A love to die for update Tuesday 25 January 2022

A love to die for 25 January 2022: Lawyer says to Wasu Deep as done a great mistake. His case is complicated. Deep calls Tara and says please help me. Come to the temple. Tara says I am coming. Arohi comes there and says for how long will you run. Deep puts gun on her and says I can kill you right and end this. Police comes there. Deep hides. Arohi shoves him and runs. Deep takes her car. Abhi comes Arohi sits with him and says we have to catch deep. He shouldn’t run away this time.

Arohi and Abhi stop deep. Police comes there. Arohi says your game is over. What will you do now? deep walks towards police vans and sits in it. Tara was driving it. Arohi and abhi are dazed. Tara smirks. they run after them. Tara says I will save you every time. I even stole this police van for you. Tara stops the car. police Arohi and abhi are there. Virat is with them too. Arohi says your game is over. She takes out the phone from his pocket and says this is how I know what your location was. Police arrests Deep.

Tara says Virat you.. i will see you all. She leaves. Arohi says why did you involve Virat/ Abhi says because he is Deep’s enemy to. Deep comes to police station. Arohi says now deep will know what pain is. Police checks deep. They give him sheet and lock him up. Arohi recalls the time she spent in jail. The prisoner take dinner from deep and they give hi cactus’s. They make fun of deep. Deep says don’t fly in front of me. He hits the prisoners. Virat comes there as the police officer. abhi asked him to help them in order to get his job back. Virat agreed to shake hand with Abhi.

Tara says to Virat not matter what you do I will get my Deep out of all this. I am your sister, you know who I really am. Deep shouldn’t have any problem in jail. Virat says I am a policeman and I am loyal to my job. Tara says I will get him out of there.
Deep says I have to find out how manpreet was related to Arohi. Then I can prove my innocence.Arohi comes to deep as manpreet. Deep says to Arohi never knew you would stoop so low to take revenge from me. Arohi says you gave me geeta while sending me to jail. I read in it sinners die. He says once we loved so much and now we hate so much.

I know you hate me because I gave you this face. But you know that you are alive because of this face otherwise tara would have killed you. Know the sinner before punishing first. Arohi says my baby died because of you. Deep is shocked Arohi leaves. DEep says I will take revenge from it.Arohi calls Virat and says I want to meet you. Arohi says to Abhi you have to keep an eye on tara and be careful.Deep says I could never recognize this Manpreet. How could I make such a huge mistake. Whenever she came near I felt something. Why didn’t I pay attention to it. Arohi your life is only is in my hands and that abhi will have to pay from his life.

Tara says to Wasu eat something. You wont be well. We have to take deep out. She sees keys on the floor. Tara says she dropped them by mistake. She pretends to be fainted. Tar says can you get me my medicine? wasu says sure. She goes out and realizes she doesn’t have the keys. Wasu runs back. Tara is about to open the trunk. Wasu says how dare you touch my trunk. Tara says what is in it? Wasu says don’t you dare going near it. Tara says you have only seen my love. Wait for the real face. Someone calls Tara and says something. She says time for step two. Tara says Arohi Virat and Abhi you will pay for what you did to my deep.Arohi meets Virat. She gives him money. Arohi says to virat you have to make deep scream. He should beg for death. Virat says you can’t buy me from money. I want to make that deep scream too.

Tara comes to Deep. She says I miss you so much always thinking of you. That arohi trapped you in manpreet’s murder. Deep says there was no manpreet every. It was arohi who was living with us and no one couldn’t recognize her. Tara says what. They have been fooling us. I will kill that Arohi. Deep says you wont do anything. I will take revenge from her. He tells her something and says no one should know Arohi was manpreet.Wasu is in temple. She prays for deep. Guru ma is keepin an eye on her. Abhi and guru ma come there. Wasu is shocked to see Guru ma. She faints. Guru says glad abhi you are still connected to your mission.

The prisoner in jail make deep eat insects. He screams and spits it out. Arohi sees it on camera. They hit deep. Arohi is in tears. she says why do I feel bad. Deep’s head bleeds. Arohi is about to call virat. she says why should I stop? Deep should die. Deep says in camera I know arohi you are doing all this and you got this camera installed so you can see it. He beats the thugs and says I was just letting them beat me so you can see. You will see the end of this game. You will see my hate now. A lot of secrets are left to open up. Wait for them.

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