smokes also. Nutan says don’t complain about him. Milky says Dhruv taught me to have bhaang. Nutan asks what. Milky says just on holi on Dhruv’s saying. Sheetal says we should use it, just spike Dhruv’s food. Nutan says fine, I will add it in mint chutney. Sheetal says when they get under bhaang effect, they will lose their senses. Milky smiles.

Sonam sees Hulchul and Bablu bringing a big box. Shashi asks why did you get it. Dhruv says I ordered that, I have to send some help for people. Shashi asks him to do something good at home also. Dhruv asks them to sit. Hulchul says we have to leave. They go. Sonam looks on. Dhruv talks to Bhavani and asks him to come at 12. he gets dizzy and rubs his eyes. He comes to the room. Milky smiles seeing him stumble. She says I m so lucky to marry my childhood friend, if you came close, then my fate would have been good. He checks the phone. He sees Sonam and his pic. Milky shuts the door. Dhruv falls. She holds him. He sees Sonam in her. Sonam is sleeping outside. Dhruv sees the time. Milky gets close to him. He gets away from her and falls back.The kidnappers come there. Sonam isn’t in her place. She hides in the darkness. The man says Sonam isn’t here, maybe she went to bathroom, we will catch her when she comes. Sonam recalls Hulchul passing a chit to her. She reads about the kidnappers coming at night. Sonam prays. The kidnapper falls down. Shashi wakes up by the wound. He asks who is there.The men hide behind the pillars. Shashi goes away. Sonam thinks to make noise. She thinks no, I have to be strong, everyone should know what Dhruv wants to do with me, but how.

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