My heart knows update Tuesday 8 March 2022

My heart knows 8 March 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani seeing the decoration ruined and asks who did this? She cries and says she had worked really hard and everything is ruined. She sits holding her head. Anupriya comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Kalyani tells that all her hardwork is wasted. Anupriya says we have time still and says if Madhav and SB see then they will be disappointed with me. Anupriya says we will clear this mess before anyone wakes up. Madhav and Asawari talk about the arrangements. Madhav says if swara opens her mouth then everything will be ruined. Asawari says nothing will happen.

Kalyani and Anupriya do the decoration again. Asawari praises Kalyani. Madhav says if he could search a girl for him then may be he could find girl like her. kalyani smiles looking at Malhar. Madhav asks Asawari and Aahil to get ready for puja. Swara comes back to hall and see the decoration fine. She is surprised. Kalyani says you have ruined my decoration. Swara says yes and says do you want to complain? Kalyani hugs and thanks her. She says she has the habit of decoration since morning. Swara asks her to stop acting, says I will see how this puja happens her and how the groom family come here.

Kalyani tells her that her happiness lies in Malhar’s happiness and says she won’t let his head bend infront of anyone. Swara asks her to stay away from Rane’s men. Kalyani thanks her for the advice.Malhar talks to Moksh. Kalyani comes there and thinks he will appreciate her. Malhar thinks don’t know how much time she will take to get ready. Kalyani says thank you and says I have understood. Malhar asks what? Kalyani says it is not needed. Malhar asks what? Kalyani asks him to do, asks if she shall call someone else. Malhar asks are you made to call someone to change your clothes. Kalyani says she was talking about complementing him. Malhar asks Moksh to say her bye. Moksh waves his hand. Kalyani says I don’t want to talk to you. she thanks Malhar for making modak.

Malhar says I don’t do work for appraisal and thank. Malhar comes out with Moksh. Swara looks inside their door. Aahir comes to Madhav. Malhar asks him to ask him if he needs anything. Aahir tells that he needs money to watch a film. Malhar says we will go to watch together, only Swara, you and me. Aahir says good. Kalyani comes and prays to Ganapati for Malhar’s happiness. Asawari asks Malhar about Kalyani’s family. Malhar says Kalyani’s father died recently and that’s why they don’t want to do puja. Aao Saheb stops Anupriya from going out. Anupriya prays to God and says don’t let any mistake happen with Kalyani. Swara comes to Kalyani’s room and thinks to change modak with eggs. She says it will be fun. Madhav does the aarti.

Asawari asks Kalyani to bring the modaks. Kalyani is coming to her room. Swara keeps the eggs on Modak’s place. She hides before Kalyani could see her. kalyani comes inside and takes the box. She thinks they will think that I made it.Kalyani comes out and opens the box. Swara comes out and happily waits for her. She says what will happen if eggs come out instead of Modak then Baap ji’s wife will not let groom’s family to come. Kalyani takes out the modak from the box shocking Swara and keeps the modak down near the God. She looks at Swara and smiles. Malhar and Kalyani do the puja together holding the aarti plate.

Asawari asks Swara why she didn’t get ready yet and says the groom’s family must be on the way now. Madhav asks her to get ready. Kalyani asks Swara to get ready and takes her with her. She asks what you are thinking, how did Modak come in the box. She says I will make you understand and says I came out holding the eggs box, but then suddenly I see you and egg shell on the box and understood. She says she had kept modak already in another box and took it.groom’s family coming to malhar’s house. Madhav makes him meet Malhar. Asawari says you came at the right time and says it is aarti time now. Kalyani comes to Swara’s room and finds shorts and tshirt on the bed. She thinks if Swara wears this then malhar ji’s respect will be ruined and takes the shorts with her.

She comes to her room and hides it under her bed. She thinks I will see how Swara gets her pants now. While Malhar and his family are praying, Atharv tries to get modak, but Madhav stops him. Atharv asks Sarthak to give Modak. Sarthak asks him to sit. Kalyani sees Swara coming wearing proper clothes and smiles while others are standing with their eyes closed. Swara goes from there. Kalyani finds her gone and gets worried. Bappa Moriya re….plays….She thinks where did she go? if she came to know that I have kept her clothes in my room. She goes behind her and says I have just 2 mins work in room. She thinks what to do so that Swara don’t get the shorts. She looks at the shorts and thinks of wearing it under her saree and thinks then Swara can’t think even in her dream where it is kept.

She calls herself genius. Swara goes from there. Kalyani comes back after wearing the shorts under her saree. Everyone is standing for the aarti. Anupriya comes to the other side of the house. Madhav asks Malhar to bring Kalyani to do puja. Just then her saree falls down a bit and everyone see the shorts which she is wearing under it. Madhav asks what is it? Malhar scolds Kalyani and takes her to room. Anupriya gets worried. Malhar holds Kalyani’s hand and asks what you will do by doing this and says how can you do childishness? You had worn saree before then why did this happen now? He says look at their faces, they were all shocked, don’t know if Swara’s alliance will be fixed or not. Kalyani thinks she can’t tell him that Swara was about to wear it so she worn it.

Malhar says you made my head low infront of everyone. Anupriya calls Kalyani to the window and asks why did you do this? Kalyani cries and tells everything. Malhar apologizes to Madhav and Asawari and says Kalyani will not do this intentionally and is sad. He asks for forgiveness. Madhav says I can’t think that bahu would do such a thing. I can’t talk to the groom’s family now. Asawari says she did a mistake unintentionally. Malhar apologizes to them and leaves. Kalyani comes there and says sorry. She says she had worn shorts inside the saree, just to save Swara’s alliance. Madhav and Asawari look at each other.

Malhar comes to Anupriya and asks did you see what your daughter have done? Anupriya asks him to think that she had worn saree before, but never wears short inside it and says there might be a reason behind her doings. Malhar says what could be the reason. Anupriya shows a chappal and the thread stuck to it, says whoever has step on her saree, made it fall. May be this person do this intentionally. He asks are you hiding something from me? Anupriya says I asked her to tell truth to everyone, but she didn’t agree. Malhar asks why did she wear such vulgar clothes.

Swara tells Madhav and Asawari that Kalyani is lying and is about to slap Kalyani, but madhav holds her hand and asks did I give you such values? Malhar brings the chappal there. Asawari tells Malhar that mistake is not of Kalyani, actually…Malhar says Maayi told me everything. He asks if this chappal is yours? Swara says yes and asks what do you think? Malhar says you wanted to wear that clothes and when Kalyani wanted to stop you, you made her accused. Swara says everyone is behind me and says I don’t want to marry, this relation is a joke and asks him to see Kalyani and his relation and says it is not less than a joke. Malhar says I don’t want to listen and asks her to meet the groom’s family, if she don’t like the guy then can reject him.

Sarthak tells the groom’s family that Kalyani is young, but is very understandings and handles the house responsibility alone. Kalyani comes and says sorry, says she didn’t do anything intentionally. The guy says forget whatever has happened, its ok. Kalyani thanks him. Asawari asks her to go and see Swara. Kalyani goes. Sarthak asks Aahir to bring breakfast. Madhav tells Asawari that Swara shall agree for marriage and tells that it is good as soon as she goes else will tell about 26th july story.

Kalyani comes to Swara’s room through the window. Swara says why did you come through window. Kalyani gives her saree and asks her to wear it, says the chances are full for this marriage. Swara says you don’t know Rane family men and says Dada must be like them also. Kalyani says I won’t let you do anything to ruin Malhar’s respect infront of groom’s family, says if you don’t come out then the families might fix your marriage without you, then don’t tell that you didn’t get any chance.

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