Happy Hearts update Tuesday 1 March 2022

Happy hearts 1 March 2022: Happy and RV entering the cell and seeing Rocky. They get shocked. Inspector says RV and Happy have come to meet you. Rocky worries. He fixes his beard fast and removes his lenses. He turns to them. Happy says this is Rocky. Rocky says you are here to see how I m suffering here. Happy cries. She screams in fear. Rocky shouts on her. Constable beats him. Happy runs out. RV goes after her and thinks Rocky is here…. Jailer thinks Rocky should go out and do acting in films, he is amazing. He asks did you see, he was uncontrollable like a wild animal, what if he attacked on you.

RV leaves with Happy. Rocky goes again. Jailer says we got saved, you have to be alert, RV is too smart. Rocky nods.Happy asks how can this happen, Shaan isn’t Rocky, then who is he.He says something is wrong, how can they be so identical, they have no connection, this happens in films, not real life, I know what I need to do next, we have to think logically. He calls Shaan and talks to his assistant. RV apologizes to Shaan. The lady asks him to meet Shaan. RV asks Happy to go home and take rest. He asks do you trust me, Happy, let me handle this, I have a plan. She goes.

She cries recalling Rocky. She says Rocky deserves it. Rocky comes to meet RV. He says your partner feels I m a criminal. RV says Happy reacted like that, as you resembled her ex business partner, that guy molested Happy’s sister, so he is serving punishment in jail. Rocky taunts him. RV shows him Rocky’s pic. Rocky says he resembles me, few things can’t be changed, like my face, I know you won’t be interested in doing business with me. RV says I m interested, Happy was worried that day, we want you to give us a chance. Rocky says we had differences and now we can’t have a deal, anyway, I have a party at my house, many businessmen will come, I will see where to invest, you too come with your partner, I won’t make any promise, but you may hope for the best. Rocky leaves.

RV says we have to find about Shaan, to prove his identity, we will match his DNA with Rocky’s DNA, Rocky’s game will be over if the DNA matches. RV gets ready and says yes, Happy I m leaving. Anaya says its me, Anaya. He asks how are you. She says all good, mock trial went really well. He says great. She says thanks, everyone was praising me, I said that that I get confidence from my dad and you, I think you are busy. He says no, I m late for a meeting. She says I feel you have no time for me, you are always busy, its the emotional distance. He says no, you are still my best friend. She says of course, I m away from you, I can say for sure, I genuinely love you. He gets Happy’s call. He says client is calling me, take care, I will call you. She says you too. She cries.

Sandhya asks Happy about the party. Happy says its imp to go in the party. RV comes and looks at Happy. Happy says its RV and my responsibility to convince the investor. He asks Sandhya not to worry, he is with Happy. Sandhya smiles. RV and Happy come in the party. They see the people praising Shaan. Rocky asks Babbi why is he overacting. Babbi laughs and asks him not to worry. They see everyone on the cctv screens. A lady comes and asks am I looking like Shaan’s mum. Rocky says none can look better than you, all the best. She says I have theatre experience. Rocky sees the guests coming. Bhatia and Sania come. Babbi asks why did you invite them.

Rocky says she has all my answers, the real party will begin now. Sania says its a rich gathering, dad. Bhatia says yes. Bhatia asks RV did he come to beg to Shaan. Sania also taunts. RV stops Happy. Happy says everyone helps me, tell me, are you involved behind Shaan’s drama. Sania asks what does this mean. Bhatia says why did she blame us, come on. Rocky comes downstairs, doing shayari. He says I have come here to my roots, where this journey began, I called you here for a meet. Pyaar karne wale…..plays…. Bhatia and Sania get shocked seeing Rocky. They say he is Rocky.Bhatia and Sania saying this is Rocky. Rocky does shayari and comes to meet his guests. Sania hugs him and dances. Pyaar karne wale…..plays… Sania says I won’t let you go now, never. He recalls her lie and gets away. He asks why do people drink when they can’t handle. RV tries to get a proof. He follows Rocky. Rocky stays alert. RV goes to find clues. Rocky comes to Happy and takes the glass from her hand. He keeps the glass and gets close to her. He takes her for the dance. They dance on aye dil hai mushkil….RV comes to Shaan’s room and checks it. He gets a glass to get Shaan’s fingerprints. He hides from the guards. He gets a comb and collects hair samples. Rocky dances with Happy. She falls away.

RV holds her. Rocky says you danced so well,you were the star of the show.

RV says we are leaving now, its getting late. Rocky says it will be unfair. RV says there are so many people here, you didn’t throw the party for us. Happy says we have to leave, its late. Rocky says yes, its too late, I won’t forgive you for leaving so early, but we shall meet again. RV and Happy leave. Sania recalls Shaan. Bhatia asks how can Shaan look like Rocky. She says he is a killer, I want him, he has to fall in love with me, I don’t care he is Shaan or Rocky, I just want him, I will do anything it takes to get him. She leaves. RV says now the truth will be out, we will get the DNA test done, did you get Rocky’s old hairbrush from his house. She says yes, I found it in old chest. He says well done, I m sure that he is Happy, this will be proved too. He holds her hand. Its morning, Happy thinks of Shaan. She cries. Tune jo na kaha….plays….Rocky comes to the hotel to meet her. He says because of last night, you are upset. She says its not like that. He says thanks, that you are not upset, if someone leaves you like this, they never return. RV waits for the DNA results.

Happy says RV went for some legal work, he will be here any moment. Rocky says you might need a lawyer anytime, be it to save someone or frame someone, right. Happy asks will you have coffee. He says revenge, I mean I need a change, I would like to taste the lassi.She orders it. He says you are lucky that RV is your friend, but you must stay careful, lawyers always lie and hide the truth. She asks what do you mean. He says RV is hiding something, he is pretending to be busy, nothing should be imp to him than meeting him. She says few things are imp than breathing. He says its most imp to save this hotel, I feel RV’s priorities are something else. RV gets the DNA reports. He gets shocked.

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