A love to die for update Wednesday 26 January 2022


A love to for 26 January 2022: Tara comes to her room. She says whose stuff is this? Where are my clothes. Was opens the trunk it is open. She says who opened my trunk? Tara shouts at servant where is my stuff? Whose stuff is all this. Abhi says a storm came and took everything. Tara says what rubbish. Aroh says she is right. She says hi Tara. Tara says how dare you come here. You will only go jail. Let me call them. Tara says what will you tell them? What did I do? Arohi says I don’t like your face. I don’t know if I would like this room either. Mahesh take all the stuff to Deep’s room. tara says that room is for Deep and his wife. Arohi says I am Arohi Deep Raj Singh. If someone doesn’t live in this house, it would be you.

Wasu comes to her room. She says is Arohi related to the trunk? And and that woman. Someone texts her, the secret you hid for years will now be our. Arohi wakes up tied in a water tub. Tara laughs. she says I will put these wires in the water. That would be fun right? She brings the wires close the water. Abhi shoves Tara. Tara hits his head nd he falls down. She puts wires in the water Arohi screams but nothing happens. Virat pulled the switch. He slaps Tara. Tara says you slapped your sister for this Arohi? She purchased you. virat says no one purchased me. I only work as per circumstances. Abhi takes Arohi out.

Deep is doing work in the jail. The prisoners make fun of his mother. Deep starts beating them. He says I will kill you. How dare you say anything about my mom. Police come and hit deep. Virat comes and says what is happening here? This can’t happen in my jail. Deep will be in a dark cell alone now. He wont have any food for seven days.Virat calls Arohi and says deep is in dark cell. If he dies, well. If he doesn’t I have other ways too. Wasu comes to her room. She sees Guru ma in mirror. she screams. Abhi comes. He says what happened? Wasu says that woman.. Abhi says there is no woman here. Is your past worrying you? Wasu says what are you saying? She says go from here. Abhi says why this house doesn’t have picture from Deep’s childhood. Wasu says why do you want to see it? he says just wanted to see.

For a mother a child’s childhood is very important. Wasu says they are all in our old house. Abhi leaves.Tara calls the lawyer. She says I want deep to be out of that jail. Do anything but get him out. He says I will end this case on him dont’ worry. Arohi comes to the lawyer and says case would end she gives money to the defense lawyer.The police men ht deep. He says get me out of here. This is wrong. It is suffocating here. Arhi comes there and flashes light on his face. She says is it fun? I brought you cold water.Policemen put deep on an ice slab. They beat him. Arohi says your blood would freeze. You would beg to die but I wont open the door of death for you either. I wont give you an easy death. Deep is tied upside down. Deep says stop Arohi. Where are you going? You hate me so much but can’t see all this? You want to see me in pain but how will you repay me for the pain I tolerated for you? I suffered in your pain with you.

It is fun for you right? When you get to know you are punishing me for sins I haven’t done you wont be able to forgive yourself.Deep says I didn’t want to lose you at any cost. I didn’t want to lose you. I showed myself as devil but beyond the wall of hate lies truth. Our love still exists. Arohi recalls everything that happened. She says you have always lied to me. You’re always a devil.Guru ma says God give me enough courage to take my revenge. I have waited for years. Abhi comes. She says I couldn’t control my tears. Abhi says our enemies will cry now.Tara says to Virat you thought you can do anything with this uniform? He says I am an honest policeman. I treat criminals this way. He wont ever come out. So you better get used to living without him. He has only fooled you. I will give him so much he would beg for his death.

Policemen drown deep in water. Arohi is in tears. She says stop please. They leave deep on the floor. Arohi runs to him. She holds his hand. arohi leaves him there and comes out. SHe is in tears. Arohi comes out. Abhi says are you okay? She says yes. ABhi says you shouldn’t be coming here. He got what he deserved. You should move on in live. Arohi says I have nothing to look forward to in life. She leaves. abhi says you wont be able to see his death. What’s next will shock you Arohi.Tara slits her wrists and sits in bath tub. She says I can’t live without my deep. I would dei too. Virat sees her. He says what are you doing her. He takes her out.Tara comes to deep. He says Arohi.. She says wow. That Arohi brought you here and still you’re not over her. I think I should punish myself for loving you. He says you brought what I asked you? She gives him something. He says I will get out of ere in 6 days. She leaves.

Virat says Deep you wont get out of this jail ever. You can’t even escape with death. Because I wont even let you die. Deep says a lion is a lion in cage too. Deep shoves him. Virat says take him from here.
Arohi recalls what deep said. She says no that can’t be true. Aroi calls virat. He says deep is taken to Narcotics. arohi says why? She says I want to see what he answers there. He says okay turn on your laptop.
Deep is taken for tests. Inspector asks did you kill manpreet? He says I didn’t kill manpreet or anyone. The machine doesn’t detect any lie. Inspector says why did you order the knife? He says I didn’t kill manpreet. Deep is fainting. Deep says I only loved one girl, Arohi. The machine detects it as truth. Arohi is dazed.

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