The insolent heart update Tuesday 25 January 2022

The insolent heart 25 January 2022: Episode starts with Ishaan crying in his school after getting bullied by his seniors. Abeer sees him crying and consoles him. He asks him to stop crying and says that motu has troubled you. Ishaan says he used to troubles him a lot and breaks his things. Ishaan says I am very scared of him. Abeer says world is bad and people will trouble you even if you don’t mess with them. He says fear is a disease and the people won’t let them live if they continue to fear. He says we don’t have to get scared. He says you get afraid to get hurt and says you should hurt him. He asks him not to get scared but rather than fight back. He asks him to trouble that boy instead and beat him back. Ishaan says I shall beat fat hippo.

Appendix sees Aaliya in Meher’s room and asks why she is here. She says she came to check mail. Appendix asks why you are sweating? She says nothing and goes. He checks in the laptop and reads the articles about making others falling in love with her. He says he is feeling shy reading it and laughs.The naughty boy makes Ishaan fall on ground. Ishaan stares him. The naughty boy says I am scared…..and calls him teacher’s pet. Abeer looks on. Ishaan thinks about Abeer’s words asking him to fight back. He gets up angrily and beats the fat boy. Meher comes to school just then and sees kids fighting. She sees Ishaan beating the boy. The fat boy kicks in Ishaan’s stomach and runs. Meher and Abeer run to him.

Later in the office, Abeer asks Ishaan to get up. Ishaan says he had enjoyed after fighting with fat hippo. Meher asks did you learn this in school. She turns to Abeer and says it is your work. She scolds him for misguiding Ishaan. Abeer says Ishaan was bullied in school and says he can’t see his son being troubled. Ishaan looks on. Abeer says he is like her son and is his friend. He says I won’t let him be coward. Meher says I will complain to the principal about you. Abeer asks her to go ahead.

Akshat scolds Ishaan why he fought with the boys when I told you that I will talk to your teacher. Ishaan says for the first time I have beaten them. Akshat asks why he is talking like street goon. Ishaan asks what is his problem with Abeer? Akshat shouts. Ishaan goes. Meher asks Akshat why did you talk to him like that. Akshat says you are saying as you are his real mum and I am not his real dad. He goes angrily. Meher thinks what will happen if Ishaan comes to know about Abeer being his father.Aaliya comes to Appendix and tries to talk to him. Appendix ignores her. Aaliya asks if he is having typical Indian mentality, and says why you are feeling embarrassed.

Appendix keeps his hand on her mouth and says he don’t want her to be embarassed. Aaliya says she is not embarassed. He says you are four steps ahead of guys. He says he is having some film. Aaliya says we will sit together and watch. Appendix asks her to have some shame.Ishaan comes to his teacher and asks her about the story of two prince and one princess. He says Princess was confused among the two prince. He tells about the competition between the two prince and the one who left her hand was lost. Abeer talks to the Principal. Teacher says that prince left princess hand as her hand was paining. She says that’s why Princess married him. Ishaan says may be that other Prince was trying to save Princess from the bad Prince. Teacher hears him and is quiet puzzled. Principal comes with Abeer and tells teacher that Abeer will teach music to kids and says he has given this offer. Teacher says it is good. Ishaan runs to him and hugs him. Ishaan asks if Meher complained to Principal about him. Abeer says I am your dad, and then says your friend. He says he is ahead of his mum. Ishaan says yesterday he was scolded by Akshat and he is not talking to you.

Abeer asks Ishaan about his real dad. Ishaan says he was really bad and left us. Abeer thinks Meher lied to him. He asks did you see his photo. Ishaan says Meher said that one shouldn’t see his face. Abeer suggest him to see his dad’s photo. Ishaan says ok and says he will throw stone on him if he meets him. Abeer asks him to go home and insists to see his dad’s photo. Ishaan says ok.Ishaan comes home and hugs Meher. He tells her that he needs something. Meher asks what do you need? Ishaan asks her to promise that she will give what he wants. Ishaan says he wants to see his old bad dad. Meher is shocked and asks him to stay away from this thing. She asks him to freshen up and have food. Ishaan asks her to show photo. Meher says I don’t have any photo. Ishaan says you are lying and says I will ask Nani. He comes to Suman and greets her. He asks her to show photo. Suman asks whose photo. Meher comes and tries to take Ishaan to room. Ishaan insists to see his real dad. Suman asks Ishaan not to be stubborn. Abeer comes and asks her to show the pic. Ishaan smiles. Meher looks on.

Meher asking Ishaan to come. Ishaan insists to see his first papa’s pic. Abeer asks Meher to show his pic and says he is demanding to see his dad. He has right to know. Meher asks why did you come here? Abeer gives her a good reply. Suman asks Abeer if he is having hiccups as they were talking about him. Meher gets angry. Abeer tells Ishaan that he will tell about his Papa. He says your Papa was very smart and handsome and that’s why you are also smart. He says that’s why your mummy married him. Ishaan asks what do you mean? Abeer says baby gets mummy and papa’s qualities in him. Ishaan says I got few qualities of bad Papa also. Meher says it is not like this. Abeer asks what do you mean? His papa was not bad or that his bad qualities was not in Ishaan. Meher says he had left my hand. Abeer says your first dad was bad and left your mum’s hand. Akshat says I have seen your first Papa and says he will show the pic. He makes sketch of a donkey and says he was like it. Abeer says Akshat makes same photo as him. Meher smiles and asks him to go. Abeer leaves.

Rati comes to Kuber and is angry. Kuber asks what happened and hugs her. He asks why she is angry? Rati says I came to know that Meher is getting promoted in the company and she is getting better packages. She asks why? Kuber kisses on her hand and says he has give promotion to Meher as he wants everything to be fine between them. He says I don’t have any complains with her, and wishes that she comes back to Abeer. He says my family will complete. Rati asks what about me? She says do you think that you can move on after ignoring me? She asks did you think about me? Kuber asks what do you need? Rati comes closer and says she wants Meher’s position in this office. She says I want to be CEO of the company and wants all powers plus position. She says if you are chairman of this company then half of this place belongs to me, isn’t Mr. Malhotra. Kuber asks have you gone mad? Did you forget to whom you are talking to? Rati says you might have forgetton whatever I have shared with you and hugs him. Kuber asks do you think you can blackmail me and says 1000’s of girls can………Rati says 1000’s of girls can’t reach you and praises herself. Kuber says I can get you out of the city and asks her not to try and manipulate him. She smiles and asks him to drink cold water, and says this anger is not right for you in this age as your BP is increasing. Kuber refuses. Rati says as you wish, continue get angry, just do what I said else if I get angry then…….Kuber shouts Rati…..Rati says people might hear them and then she couldn’t stop her mouth….She asks him to calm down and says Meher’s promotion will not happen. Kuber fumes.

Meher comes to Abeer’s house. Abeer says you should have knock on the door before coming and says girl might be here. Meher asks him to stay away from Ishaan and says she knows that there will be no girl here. Abeer asks if you understand me so well then why do you run from me. Meher says because I understand you well, but not you……Abeer holds her sensually. Meher goes with the flow……Mere Nishan plays………..while they are romancing. Abeer lifts her and makes her lie on the bed. He then gets closer to her and touches her with love. Just then Meher’s phone rings, and she checks the message. She reads that she is being promoted in the company. Abeer congratulates her. Meher goes to office. Abeer follows her.

Meher comes to Kuber’s cabin and asks why you are doing this? She says suddenly you came to know that you have a grandson and you are liking me. She says you asked me to stay away from Abeer and I didn’t forget it. She rejects the proposal angrily. Abeer asks how you are talking to dad like that. Meher apologizes and says she didn’t forget anything. She says everything is fresh in her memory and asks him to let her serve 6 months notice period. She asks him to keep her son away from all this and says it is a humble request. Rati smirks. Abeer asks Meher to stop and says when everything is changing for good then why she is not understanding. Meher says she is worried about her son and asks him to leave them alone for everyone’s betterment.

Akshat tells Meher that do you think that I am a fool? He says they want you not to go from Aber’s life. He says mistake is yours. Meher says I have refused the offer. Ishaan hears them and come down. Akshat asks am I blind and says Abeer is trying to snatch her from him. Ishaan comes there. Meher asks him to go. Abeer comes and greets everyone. Akshat gets angry. Meher asks why did you come here and asks him to stay away. Abeer says he is Ishaan’s music teacher in his school and says he has come to teach him music. Ishaan says I called him to teach me music. Akshat scolds Ishaan and says he don’t need to learn guitar. Ishaan says I like to learn guitar. Meher asks him to go to his room. Ishaan asks what is your problem? Akshat asks him to go to room. Abeer gets angry. Ishaan requests Akshat to let him learn guitar. Akshat asks him not to emotionally blackmail him. Abeer says when you don’t understand a child’s love and thinks it is emotional blackmail, then how can you understand love.

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