A love to die for update Monday 24 January 2022


A love to die for 24 January 2022: Inspector says your blood and finger prints match the body. The person is in this house. They ring handcuffs and come to deep. Inspector says to deep you were the last person who went to her room. deep says I didn’t kill anyone. When I entered the room, Manpreet was there. She gave him a knife and forced his hand to stab her. Deep says then someone hit me on head and I fainted. My family found me fainted too. Inspector says that’s such a lie. You received a parcel and it had the dagger you stabbed her from. Deep says this is a lie. You arrested me for a false accusation too. Deep calls minister and says stop your men. I have to prove that I didn’t do all this.

Minister calls inspector and says you have to give him time and come with proof before arresting him. Abhi grasps deep’s collar and says you killed innocent manpreet. You are such a devil. Deep says I didn’t kill anyone. I will prove that. Inspector says you can’t leave this city. Deep says I wont go anywhere until I prove my innocence.Guru ma stops Abhi. She says did we go to our mission? He says I tried. Guru ma says was deep arrested? He says no. Deep is given 24 hours.Deep calls on Laila’s number but it is off. He calls his men and says bring Arohi/Laila here. Virat says deep will end up in jail forever. Tara says he wont go to jail. Virat says dont’ forget what he did. Tara says there is a reason he is alive. He has to be mine. And why would deep kill manpreet?

Deep says to Tara you didn’t kill her right? He says this is a lie. Wasu says why are you shouting? You are hiding something from us. Who was that dancer girl? Where did she go? Deep says I will answer all the questions. It all started when I got to know that Arohi is alive.Abhi comes in front of the ambulance that had Arohi’s body and burns it. Inspector comes there. Constable says the body us burned too.Tara says where is Arohi? DEep says I will find her. She can’t play anymore games. Inspector comes and says Deep your time is over. Someone burned the van that had her body. You are behind all this. Deep says I didn’t kill anyone. Deep says what are you doing. I didn’t kill anyone. Inspector says we can’t leave you. Tara says I can’t live without my deep. Virat stop him. Virat says I can’t do anything. Deep leaves with them.

Abhi looks at the burning van and says your revenge is completed. Manpreet’s chapter is over. Arohi comes there and burns the manpreet costume. She says I don’t have to be laila or manpreeet anymore.Abhi says you don’t have to cry anymore. You don’t have to be manpreet or Laila anymore. You can be arohi. Arohi says I could do all this because you helped me at every step. thank you so much. Arohi recalls deep stabbed her and she stopped her breath. Arohi says you taught me how to stop breath. He says I knew you weren’t dead. Abhi hit deep on head. he says so i burned that van and took you out of it before burning. Your plan was amazing. Arohi says he should beg for death. His respect is tarnished. Everything is taken from him.


Media comes and asks deep about the murder. He says I didn’t kill anyone. That murder was a lie. Deep is in jail. Deep’s lawyer comes there. Inspector says we can’t bail him out before the hearing. tara says deep you don’t have to worry. I have hired the best lawyer. He will take you out of this place. Arohi says in tomorrow’s hearing deep will be imprisoned forever. The prisoners in jail torture deep. Inspector says you will have to live here forever. All proofs are against you. Deep says I didn’t kill anyone.

Arohi says deep took everyone from. He killed so many innocent people. He deserves this. guru ma says we are both with you. I know you lost a lot. Abhi says but you got us. we will always be with you.The court hearing starts. Arohi comes there in a veil. she says in heart deep I will make you beg for death deep. Deep says in heart this game hasn’t ended yet deep. Lawyer says manpreet was killed by deep. He should be punished. He ordered that dagger and his finger prints were there where manpreet was killed. Defense lawyer takes statements from Virat and Tara. Judge says deep has no strong proof or witness. This is why deep is punished.. Defense lawyer says we didn’t even have postmortem report. Please give deep some time. Judge gives deep time a week’s time to brings proofs.

Deep is in van. He is with other two thugs. Deep provokes them. HE says deep is trying to fight so that he can run. Munna says lets get back to jail I will complain to inspector. Deep says are you a school kid. Deep kicks them. They beat deep. Constable stops the van. Deep snatches his gun and runs. Police runs after him but deep comes to jungle. He runs to save his life. Deep falls. Arohi comes there. Arohi says until you are punished for your sins no one can save you. See how Deep Raj singh is running on this road. Deep says I know you are behind all this and you started this. Arohi says so you know everything? See.. You called yourself my God. But you don’t have anything. Look at you. The girl you ruined life or ruined you. Deep ays I know how to change te direction of storms. Police comes there. Deep runs. Arohi says run. This is fun.

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