A love to die for update Wednesday 2 march 2022


A love to die for 2 march 2022: Raj says you are right. I and deep are brother. She says why didn’t he tell me? He says because we are like coin. One of us has to be seen and other hidden. He is the devil. He does things and I get paid. Deep killed Guru ma’s husband and I was jailed all these years. Arohi says why should I trust you?Wasu sees door of Arohi’s room open. Tara says we should check there.
Raj says deep is still playing with you. You will soon know his reality. Someone is coming. Don’t be scared. Do as I say. Tara and Wasu come. No one is in the room. Aroho sees the picture. She says this can’t be true. Arohi can’t know about deep and Raj. We have only 24 hours to stop her.

Someone comes to deep and gives him a parcel. Arohi is following him. She says what is deep doing? What is that packet. Deep leaves. Raj comes and says saw his real face? I told you he is upto something. Arohi says what was in the packet? He puts gun on her head and says no question. She says I am not scared. Raj says give me the locket. Arohi says I wont. Arohi jumps off the cliff. She hangs. Arohi is falling. She says save me. raj says firs tell me where the locket is. Arohi says pull me up. He says you will die if you don’t tell me. He pulls her up and says now tell me. ARohi shoves him. he says how dare you.. You fooled me. Arohi says you thought you can play smart with me. He says only I can tell you the entire reality. She ties his hand and says I wont pull you up until you tell me. He says I can tell you everything. Pull me up please.

Arohi comes home. She says deep what are you doing? he says checking the AC. Arohi says you have been hiding things from me. He says you will know everything. I want you to trust me. Arohi says why you never share things with me. HE says the only truth is that I really love you. Deep gets a call and says I am coming. He leaves. Arohi goes after him.Arohi looks for the diary. It isn’t in its place
Arohi comes to the place. She says is someone here?? Someone shoots in her direction. Arohi takes her gun and turns on night. It is opasna. Arohi says you are with raj? someone hits arohi and she faints.
Arohi wakes up and sees blood on her hand. she wakes up. She sees Opasna dead in the room. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says Opasna open your eyes. Who attacked you. Virat comes there as a cop.

He says you killed her. Your hands have blood too. Arohi says I was fainted here. Virat says no one else came here. don’t do this drama. He says no one can save you from punishment You are under arrest. He arrests opasna.Raj is hanging. Tara comes there. She says this fear looks good in your eyes. Raj says pull me up. Tarra says why in a hurry.Virat checks Opasna and says she is alive.Tara cuts the rope. Raj says I will tell you everything. I want only one thing and Aroh will get me that. Tara says if she can’t do it then? He says pull my up first. Tara tortures him with knife.

Virat says opasna open your eyes. Arohi says did you see who attacked you? She says I didn’t see. It was dark. She says this button. It was that person’s. Guru ma gets a video. She is in tears. Tara says you don’t know whats going to happen to you. SHe pulls him up. Tara says you don’t know what is about to happen to you. Deep comes home. Arohi has planned a date night with him. She says our breaths are tied together. Arohi comes close to him. Arohi recalls what raj said. Arohi sees deep’s neck scratched. Arohi sees deep’s button. He says are you okay? Let me check opasna. He leaves. Arohi comes to guru ma and says I want to know everything about deep. Guru ma shows her video of deep killing Abhi.

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