Guddan update Tuesday 1 March 2022

Guddan 1 March 2022: AJ says I can do anything for your happiness. Guddan says she is gone, stop doing drama. He says this is true. Guddan says yeah you’re the reason behind all my tears.

AJ pulls Guddan. He syas don’t consider me fool. Guddan says let me go. there are people. He says the world should see how I love you. Guddan says these cheap tactics won’t work on me. He says my heart beats for you. Guddan says teach your heart, I dont’ care. He says it doesn’t understand you. It says you love me. Aj says I will bring your smile back. I wont’ let you go away from me.

Durga says we have to stay prepared. Antra must have planned something. Laxmi says Guddan has to win. Durga says let’s keep an eye on Antra. antra asks saru to keep an eye, no one should come. Saru says durga and laxmi will try.

Durga and laxmi are going towards Guddan’s room. Antra is in there. Saru stops them Antra says I will make you cry Guddan She cuts her anklet.
Durga says to saru move from here. Saru says I hope Antra is done.
The florist asks where to keep these flowers? Laxmi says keep there. They come in room it’s empty. durga says it smells like Antra’s perfume. She came here. Guddan says what would she have done?

Saru says to Antra they must be doubting. antra says they will see they trapped me but they are trapped themselves. Saru says you’re a genius. Antra says I am giving them a bait.

Durga sees Guddan’s anklet. She says antra cut them. It would injure your feet.
antra says I wanted them to find out those anklets. they would think they got my game. But they are being trapped.
Dadi says to Guddan you look so good. Laxmi told me what she did. you will defeat her. Why you look upset? God doesn’t let bad happen to good people like you. Guddan says in heart Antra is planning something big.

Sangeet starts. Saru says antra you look so good. AJ gets a call and says I am coming. Antra says how can you go. He says I will be back in an hour. Honda comes in and hugs antra. He says Guddan welcomed be last time so well. Guddan comes. Honda says you look so good. He kisses her hand. Saru says see how he is flirting with Guddan. Antra says he will be on my side. You will see. Antra tore Guddan’s blouse. Saru says that would create such a big drama. Antra says her dignity would be gone forever.

Scene 1
Guddan says to Antra this was your game right? You wanted to hurt me with this anklet? Antra says I don’t need to do anything to defeat you. Laxmi says why did you have to talk to her. Guddan says now I am sure she is going to do something. I know she is upto something. We have to find her real plan. Keep an eye on Saru.

Saru says there are a lot of ways, I hate guddan too but this isn’t right. Her blouse.. I would close my eyes. Laxm says what were you saying? saru says nothing. Laxmi says we know you and antra are planning something. Saru says stay out of my life. Laxmi says tell me. SAru says go downstairs and see what is going to happen. Laxmi says what would happen? She says your guddan would ose. Laxmi says there is something wrong.

Antra comes to hall and says Honda I am here. He says wow welcome. guddan says I would light up this function with Honda. Antra says in heart you will only be insulted. Honda says wow two women are dancing for me. Whoever wins my heart with the dance will get whatever they want. Are you ready? Guddan says yes. He says let the dance begin.

Honda starts the dance. Guddan and antra start he dance Saru says what should I do. Something is wrong. Her blouse back.. Laxmi says Guddan’s blouse back? What did antra do? Guddan dances with AJ. ANtra comes too.
Laxmi says I wont let this happen to Guddan. This is a sin. You can’t do anything. Saru says antra would kill me. This is wrong but I can’t do this. Laxmi says I wont let this happen. Saru says please don’t go. Laxmi says I would. Saru hits her on head. Laxmi faints. Saru says sorry I didn’t want to hot you. She runs out. Durga says what happened? Saru says nothing. Durga says where is laxmi? Saru says she was going to restroom.

Guddan’s blouse starts tearing. Laxmi opens her eyes. The door is locked. Laxmi texts AJ. AJ looks at Guddan. AJ picks a shawl and wraps Guddan in it. Guddan’s blouse is falling. Guddan hugs him and cries. AJ slaps Antra.. He takes off his beard. AJ says how could you stoop this low. I wont forgive you. You will pay for this. antra says you were fooling me? You slapped me for this Guddan. I still own everything in this house. Now see how I bring you all on road. Ntohing would be left. I killed my brother and now I see how I end your family. First this Guddan.

You fooled me. You have invited your death. AJ throttles her. Guddan stops him. Guddan says we can’t do anyting. Lxmi says are you okay? AJ says its okay it happens. Guddan was imagining all this. She stopped AJ. Antra says oh that was embarrassing. Honda saved you. Guddan says I won’t forgive who is responsible for this. Guddan goes usptaris.

Antra is angry. She says how did honad save her. How could he know. Did someone tell him? Saru says I didn’t tell anyone.
Guddan is crying. aJ comes there. Guddan says go. He says I won’t leave you alone. I am your husband. I am here.
AJ ties her blouse

Scene 1
AJ says I know you love. I wanted to punish antra but you stopped me. Guddan says our plan.. AJ says you still care about the plan? Nothing is more important than your dignity. Guddan says you have to see all this happening. You have to control your anger. Guddan says thank you for what you did. Please go. AJ says I know this is happening because of me. I broke your trust. Guddan says I don’t rely on your trust now. Now this antra will be taught a lesson by me. I will make her pay for it.

Saru says if antra finds out she will kill me. Durga comes there and says I will kill you. You harmed Laxmi. Laxmi says she wont ever understand. She is like Antra now. Durga says this battle isn’t over. Guddan won’t let Antra go. she will teach you a lesson and you would also pay. you are just a goat Antra is running on the road.

Guddan is after her in a car. Antra says are you mad.. Guddan says this is what you deserve. Antra runs. Guddaan shoves her in wall. She is about to hit her with the car. Antra says are you crazy. Guddan says now to keep this fear alive. Never dare playing with my dignity, don’t think I am weak. And third, don’t dare to harm another girl. I will fill this one inch between your life and death. You are a stain on women.

Antra says how dare she. I took everything from her. How is she so strong now? Mr. Honda’s money gave her this confidence? Honda has to give me what I want. I will take everything from Guddan.
Honda says she has to pay for it. ANtra says who? Honda says that tailor who made guddan’s dress. I would throttle him. Why are you worried? He says I have to go. Antra says you’re forgetting something. You said you ould give the winner anything they want. She says this is my wealth, name it on my name. Make me your partner. Do we have a deal? honda shakes hand adn says sure.

AJ gives the file to guddan. He says she is ready to give me everything I want. Guddan says Laxmi.. I am glad to hav a friend like you who saved my dignity. Laxmi says don’t say thank you. She hugs her. Guddan says any trouble is small. Se says antra has to be defeated now. Saru hears all this. She says you were fooling Antra. AJ is honda. Saru locks them. AJ says stop saru.. She locks them and runs downstairs. AJ breaks the door. Durga and laxmi stop sary and faint her. Antra says who is outside? They take saru to a side.
Guddan comes to antra. Antra says what were you doing here? Backstabbing? Guddan says cowards like you do that. Stay away from hodna.

Antra says my mission is to destroy your life. guddan says I won’t let this deal happen. Antra says I know you’re scared. But honda and I would be partners. I will have it all with hodna. I am so happy about this deal. She goes to her room.

Guddan says in heart I also want you to sign this deal.
Saru wakes up in store. Guddan says you woke up.. Saru says where am I? Get me out of here. I would tell Antra. Guddan says better stop being with antra. Saru says I will be on antra’s side. Guddan says then stay here till our plan succeeds.


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