A love to die for update Monday 28 February 2022


A love to die for 28 February 2022: Raj says I knew you would come here because I have all the answers and not your deep. She says tell me what the secret is and how are you related to all this. He says no trusting your deep anymore? She says deep is hiding from me so there must be a reason behind it. So tell me. He says I need that locket first. Se says what if you fool me. He says you have no other option. You have only 5 minutes. She puts gun on him. She says enough and tell me. He says this wont scare me. But I think I should tell you. After I tell you this secret there will be a strom in so many lives. Someone points gun at Raj. He sees. Someone shoots aroi turns back. Deep takes Raj from there.

Deep wakes raj up in the car. He says what did you say in front of Arohi? I wont let arohi be involved in all this. Got it?
Lights turn off. Arohi says who was there?
Virat comes to deep. He didn’t see raj. Deep says go and do your duty. Virat get sa calll and leaves. raj goes somewhere. Deep says where i did he go.A letter is on Arohi’s letter. It says there is one person only who can tell you that secret. come to this address. Arohi wonders who left this letter. She leaves. Deep calls arohi but she doesn’t pick.Wasy comes to guru ma. She throttles her. She says people who can’t do their work, they should be killed. Guru ma says I tried to stop her.

Tara says to Virat and opasna if Arohi gets to know we will be in trouble. Wasu says we will all be dead if Arohi gets to know the reality. Tara says Arohi has to die.Someone calls Arohi and says your life is in trouble. Be careful. Aroi sees someone ina c car. The man points gun at her. She runs. Arohi fools the man. The masked man calls someona dn says there is danger on every step. Arohi comes to that address. She goes upstairs. Arohi opens the door and goes in. There is an old woman with her eyes closed. Arohi comes to a room. The old woman takes off her wig. She calls someone and says she is here. Arohi is in a dark room. She says Tirvedi? Someone enters the room. Arohi turns back. There are people with their faces covered. Deep hits Raj and says what did you tell Arohi? He laughs.

Arohi says no one can stop me. tHe people start beating her. Arohi fights back. she runs out of that room. women are Tara Wasu Guru ma and Opasna. Tara says she shouldn’t get to that secret. Go and find her. They look for Arohi. Arohi hides in a closet. Deep asks the fake old woman where is arohi? SHe says you are too late. She might be doe now. Tara grasps Arohi with two other. They rope her. Deep looks around for Arohi. He sees someone with face covered but hears Arohi screaming. Deep looks for Arohi. Tara is about to stab Arohi. Deep shoots in the air. Deep points gun at Tara. Some thugs surround him. Deep hits them. Deep releases Arohi and takes her out.

Arohi says one of them was your mom. Deep says are you crazy. They come home. Arohi says where is wasu? wasu comes and says is everything okay? Arohi is dazed. Wasu says go get freshen up.
Deep says you were doubting ma? She is here. She says I saw her. Deep dresses her wound. Arohi says I don’t know what is happening. What is that secret? He says why don’t you understand I do things for your safety. Why don’t you ever understand? She says why dont’ you tell me. Deep leaves in anger. Arohi sees his phone.Arhi comes to Raj. He says I told you deep wont tell you anything. My men left that letter. arohi says but why? He says sit in the car. ARohi sits in the car. A masked man calls someone and says there is bomb in the car. ARohi’s car stops. She looks for mechanic. A man comes and says let me check. He denotes the bomb. Arohi leaves. Arhohi wonders why didn’t he take money? Arohi hears a beep. She says what is that? She sees the bomb. The car blasts. Arohi ran out of the car.

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