A love to die for Update Tuesday 1 March 2022


A love to die for 1 March 2022: Arohi sits in the car. Opasna says where are you going? Aroi says you are not trustworthy enough to tell. Opasan says yeah you are right. Arohi says who knows if you are with Mr. X. Opasna says Abhi and guru mas life are in danger. Guru ma and Ahi are roped. Tara comes with Virat. She says you took my dream of killing Arohi from me. So now you will have to die. See what I do to you and your guru ma. abhi throttles her and says don’t take my ma’s name. VIrat puts gun on Guru ma. Abhi leaves tara. Tara says now you see you will crave for death. Her men take her from there.

Arohi comes to that place. She looks around for Abhi. Tara hits Abhi. He is injured. Deep breaks stuff in anger. Wasu says what happened? Are you worried about what arohi said? Abhi is provoking her. It isn’t her fault. Deep says he will be punished for what he is doing.Arohi says no one is here. Abhi’s location was this. She looks around. Arohi says is deep behind all this? Arohi says it could be Tara virat too. Opasna told me because she is with themm. She see 10H4 written with blood. arohi says did abhi leave a hint for me? She rushes to that location. Deep calls Arohi. He says arohi isn’t picking. I don’t know where she is. I have to see if she is in trouble. wasu says pandit ji said you shouldn’t go out of home today. Please for me.. Don’t go out until I say.

Guru ma and Abhi are roped. Abhi breaks the ropes. Tara comes and says you can’t get out of my trap. Abi puts a knife on her neck. Tara says get ready to welcome the pain. Virat comes there too. Virat is about to hit Abhi with a rod. Arohi stops him. She says you thought you can back stab him? Your plan will fail. Tara says welcome here. You think you came here? You are brought here. I wrote that address so you come here and stay in our trap.Tara hangs Arohi. She keeps her feeet on Abhi’s shoulder. Tara’s men statt beating Abi. Abhi tries not to let Arohi fall. Deep gets a picture of Arohi. He says I am sure Abhi did all this. Guru ma says please leave them.

Deep comes there. He asves Arohi and Abhi. Opasna comes and puts a gun on them. She says all four of you are under arrest. Arohi says this means it was their game.Opasna says you three broke the law. You are under arrest. She arrests Deep Abhi and Guru ma. Arohi hugs deep and cries. He makes her wear mangalsutra and says always keep it with you. It will make me feel close to you. We wont go away from each other. Don’t worry. He leaves. Arohi says curropt people like you can’t win for long Opasna. Opasna says we will see who wins. Opasna leaves.Arohi files a complaint against OPasna. Inspector says why would we trust you over an officer. Arohi wonders what is Opasna up to. She gets a letter. Come to Highway.

Arohi comes the address that was in the letter. Deep abhi and guru ma are detained in a place. Virat hits deep. ABi says only I have write to kill her.Tara comes to Aroi. She says if you we kill Deep, you wont live anymore either. so I am here to send you where deep would be going. TAra says you can’t go out of here. All doors open with this remote. Arohi tries to snatch it. Tara says you know Deep is only mine. Give me this mangalsutra. Arohi says are you crazy? You wanna kill him but want this? Tara says this is true love. I can’t see deep with someone else. If he goes to someone he should rather die. Arohi tries to take the remote from her. Tara throws in in water. She says it is gone. How will you go out? Arohi says I will because door already opened. aroi shoves her and runs. Deep snatches a gun and puts it on Opasna. He says your game is over VIrat. They tie Opasna and virat there and walk out. Virat says our plan failed. We have to go out of here. Opasana says you have to open your mouth and bring it close to me. She says use your brains you can open these from your mout. He opens her ropes.

Arohi comes to that place but no one is there. She sees fainted policemen. Arohi rushes out. Dee comes and hugs her from behind. Arohi says I can do anything for you deep Mr. X says you love her so much. She says you.. How dare you touch me. Je says with closed eyes you couldn’t recognize the difference? Deep can die any moment. I am here with you. Time wont let him live.Guru ma says to abhi we have take our revenge from someone else’ had.

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